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Children's education in little women

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Children's education in little women,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了《小妇人》中的儿童教育。在路易莎·梅·奥尔科特的代表作《小妇人》中,书中体现的教育理念是把儿童看作有独立个体意识的儿童,充分地尊重儿童的主体性,让他们得到健康、全面、和谐的发展。这跟以人为目的,促使人的健康发展,在教育理念中确立人的主体地位,高扬人的主体精神,着重培养的是综合素质和创作能力的素质教育在本质上是一致的。

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Louisa may Alcott is an American woman writer. Her masterpiece little women is a classic. The growth and life of the four sisters in little women deeply affects people's hearts. The educational concept embodied in the book is to regard children as children with independent individual consciousness, fully respect children's subjectivity, and let them get healthy, comprehensive and harmonious development. As Mrs March said, "I want my children to be beautiful, capable and kind, to be loved and respected, and to live a good and happy life, free from worry and sorrow." This is in essence consistent with the quality education put forward by China in the 1980s, which is "people-oriented, promotes the healthy development of human beings, establishes the subject status of human beings in the educational concept, advocates the subject spirit of human beings, and focuses on cultivating the comprehensive quality and creative ability of human beings". "Little women" even in more than 100 years later, still has a high reference value. This paper is explored from the following aspects:

Understanding the development process of children is the premise to cultivate their independence. We advocate the cultivation of children's independence, not to encourage them. Children begin to realize the existence of self, and enhance the positive interaction with the surrounding environment, which is the key period to develop children's independence consciousness and ability. At this time, educators should take the initiative to create an environment for children, according to the different ages of children, so that children can complete the task, to develop their independent ability. For example, Meg helps with the housework, takes care of her sister, and tutor children. Jo was taken care of by aunt march; Beth is mainly responsible for washing dishes and tidying up the room. Mrs. March knows that too much demand on a child may lead to frustration and loss of confidence. If the requirements are too low, the value of exercise will be lost, so the little sisters according to the age and personality characteristics to exercise their independence. From the perspective of psychological development, children's various psychological processes and personality characteristics are in constant change, among which some changes are essential and representative in a certain age stage. These essential and representative changes are the age characteristics of the age. Therefore, we see that only by understanding the general law of children's physical and mental development and the actual characteristics of children's age, educators can be targeted to put forward suitable for their children's development level requirements, gradually improve the child's independent ability, enhance the child's independent consciousness.

The key to developing children's independence is to give children the opportunity to face and solve problems by themselves. Children are children after all, they lack experience in getting along with others, their thinking is simple, their feelings are direct, their self-control is limited, and their quarrels are frequent problems. Most of the children don't have to worry when they have an argument. Once Joe was so depressed that he had a quarrel with his good - natured neighbour, Laurie. As is customary in China, parents who see their children in such pain will come to the door to make amends to their neighbors and help resolve their differences. But Mrs. March did not get involved with them. She thought the children should solve their problems by themselves. Later, after some soul-search, Jo wanted to make amends for the quarrel, and invited Laurie to dinner. In many cases, parents may handle problems well instead of children. However, children cannot perceive their own right and wrong, thus losing an opportunity to learn how to deal with problems, and thus failing to develop their ability to solve problems independently.

The cultivation of children's independence is a process of perseverance. In this environment, there is not only a clear self, but more importantly, mutual trust, support and encouragement, which is the true meaning of love as we understand it.

Respect for children, the first to maintain children's sense of self-esteem. The sense of self-respect and dignity is the most precious thing in human subjectivity, the core and cornerstone of basic personality quality, and the driving force for a person to form a sound personality.

The sense of self-esteem is the most sensitive and vulnerable place in children's mind. If educators intentionally or unintentionally violate it, the wound caused to children's mind will sometimes be hard to heal for a lifetime. Therefore, educators should take care to maintain children's sense of self-esteem whenever and wherever possible. So how does the work manifest itself? First of all, take a magnifying glass to find the advantages and advantages of children. All four of the march children had their faults, such as Meg's vanity, Jo's impetuosity, beth's shyness, and Amy's pride and selfishness. But they had no loss of self-esteem and lived happily, contentedly, and lovingly. Why? For Mrs. March valued the children's virtues, such as Meg's sweetness and gentleness, her love of acting, and her ability to write. Joe is lively and lovely, outstanding personality, good at writing, quite talented and creative, has a strong sense of responsibility for the family and society; Beth is beautiful and charming, kind and friendly, loves music, is good at playing, and is kind and selfless. Amy is charming and beautiful, elegant and noble, and loves art. Mrs. March looked at the children's good points and good points with a magnifying glass, so they did not hurt their pride. Therefore, as an educator, must be good at finding the eyes of beauty, hand with a magnifying glass, to find the advantages of children and strengths, in order to take the initiative to cultivate their sense of self-esteem, promote their talent.

Second, to treat children with a common heart to make mistakes. Making mistakes is often one of the important reasons why children lose their sense of self-esteem. Thus, when children make mistakes, educators need to help them recognize them without making a fuss and still be careful to maintain their self-esteem. Once, because of her pettishness, Amy set fire to a fairy tale written by Jo. It was her own work, and Jo swore that she would never forgive Amy again. Jo and Laurie go skating. Amy wants Jo to teach her, but Jo gives her the cold shoulder. Amy falls into the ice and almost dies. Jo was too contrite to accept herself, and remorseful of her coldness and bad temper, which had nearly killed Amy. Then Mrs. March said piteously to Jo, "don't cry. Just remember this day and make up your mind that it won't happen again. Joe, my dear, you think you have the worst temper in the world, but so did I. I've been trying to get over it all these years, just with a little self-control. Mrs. March's understanding and trust soothed Jo's bitter remorse and made her accept herself again. Her approach not only educates children, but also maintains their self-esteem.

The germination of self-esteem in early childhood is the foundation for the formation of self-esteem in later adult life. In the formation and development of self-esteem, educators play an important role in educating and influencing children.

Cultivating children's good personality quality is a crucial work, for a person's growth and talent has a very important role, it is not only the guarantee of the healthy growth of children, but also children to adapt to the internal needs of society. Love is a virtue, for children, educators should let children feel love at the same time to teach them to contribute to love, and then cultivate children's excellent quality. On the morning of Christmas day, under the guidance of their mother, the children gave the Christmas breakfast to a poor family, and made fire and cleaned for the family. They forsook their sweet breakfasts, and left merrily, a little bread and milk on Christmas morning, but there was not a joker in the town than the four of them. Because they get happiness and joy in the process of caring and helping others. For example, Jo reached out to Laurie out of sympathy for his loneliness and loneliness, Laurie's kindness and generosity, and beth's love for others before her. While they know how to show love for others, they are also loved by everyone. When such a child grows up, he is sure to be highly respected.

It is very important to cultivate children's sense of responsibility and cultivate their good personality. The sense of responsibility is developed in practice, so it is necessary to entrust each child with appropriate work tasks and roles, so that they can assume certain responsibilities in class and family, and bear the responsibilities in collective activities and social work. A sense of responsibility for small things is often the basis for a sense of responsibility for big things. Educators can develop children's sense of responsibility through the little things in life. The little sisters raise birds at home, provide birds with food and drink every day, but also accompany birds to play and chat. The little sisters are responsible for the bird, so the bird also brought them a lot of joy. But after a period of time due to the negligence of the children, the bird starved to death. At the same time, they began to understand the responsibility they shouldered. They should be responsible for the bird, for themselves and for others. Therefore, educators should start from every detail of life to consciously cultivate children, so that gradually become caring, compassionate, responsible children, children into the future to lay a good foundation for the society.

To sum up, we can see that little women presents us with scientific educational concepts in simple and simple language, and shows us how to cultivate children's independent ability, maintain children's sense of self-esteem, shape children's good quality and so on. It can be said that little women has practical reference significance and reference value for the current quality education in China. Quality-oriented education should aim at cultivating well-rounded talents. The implementation of quality-oriented education to achieve the desired goal, the first should start from children's education. So we each educator, the children should be regarded as independent consciousness of main body, as the hope of the future, if you really respect, care, understanding and trust every child, pay attention to cultivate children's independent ability, self-esteem, good quality, to constantly improve their personality, their quality and ability can obtain the comprehensive development and improvement.


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