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Chinese film system and film development

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Chinese film system and film development,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了中国电影制度与电影发展。电影内涵的复杂属性使它同别的艺术形式区分开来,它具有商业、政治、艺术三重属性。通常来说,电影审查涉及审查主体、审查对象、审查标准、审查实施方法和审查结果的落实与监控管理等广泛内容。中国电影产业的现状急需激活制度生产力,让制度带动电影产业的崛起。激活审查制度的生产力,建构具有特色的审查体系,才能更加有利于推动中国电影站上新的高地。

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"System is the order rules, activity space and activity scope established and followed by people in the process of pursuing freedom. It is a set of regularized, rational and systematic behavior norms and institutional framework. At the same time, it is also permeated with irrational and informal moral concepts and customs of human beings. The development of human society from ancient times to modern times, the system is increasingly important, is an external social civilization. We live under the corresponding social system and follow the system to deal with various situations. The film, as the object of a society, is no exception.

Since the new era, Chinese films have entered a difficult transition period. In 1981, popular cinema published the article "make film law, put an end to arbitrary interference", calling for Chinese film legislation. "In 1988, the revised version of the regulations on film censorship was issued, which, in the form of legislation, provided for the film censorship authorities, their functions and powers, film censorship standards and other key issues. This was an important step in reducing administrative interference in film censorship and moving toward legalization. On March 25, 1989, radio, film and television unit issued "on the part of the film censorship, showing the grading system of notice, decision from May 1, 1989, implement a classification system for part of the film, designed to protect the physical and mental health of primary and middle school students, for the majority of teenagers and children provide a rich and healthy spiritual sustenance. Article 24 of the regulations on the administration of films promulgated by the state in 2001 stipulates that the state shall practise film censorship. In early 2004, the film bureau of the state administration of radio, film and television drafted the law on film promotion. On November 7, 2016, the standing committee of the National People's Congress issued the law on the promotion of the film industry, which was officially implemented on March 1, 2017. At this point, Chinese films have entered the era of "laws to be followed", and attention has been paid from the national level. The film itself and the entire film industry have been supported by laws.

From 1949 to 2017, the number of Chinese citizens living in the central government rose to?? Film censorship has gone from being dominated by political factors to the establishment of legal texts, which is not only the inevitable result of China's modernization of legal and democratic process, but also the reflection that the film industry itself can no longer be ignored. In 2017, the Chinese film has entered a new era, the net generation, IP, network big movies, the international capital, collecting a large Hollywood, domestic and overseas film festival, film, new generation of transboundary directors, all kinds of hot capital investment, the Chinese film has entered a period of unpredictable, town youth movie group gradually rise, two or three lines of small city theaters also gradually release potential, all kinds of complicated situation made the film method introduced is imminent. The standards of film censorship conform to the changes of The Times, gradually mature and update in the historical torrent of several decades, and shape the development of Chinese films with their own strength.

The complex nature of film makes it different from other art forms. It has commercial, political and artistic attributes. The shackles of the system cannot be relaxed all the time. Generally speaking, "film censorship involves a wide range of contents, such as the subject of censorship, the object of censorship, censorship standards, censorship implementation methods and the implementation, monitoring and management of censorship results." I am divided into two subjects to discuss: the film itself and the film industry.

Starting from the film itself, the influencing factors of censorship on the film are actually "dotted". That is to say, this kind of influence is the effect of a single work. Usually content control, production and economic benefits.

Film censorship is usually "a means of restricting the spread of artistic creation in society through political power". Its main limitation is the content of video transmission. To control the content of the reasons is varied, bear the brunt of the political reasons, seventeen years period and during the cultural revolution, China's special political situation, make the content of the film became political graphical tool, and the political power struggle is clearly visible on the film to, in order to implement the "literary why people" put forward by MAO ze-dong thought, marxism-leninism and MAO zedong thought as a film creation guidelines, is not in conformity with the socialist film was greatly criticized, this makes the hero films, model Peking Opera movies filmed wholesale, Heroic films such as dong cunrui, song of youth, yangcheng secret whistle and Lin zexu have created tall and complete heroic images, while model dramas such as taking advantage of the tiger mountain and the white-haired girl have existed monotonously for quite a long time. For political reasons review standards has been the basic principle of content control, a movie if you want to meet with the audience, cannot touch above all is the political bottom line, the present censorship in China, the great revolutionary history theme and religious, ethnic, and other areas of the special film still need special requirements of johnnie to's "personal", because of the Hong Kong question to be involved in the mainland, "infernal affairs" for political reasons, in Hong Kong and the mainland on the different versions.

And except for political reasons, ethics is the important principle that the content control, the content of the film, if there is obscenity, pornography, violence and other factors involved, after shooting even released by limit very much, the condition of "moral crisis" as a market economy environment generally faced the crisis of modern society, the essence of which is characterized by heteronomy moral self-discipline system. As a kind of video media, film has a wide audience. In the absence of a rating system in China, the control of the film's moral and ethical content is particularly important, because there is no restriction on the audience, so the transmission effect needs to be limited by the content, which is an important means to keep the screen clean. Although lust, caution by ang lee and white deer plain by wang quan 'an were not deliberately shot for erotic scenes, they were still edited. Although they hurt the narration and characterization of the whole film, they still objectively ensured the "safe viewing" of the screen.

We try to think about whether the most important thing in making a movie is the script, the director, or the investment. If you're in the movie industry, one of the things that we often overlook is censorship. But this factor is the most important, because the failure to shoot in accordance with the censorship means that the film may be unable to shoot the situation, or even after the shooting can not be released. Feng xiaogang's "customization" was originally scheduled to be released on December 12, but due to the delay of the censorship, feng xiaogang said with a smile that "nothing I made has not changed". Economic benefits. A film is a work of art and a commodity. After the shoot of a film director, no matter how much earlier, after all hope that through the release of box office effectively returns, especially in a complete system of the movie industry, investment, revenue and investment of the virtuous cycle can continue, if you can't release, film for review reason makers will not be able to recover the production costs, once the capital chain rupture, it will be difficult to have a follow-up film, so it can be said that the censorship is to power with a film of life and death. This is very common in independent art films in China, such as wang xiaoshuai's bicycle at the age of 17, jia zhangke's platform and Lou ye's the floating city puzzle, all of which fail to receive economic benefits due to their failure to pass the censorship.

The above three influences are seen from the individual of the film itself, and extending these three aspects, we can see the impact of the film censorship on the film industry. They are closely related to each other, from here to there, and work together on Chinese films.

The gradual updating and upgrading of film censorship is accompanied by more complex and diverse issues. Observation since the founding of the change of censorship, we will find that more and more contents related to the regulations of the more meticulous, because the status of the Chinese movie is more and more complex, from the very beginning film censorship almost exclusively on political content, by now, review content extends to every aspect of the movie, and even the moral quality of filmmakers, film review content control and standard, is in order to standardize the entire film industry, to strengthen self-discipline consciousness of the filmmakers.

Censorship guides the film industry from an institutional level and is of great help in establishing a sound film industry. On the surface, film censorship seems to be prescribing what can't be done, and in fact, it is also prescribing what can be done. This orientation can exactly guide the direction of an industry. China's current film industry is still fragmented, although the capital is huge, the city? Yu Chu? There are many opportunities, but they are not well structured. Hollywood in the United States, India's bollywood, is according to their own national conditions to establish the appropriate film industry, the change of the Hollywood movie review experience for many years, formed a movie review game within the system, "provide us inside the boundary can find expression of the will of his way, so as to promote the Hollywood film the formation of an ideological expression system, especially the formation of the type of discourse", bad man be punished, the happy ending is Hollywood conventional technique, both within the scope of review took the audience like sex and violence, and completed a bad end there is moral education. Hollywood not only dances in shackles, but also performs difficult dance moves. And China's censorship system doesn't seem mature enough to guide the industry in its own direction.

For the commercial nature of the film industry, film censorship can be regarded as a bellwether of investment risk assessment and a necessary standard to facilitate the sound development of the film industry. It is important for an investor to consider the criteria as a bellwether for new investments when the investment returns. Because films that do not meet censorship standards are difficult to release in the market, it is difficult to recover the investment. For the film industry, investment is the blood to keep running. Therefore, more reasonable investment based on this standard is the driving force to ensure the flourishing development of the film industry.

"Institutional economics holds that the main factor of economic development is not capital, human resources or natural resources, but the organizational system itself. The system itself is also a kind of productivity. It directly determines the operation, situation and development of an industry. The current situation of China's film industry urgently needs to activate the system productivity and let the system drive the rise of the film industry. Only by activating the productive force of the censorship system and constructing the censorship system with Chinese characteristics can it be more conducive to promoting Chinese films to a new height.


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