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Assignment代写:Spanish film alternative feminism

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Spanish film alternative feminism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了西班牙电影另类女性主义。佩德罗·阿莫多瓦·卡瓦耶罗是西班牙电影最具票房号召力与精神感召力的著名电影艺术大师,他的电影总是充斥着一种难以规训的女性主义姿态。这种另类的女性主义,使得其所创制的作品有着一种不同既往与不循常规的另类表达,将电影的主旋律扩大到了传统西班牙电影主旋律的盲区,进而将西班牙社会生活中女性的生存状态,以其另类的视角进行了酣畅淋漓的述说。

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The film of ammodovar is always full of a feminist stance that is hard to gauge. It is difficult to discipline, so that the work created by it has a different and unconventional alternative expression. At the time, the mainstream Spanish society was quiet and silent, but it was the area that ammodova was best at expressing. He expanded the movie theme to the traditional Spanish movie theme blind spots and weak area, the area, and the survival state of the female in social life will be Spain, with its alternative perspective on the comfortable declare; To reveal the life state of women in Spanish social life without scruples; The mental state of women in Spanish social life has been traced to the inner world. In his creation, people avoid the subject matter which is not related to the hidden and not talked about, with an alternative as the appearance, with the sharp and keen as the visual Angle, the direct contact touching the soul of the expression. From the point of time node, began in the 1970 s feminism of almodovar created in the 1980 s, fully accumulate the feminist cultural transformation and cultural expression, the creation of a foundation. From this point of time, the feminist films and the traditional films began to have clear separation. The traditional film's conscious weakening, neglect and deprivation of female discourse power have never returned.

Almodovar's feminism is, by members of the representation and visualization and its works, created by the expression for the contradiction between feminism and patriarchal society, embodied in every minor detail and subtle expression. His feminism is particularly distinctive, especially when it comes to the point of view of the oil. For example, the rose window film, that is, the "flower board" type with more simple technique, simple description through the tender feelings and romantic light and shadow, and the affection of the female world and the inner loneliness come at a stroke, for the audience to construct the franco era after a Spanish social status of female existence and women. And by the female's pain, sadness and despair, the female's pain, struggle and helpless concrete, make the audience more real, close, and present. At the same time, through which women by loneliness found in the home, by the fear of finding his affirmation of self together with ontology, expressed the feminism that perennial orderly perseverance and automatic, giving women self consciousness and initiative on the artistic a new chance to find a new life.

Spain the feminism in the movie has a society under the dense visions sex, women depressed expression of color and women under the male aggression and anger heterosexual sex, thus the resulting therefore construct a kind of both strange and the typicality of dense color of Spain. For example, the movie "the living color" expresses the real quivering desire and desire of feminism. The film narrative and parallel montage in rendell type based on the international metropolitan in Madrid with franco era background dense, exquisitely constructed out of the three men and two women love sex and men's temperament interweave each other fascinating plot. The black and playful expression of this vision, heterochromia, and opposites shows a different color on the big screen. Relative to the other feminism movie master, almodovar's biggest advantage is that clearly to their philosophical about the present context, to formalize the real context, to excessive technique to express the present context, diversified to form a further to listen, read and analyze the female image expression of the spirit world.

Feminism has a more idiosyncratic expression in the film of ammodovar. The most prominent manifestation of this alternative expression is the invisible power of feminism as the abstract. From the academic point of view, this invisible power enough to destroy the traditional patriarchal center, in the patriarchal authority and the patriarchal, male role in making the film feminism under active gradually lost its id and ego, and further reduced under a feminist superego as subservient to the Oedipus type with attachment. For example, in the bound to I a, namely to construct a representation and representational on very strong male leading role, however, the strength in feminist sex but, under the intrinsic abstract metaphysical expression of embrittlement, destroy, yield, yield for a look and craving for maternal home. Therefore, it can be seen that the pattern of vulgarization outside the film constructs a contest of metaphysical power, as well as the confrontation between feminism and the patriarchal center. Although the film from the appearance point of view of feminism in the aspect of initiative, in the first half of the film is in absolute disadvantage, however, in the bottom half, in the abstract aspects gradually control the absolute initiative and ownership, and represents the center of the patriarchal male leading role, also expressed completely at the end of the film for feminist taming and reconciliation.

Almodovar's alternative feminist light and shadow quest is also reflected in the dramatic transformation of its abstraction. With the burden of patriarchal society, the feminist feminism will also finish the challenge and deconstruction of the patriarchal system. For example, "everything about my mother" is a new peak in the artistic achievement of ammodovar and a new starting point for the exploration of feminism in ammodovar. In the film, almodovar abandoned its traditional XuanJiShi expression of postmodern techniques, full engagement in turn to the burning narrative of the film, through totally present type, almodovar will women by appearances and representational and abstract vicissitudes, immersive NingZhu to its alternative expression of light and shadow. And if the deal with alternative feminism of almodovar based on abstract transverse comparison, the Chinese film "beauty" with the Italian film "Sicily's beautiful legend" and so on, all has the same effect with this film. The three films are marginalized in a women, such as materialization and alienation expressed the female has absolute authority in patriarchy society be dominated, be about, be treated, like at the same time, when the tension of the female passive expression accumulated to a certain extent, to the film and television image erupted into a kind of recessive feminism's burning explosion mood emotion centralized twist. Thus, alternative expression of almodovar's feminism, precisely by the same results of feminism is materialized, been instrumentalized, marginalized out turn more strongly.

Spain feminism in the movie is full of strong expression with xinfengrui, 7 big atmosphere aphasia of women for the society has opened up a full of the light of redemption, and as a leading figures in the Spanish almodovar is obviously great. In its "verge mental breakdown of women" in a piece of, but also bring a group of women facing collapse the transcendental sexual expression of feminism, at the same time, also with its alternative abstraction and brought relief for women and the Gospel of yue. In fact, simone DE beauvoir, in its "the second sex for women this alternative abstraction turning the appropriate expression of women's subjective resist but objective passively accepting its status as a secondary man he is. Women, however, in the subconscious to feminism, this ultimately at the mercy of the absolute dominant force, through implicit passivity and the f low sex to replace and obtain the actual control for men. In other words, feminism and female control produce a subtle collusion and collusion. The leavening collusion with conspiring to not only deconstructs the traditional sphere of male authority, and further resolve the male dominated, in the form of the recessive power to its high permeability, and brought a feminist center for women, female charm as the end-result of feminism, the ultimate picture, while men are after there is no authority, around about women's gender worship formed a kind of implicit self.

Almodova's feminist alternative exploration did not stop at the abstract level, but instead was more metaphysical expression and sublimation at the level of abstraction and image. For example, in her "high heels in love", there is a feminist-style sublimation of the feminization of a woman's common destiny. In particular, the inseparable embrace between becky and Rebecca is one of the highlights of the film. From the film "charming high heels" naming, theme, purpose, almodovar is clearly more inclined to women and feminism, but it is undeniable that there has been has its alternative expression, and this alternative expression is the key of the film gives the audience more and more close, more present truly listen to female visceral the intense emotion. This kind of present, range and true talk among other films is not bright, or is dominant, or is insignificant, almodovar, however, for its deep understanding of feminism, is expressed in the light of through.

The director's subjective intention has never been so strong for the image of film and television works. From this sense, almodovar obviously with its for feminism "pre-conceived", and brought the film to create a kind of enough to penetrate its shadow image created by the representational and representation; And through its creation of abstract patterns, it pointed to the image of feminism as the core image of feminism. This expression is a metaphysical woman and a feminist noumenon that deconstructs him, namely, that is, women and feminism are polarized. This double view, for the Spanish film to construct a feminist eternal monument. For example, "the return" is a reversion of feminism, and the "return" is a split expression of feminism in the main body. Elements of the film to the paradox of women such as emotional world and spiritual world, under the shadow of almodovar, become a kind of serious philosophy of feminist spirit world of encapsulated in miniature. Three generations of women in the landmark of the noble sense of responsibility and high values of carrying the human nature to diligence, kindness, etc all picture that constructed by 7, thus forming a kind of almost completely abandoned his main body of the absolute expression; At the same time, in the process of returning to the center of women, this kind of radical feminism of ammodovar also puts forward a kind of advanced interrogation of the social unceasing subject of the society.

Throughout the creation of ammodovar's career, he has been able to see that in the 30 years of his career as a shadow, he has expressed his feminist alternative exploration that is so heavy and dignified. Both the black humor and the kanp aesthetics have produced a strong feminist position in the context of the Susan sonata format. , for example, film and said to her, in a more advanced image level, in the in the mind to chase light rather than with the light and shadow chasing thought process, and expressed by the alternative of light and shadow, gradually to precipitate out the spirit of a more metaphysical feminism logic and value system. Admittedly, almodovar horizon of feminism, with the diversity of alternative performance, sexy independence, forbear and tenacity, leading in the Spanish film alternative development course, its metaphysical concern, care, care for the female perspective from beginning to end have never changed. Their alternative towards feminism, highly personalized color not only, but also has the incomparable are investigated, the connotation of the compassion, the compassion, compassion, but not exactly is this class for almodovar on world cinema has won the highly respected noble status. At the same time, ammodova has provided a strong impetus for the integration of Spanish films into the integration of the world film with the visual power of this kind of compassion.

Pedro almodovar, with its focus on female subject and persistence, with its concern with the destiny of women in grief, with its love of a woman's spiritual world and soul with pity, and earned its alternative feminism to label the heavy emotional color. The extreme, grotesque, and fantasy in its creation not only strengthened the other kind of feminism, but also strengthened the fierce and fierce female spirit. Thus, in the event horizon of ammodovar, feminism has blossomed into a glamorous, post-feminist glamour. Almodovar horizon of women is beyond the traditional self-reliant, more the expression of yong yi, because these women more bravely under life cannot bear, in deep, the endless darkness, endless endless pain torture in face to face with relentless hurt and pain, thus, almodovar's feminism, has become a kind of feminism in the grief of abstract in the sense of a kind of innovation.


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