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Mona Lisa's smile

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Mona Lisa's smile,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了电影《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》。影片《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》的故事背景发生在20世纪50年代的美国,当时美国的妇女解放运动正在如火如荼地进行着,整个美国的大环境开始对女性地位发生改观,但大部分女性的自我意识还处于麻痹状态。故事中的主人公之一,凯瑟琳·沃森始终坚持自己的教学理念,坚持自己的女性主义思想。最终唤醒了大批优秀女生的自我意识,改变了她们的价值观和人生规划。

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Many excellent female films call for women's self-consciousness in the form of film communication, for example, the famous American film Mona Lisa's smile which will be analyzed in the following part of this paper. About a new woman from California had open higher education? Katherine Watson, come to Wellesley college is known for its conservative feudal women's college teaching. The leading character's advanced ideas are incompatible with the school's conservative ideas, leading to many wonderful conflicts. In the end, although Catherine left Wesley, she won the spiritual victory, because she influenced the thoughts of many excellent women, awakened their female self-consciousness and spread feminism. The success of this film is that it made a great contribution to the cause of women's liberation.

The film "Mona Lisa's smile" is set in the United States in the 1950s. At that time, the women's liberation movement in the United States was in full swing, and the overall environment of the United States began to change the status of women, but most of the women's self-consciousness was still in a state of paralysis. Film's Wesley's girls' school is given priority to with female students, Wesley school education idea completely accord with the requirement of the social value of women, receiving higher education is not to train women's independent consciousness and ability of self-realization, but to finally whether can get a decent with good education experience, a happy marriage. Is one of the characters in the story, Catherine Watson came to Wesleyan school ethos graduated from the Open University of Berkeley, Catherine naturally unacceptable deformity Wesleyan school education idea, full of feminist thought Catherine, as the representative of the new age women did not succumb to Wesleyan education concept, daring to challenge old ideas, no matter what the school exert pressure, she always adhere to their own teaching philosophy, adhere to their own feminist thoughts. In the end, Katherine's persistence aroused a large number of excellent girls' self-consciousness and changed their values and life plans.

Catherine's persistence and the transformation of many advanced students moved us. They bravely faced the pressure from the school, and in a general sense, let us see the courage of every feminist in the period of women's liberation to bravely face the social pressure. Thanks to their foresight and unremitting efforts, women around the world have fully awakened their sense of self, and now they are active in all fields of society. To liberate women is to liberate half of the social productive forces and make indelible contributions to the development of human civilization.

Catherine Watson is the first soul in the film. She accepted the new thought education, is a feminist persistence, is a very self-aware new woman. Her teacher once said, "if you were my girlfriend, I wouldn't let you leave me. Catherine then offered an answer that took the female ego to the extreme, saying, "I'm not going to ask your permission." After graduation, Catherine was filled with a cavity of ambition, she wanted to spread her full mind of new ideas, and she wanted to influence more people and arouse more women's self-consciousness through herself, so that they could break away from the shackles of old ideas and see a better future just like herself. So Catherine chose the most conservative school for girls, Wesleyan. Wesleyan women's college considers it its duty to cultivate a good wife and mother for the upper class. In its etiquette class, Wesleyan women's college actually teaches students how to support their husbands to achieve their careers. Wesley has his own traditional values and teaching philosophy, and anyone who comes here has to learn to adapt and become a missionary in a patriarchal society, and Katherine is probably the first exception.

Katherine boldly abandoned the school's traditional teaching methods and philosophy, and challenged the old rules with the new ideas she accepted at Berkeley. She encourages her students to find their own strengths and to have their own ideals, not her husband's success. Catherine always treats her students in a gentle and calm way, and her moistening materials have affected the students silently, as well as the audience in front of the screen. "I don't want you to write papers," she said. "I don't want you to like it. I just want you to think." The concept conveyed by Catherine is that we should first think independently in the face of a thing, and then make choices according to our own heart. You shouldn't just listen to what others are asking of you to decide whether you like it or not, or do something meaningless and superficial. Independent thinking and choice is the first and most important step for women to awaken their self-awareness. Only by thinking independently can they truly become an independent person.

Catherine dared to help students realize their own ideas. She helped Joan, a student with excellent academic performance and her own dream, get admitted to Yale law school. Catherine was never cruel in her attack on rotten old ideas. She vehemently lesson because marriage and truancy Betty, she publicly maintenance was expelled from school for sale to protect women's contraceptive sour Amanda, she is in the classroom on vocal opposition newspaper about "a woman should return to family born housewives role, in the society of orthodoxy that promoting the so-called backward school, Catherine as a banner, not afraid of the wind rain, kept flying high, lead women to hurry and awakening in the school. In the end, Catherine got her wish. Her self-consciousness influenced a large number of excellent students and changed their ideas and destiny. One by one, these students gain their independence in soul, no longer follow the wrong guidance of public opinion, no longer willingly become subordinate to male authority, and gradually become the pursuers or even practitioners of female self-consciousness. In this process, Catherine herself has grown up again. She is more determined to guard her female self-consciousness. She dared to change her relationship status, but still refused her boyfriend's proposal, because she judged that their relationship was not enough to make a marriage. She accepted the Italian professor bill's courtship, but frankly and boldly asked bill to stop with other women; She left Wesleyan school without nostalgia because she was unwilling to submit to the control of the school over her ideological freedom. Such a Catherine, perhaps not uncommon in real life, became a wonderful fragrance in the history of the feminist struggle in the United States at that time. Her strong self-consciousness and brave challenge to authority caused a revolution. What she challenged was not only the school system, but also the backward concept of the whole society. What she wanted to change was not only herself, but also her students, and even the women who were oppressed by ideology in the whole society. She is brave and decisive, not to compromise any force, not afraid of everything, just to let themselves set their own trajectory in life.

Catherine Watson, the first to influence and shape the most successful man is one of her students - Joan BuLanDeWen. Joan herself is a very smart and active girl, but because in such a social environment, she did not establish her own female self-consciousness and had no special plan for her life. She just wanted to follow the rules of ethics and get married and have children after graduation. Jean's sense of self was at first in its infancy. She would occasionally dream of becoming a successful lawyer, but then she would deny herself that it was realistic and she had never planned her life well. Until she met Catherine, who encouraged her to follow her interests and helped her get admitted to Yale. But in the end, Joan chose to stay at home and marry her boyfriend, with the support of her teacher, Catherine. One wonders, is this not contrary to Catherine's thoughts? After all, getting married and having children is a traditional female path. But jean once said, "it was my decision not to read the law... I want a home. I want children. I know exactly what I'm doing. It's not that I'm no longer smart... That's what I want to do, that's what I want to live." It was just such a paragraph that made Catherine wish her well. Joan's choice of family was the result of her own careful thinking and leading her life as a woman. It was not blind obedience to social concepts, but the highest expression of Joan's self-awareness. Jean's case shows us that feminism is not a narrow struggle to get women out of the workplace. It is not a fight for the sake of fighting, nor is it an extreme pursuit, but a true awakening of female self-consciousness. A woman with a sense of self does not conflict with being a housewife, as long as she is driven by her heart and tries to live the life she wants to live. This is self-awareness. Female self-consciousness has never been reflected in women's social status, nor in a deliberately pursuing rebellious attitude and lifestyle. As long as women have the ability to think independently without succumbing to worldly views, it is called female self-consciousness. The result of Joan's choice was traditional, but the process was full of wisdom. Joan dared to challenge the authority of her teacher, dared to debate with her teacher, and finally won the teacher's approval. Such courage is similar to Catherine's, and it is also worth learning.

Affected by Catherine's largest student, can be said to be the most conservative once Betty warren. After being guided by Katherine's female self-consciousness, Betty completely changes her life track and finally achieves freedom and happiness. Once a defender of the Wesleyan tradition, Betty was the student most at odds with Katherine's seemingly outrageous ideas. She was the first one to get married in the school, and once played truant for marriage. She openly challenged Catherine in class, and she thought that Catherine was completely grandstanding, and she subverted her ideas to order them to disregard the tradition, which was selfish and foolish behavior. Betty, in order to fight against Catherine, once published an article in the school newspaper, accusing Catherine of violating social morality and sacred marriage, and urging women to abandon the social role they were born to assume. She caters to society's lead in encouraging women to return to the family, not only by example, but also by promoting the idea. But as the plot progresses, Betty's sense of self comes to life in the struggle between her and Catherine again and again, until at last she becomes a completely different person. She questioned the smile of Mona Lisa and challenged the traditional judgment of female beauty. She believed that although Mona Lisa was smiling, she was not necessarily happy in her heart. Many things did not match the essence and appearance, just like her seemingly happy but actually unhappy marriage. Finally, Betty boldly filed for divorce, and despite being discouraged from returning home even by her mother, she resolutely left the unhappy family and unhappy marriage. Betty's awakening and determination make us look at her with new eyes. She grows from a traditional moralist to a new-age woman who thinks for herself and decides her own destiny. Betty's self-conscious resurgence changes her life, and her shifting inconsistencies are a particularly admirable part of the film's plot.

As Catherine boldly abandoned this doesn't fit his marriage, and take the initiative to choose more suitable for their own bill as a new boyfriend, her brave spirit of the pursuit of love was also the students, Connie baker. Connie was an ordinary girl. She was not as smart and beautiful as Betty, nor as talented as Joan. She was just a shy girl who lacked confidence. She adores Betty's cousin but doesn't have the guts to tell him. And the female self-consciousness of miss Catherine infected her, when she also saw the sincerity of the boy, cast aside worldly vision and boldly walked into the boys' dormitory, confessed his love, and finally harvested sweet. Traditional thinking on the definition of women should be reserved, should quietly wait for the favor of men, but if passive and timid, is bound to lose happiness, make a big mistake. Women also have the same right to choose a mate as men. It is one of the symbols of women's independent thinking to choose a mate independently and pursue bravely. Connie baker under the influence of Catherine, successfully by a timid girl to have their own independent thought, have the courage of the new women. Connie's growth not only comforts us, but also enlightens us. Women should bravely and actively pursue what they love instead of being bound by social concepts.

The film "Mona Lisa's smile" shows us the process of these beautiful women's self-awakening and self-struggle, and let us understand the women of that era, and their efforts for self-consciousness awakening and self-life pursuit. Only when women really have equal and independent personality and truly from the heart of social pursuit, their face smile can be called the real Mona Lisa's smile the most beautiful smile. Nowadays, as an independent existence, women are active in all corners of society, fighting for their careers, running their families, and striving for their dreams. Their success and happiness are no longer dependent on anyone, but completely in their own hands. This is the proper state of a civilized society. In the world, there are many backward ideological driven self-consciousness awakening of women, we are looking forward to have a Catherine to change them, looking forward to they will have like Joan and Betty awakening of that day of, we will study the film Catherine perseverance, for that day to celebrate the liberation of women around the world and persistent efforts.


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