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Ethics Personal Statement-澳洲代写

2017-06-02 来源: 51due教员组 类别: 更多范文

本篇Ethics Personal Statement-澳洲代写讲了相对于20年前,人们有更多的钱在口袋里生活在一个更好的世界与先进的技术和基础设施。同时,人们比以前更有功利性,有的甚至以收益为唯一目标。在这种情况下,人们逐渐失去了最初的伦理道德,开始超越道德底线。不过,我认为,无论我们今后的生活如何变化,伦理都是重要和必要的。本篇澳洲代写由51due论文代写机构整理,供大家参考阅读。

Comparing to 20 years ago, people have more money in their pockets and live in a better world with advanced technologies and infrastructures. Meanwhile, people are more utilitarian than before, and some even take earning benefits as the only objective. In this context, people gradually lost their initial ethics and start to do things beyond the ethic bottom-line. However, I think no matter what our lives turn in the future, ethic is important and necessary all the time. 
In this statement, I will first explain my personal perspective about ethics, how my ethical views originated, and why I think it is important to me. Then I will illustrate how can ethics applied in a corporate and the whole society, as well as the importance of ethics for a corporation and the global world. 
When I see the word “ethics”, “law” can’t help to come to my mind.  If a person harms another physically, the national law would punish him/her for no doubt. However, if an adult doesn’t support his/her parents, will he/she get punished by law? The answer is uncertainty. Supporting parents cannot be regulated by any laws, but it is an ethic accepted by most people. Hence, in my opinion, ethics are the fundamental beliefs in a person’s mind. People may share similar view on some ethics, while for other ethics, people may have various opinions. Moreover, to be a person who can keep ethics in mind and do his utmost to follow is difficult. 
I think for most people, their ethical views originate from their parents, teachers or other elders. Sometimes, ethics are the basic rules to be a real person. When I was just a teenager, my parents took me to see my grandparents every year. She helped my grandma to clean her room and make meals. When my grandpa got sick, my father stayed up all night to take care of him. Gradually, I know I should also support my parents when they need. When I saw my parents love each other and spare no efforts to raise me up, I learned the meaning of love and the responsibilities of having a family. There is an old saying that parents are the best teachers for children. It also works for me. Imperceptibly, I learned so many principles and living morals from them. Later, I went to school and learn different knowledge. I made several mistakes and did numerous bad things, but with my teachers’ guidance, I gradually had the ability to distinguish the correct and incorrect things. Moreover, thanks to the news and information I heard from TV or Internet, I got to know others’ perspectives and attitudes. As I grew up, I established my ethical views progressively. 
I think ethics is very important to me. Ethics can be taken as the fundamental rules that regulate people’s behaviors. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. I believe as a normal person, keeping the ethics bottom-line is necessary. If I knew my business partner doesn’t support his parents, and is crucial to his wife, it is hard for me to trust he will treat me kind and friendly. From this perspective, ethics can be seen as a significant criterion to evaluate a person. 
When we go through the worldwide famous corporations’ evaluation report, it is easy to notice that profit is not the only standard. They also take social responsibilities, customer satisfactions and other factors into consideration. There is no doubt that a corporation’s ultimate goal is to make profits. However, as a part of the society, a corporation also has its own social responsibilities. Actually, I consider that from seeing how it fulfills its social responsibilities, we can see whether it is a corporation having ethics or not. A corporation without ethics may make profits in a short time, but in a long run, it will swallow the problems caused by itself. 
Recently, my hometown experiences a huge disaster and I witness the horrible sight. In the evening of August 12nd, I was wake up by a crack. Unconsciously, I opened my curtain and saw outside. Suddenly, another crack occurred and I felt strong tremors immediately. The next morning, I read the news and knew that a company’s hazardous chemical warehouse got fire and caused two explosions. According to the China Earthquake Network Center, the quake caused by the second explosion was around magnitude 2.9, equivalent to 21 tons of TNT. What was worst, the accident area is occupied by many chemical engineering corporation and residential buildings. Officials in China now say at least 162 people were killed, and hundreds of people were seriously injured. Hazardous chemical itself is not terrible, while improperly storing causes the frightened accident. Actually, the company did not have a proper license to run a hazardous chemicals business. Moreover, the company operated this threatened business within one kilometer of homes. Although it exposes the problems exist in the national supervision department, it cannot be denied that the company itself is lack of the fundamental social responsibility and pass the bottom line of ethic value. To earn more profit, numerous companies become opportunistic and violate the fundamental ethical views. Such examples can be seen everywhere in our lives. Some companies discharge untreated wastewater into the nearby river, while others manufacture or sell counterfeit and shoddy products to innocent customers. On the one hand, government needs to ban related laws or regulations to punish such companies. On the other hand, the companies themselves need to take others’ profit into consideration and insist the right ethical views all the time. In this way, I have the confidence to believe that the accident occurred in my hometown can be avoided. 
We, as human beings, composite the society and our behaviors determine the appearance of the world. As I said before, ethics can be seen as the beliefs in a person’s mind. If each of us have the ethics and use them to regulate our behavior, lots of weird things, like the explosion accident, cannot happen. If the government officers follow their working ethics and play a supervision role, the explosion accident may be avoided. Similarly, if we all support our parents when they are old, there might no longer so many poor old men sleeping on the street. If everyone obeys the traffic regulations, numerous accidents may not occur. All these examples demonstrate the importance of ethics in our lives. 
I think ethics is the views of right or wrong in our own minds. It is easy for a person to know what is right, but it is difficult to do as his/her belief all the time, especially when the ethics is interrelated with interests. However, I believe ethics are important and need to be memory and follow forever. From an individual’s perspective, a person without ethics is not a real person, while, to run a corporation in a long time, ethics are the essential requirements. Without similar ethics, the society would inevitably face numerous problems.

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