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私人订制你的未来职场 世界名企,高端行业岗位等 在新的起点上实现更高水平的发展


Digital creation

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Digital creation,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了数字化创作。数字化创作不只是简单的素材拼合和叠加,而是摄影的真实感和数字模拟的真实感结合在一起所形成的全新视觉景观。数字化创作要求我们必须拥有良好的摄影基础能力,并且对于后起电子暗房即图像处理软件有着良好的操作技能,才能够让前期天马行空的想象力和后期天衣无缝的制作能力结合在一起。

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Every technological update will bring about the innovation and transformation of photographic language style. Under the digital environment, photography gets rid of the traditional documentary means of expression and shows more possibilities.

Photography is an art combining technology and art. Every technological update will bring about the innovation and transformation of linguistic features and styles. Today, with the development of digital era, the mainstream photography technology has been transformed from traditional silver salt film into digital images dominated by science and technology. With the continuous development and improvement of digital technology and the development of image processing software, photographic language has got rid of the traditional forms of documentary expression, and shows more new possibilities in the digital technology environment.

Digital creation is not only a simple material combination and superposition, but also a new visual landscape formed by the combination of photography and digital simulation. It requires that we must have good ability of the photography foundation, photographic composition, light and modelling, technology and skills, etc., and for the prominent digital darkroom or image processing software has a good operating skills, to make late prophase fantastical imagination and seamless production ability together, make photography a veritable inception tools.

When it comes to digital creation, I have to mention the photographer li xiaojing, who has found a huge space between digital creation and painting. A series of his works combine the realistic nature of photography and the realistic approach of painting, and use the elastic nature of digital creation to liberate photography from the traditional framework and roles, so that photographers have absolute control. In addition to the overall color and exposure changes and adjustments, and artists can use the processing method close to painting to make the image Mosaic adjustment, Photoshop can also distort, transform and copy the image, the image post-processing from a technical work to the level of creation. This combination of photography and painting makes li xiaojing feel free in his artistic creation, giving full play to his ideas and vision in artistic creation. He creates as a half-human, half-beast, with a strong Oriental culture, showing his extraordinary digital creative skills. His zodiac series, trials, 108 faces and other works have opened a new chapter in the language of photography in the digital age.

This full combination of early creativity and late technology has become a new form of expression of photography language under the digital technology environment. It emphasizes the dominance of photography and skillfully combines with painting and other arts according to the essential characteristics of the existence of digital photography. Photographers also take the right to speak and the actual situation as the basis of creation, and fully display their own ideas and attitudes towards the current society, the natural environment, as well as their own ideas and attitudes, which is of great significance for The Times and the reality.

With the integration of various application technologies in the digital age, graphic design, 3D design, digital photography and digital painting, 3D printing and so on, the integration in the same environment will certainly be the most important development direction. Actually used in the traditional photography phase has the photographers deliberately "wrong" shooting method or print program to produce unexpected effect, including the film will be shot again all randomized to shoot again, when the focus deliberately mobile camera, drink in the darkroom amplify the negatives overlaps or developer selectively brush on the exposure of photographic paper, sometimes in the enlarged picture painting, etc. For example, German artist sigmar polk's photos have various superimposed images and traces of chemical drugs, as well as lines of post-painting, which together constitute rich and complex images produced by the combination of photography technology and painting media.

The development of the Internet and the emergence of a variety of social media have also had a profound impact on the production and dissemination of images, and the process of uploading and receiving image information has become faster and faster. The requirements of the new age series by Canadian artist Jon laffman is a cross-media experiment that explores the interaction between 2d and 3d, online subcultures, Google street scenes, virtual and real, online games, and images and surfaces. Using computer software, he turned famous modern paintings he had collected on the Internet into visual materials with the texture of marble or metal. Then he used a 3D printer to make these materials into busts similar to those of the ancient Greek period. Finally, he retook them and exhibited them in the form of portrait photos. Loughman USES the latest technology to bring The Times into dialogue with the media, creating photographs that are a mix of technological, cultural and historical connotations.

Digital creation has long been free from the shackles of traditional photographic language, and is no longer limited to journalistic and reportorial photographic frames. Therefore, "posing" has long been a taboo topic in the digital creation environment. It is also called forgery photography, and the role of the photographer at this time is similar to that of the director. Before shooting, you need to draw a good sketch, design a good picture, control the model, and need a lot of props, just like shooting a movie. Domestic most representative to brush, he wrote in the form of a dramatic and theatrical series of surrealist works, his photo to model play, props need to draw, he USES documentary camera recorded the most unrealistic dreams, his camera on the inner world of the virtual, everything is his subjective manufacturing. "Mobile photo studio series" is an artistic event attracts the most attention in recent years, his team rented a truck full of props, especially the background plate is almost entirely from his hand, the shooting in the country after ten months, stop to 35 cities, at his own expense millions, with art standard free for more than 1600 sets of pictures. Ma liang wanted to create a unique atmosphere. He invited people from different cities to participate in creating different scenes for people with different personalities. This pioneering and original art project is like a kind of photographic explorer looking back on China and using photography to record the different countries they have traversed. Ma hopes to create "what people like to be or want to be but never have the chance to be".

American female photographer Annie leibovitz is also good at using this kind of surreal photography language to take pictures. For example, the calendar she shot for Disney used numerous stars to act as the actors in the photography works, and reproduced the scenes and protagonists in the cartoons of Disney scenic spots through setting and post-production technology, creating a fantasy fairy tale world of live performance.

With the development and popularity of photography, more and more artists like to use photography to show their ideas. Sometimes it's hard to decide whether they're photographers or installation artists or performance artists. For example, philippe ramet from France put his frame on the grass and hung it on it for photos, but when he showed it, he rotated it by 90 degrees, and we had a different view. He was standing on a balcony, and the walls of the castle were covered with moss. This way of creating and recording events is increasingly used by artists.

But any technical skills, as well as the use of photography language is for the main content of the service, excellent early creativity is far more important than the late endless adjustment, otherwise it will become exaggerated showmanship. No matter digital camera or any kind of technology, it needs the connotation, persistence and creativity of creators themselves to make these machines move forward with the dream and become a real dream machine.


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