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留学生作业代写:About Canada

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本文是一篇优秀的paper代写范文- About Canada,供大家赏析学习,这篇论文讨论了加拿大。加拿大的经济在世界上位于领先的地位,极其依赖自然资源和普通商品的出口。所以一旦石油价格有波动,那么对加拿大的影响非常大。它的法律主要是普通法和民法。加拿大也是强大的百货公司国家,很多世界著名的百货公司总部都位于这里。


1. Introduction

Marks & Spencer (M&S) has set up from 1884 in the UK. It is one of the UK's reputation corporate with the highest profitability among retailers. It is a world brand that famous in their clothing, home products and other food products. In 2015,the group revenue of Marks & Spencer was 10.3bn Euros, net profit were and have risen by 3.4% from 2014 (M&S annual report & financial statements 2015).

In 1973, M&S had expanded into Canada. However, this was a falling expansion. Although it opened fortyseven stores across Canada, the out of style products only catered the aged and expatriate Britons. Despite making every effort, the reputation didn’t indicate that they were a stronger retailer. There exist several reasons, the most distinct is that the department store in Canada was smaller than British. Besides, it didn’t have the same treatment. In 1998, M&S made further efforts to attract young people and expand the customer base. However, it was useless and the unprofitable locations had to be closed (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2010).

Whether M&S can enter into Canada market again, it should analysis from various options, such as macro-environment, consumer preference, etc.

2. Macro-environment analysis

To analysis the macro-environment of M&S open in Canada, I choose PESTLE analysis to judge weather Canada market fit M&S or not. PESTEL analysis is an effective model to analysis the external macro-environment, which across from six parts. It involves political, economic, social-cultural, technological, legal and environmental.

2.1 Political

Canadian law mainly from different legal traditions: the common law and civil law. That is part of Canada's mixed legal system in the law category (European Commission 2015). Canadian legal system to show the British and French legaltradition, which is seventeenth and eighteenth-century colonists brought this feature outstanding performance in the English common law tradition and the importance of the Civil Code of Quebec.In this law system, M&S develops in a situation like they develop in UK.

2.2  Economic

The economy in Canada are ranked from 1 to 189 countries in the world.The DB2016 rank is 14, the DB2016 DTF is 80.07 (Doing Business 2016).It’s income category belongs to high income. Canada ‘s GNI per capita was 51,690 in 2015 (ibid).

Canada is one of OECD region (Doing Business 2016). It means the member states are promoting economic and social development each other. It also help member governments formulate and coordinate national policies to improve the financial situation. For M&S investing in Canada, it is a great advantage.

Company in Canada pay taxes almost amounting to 21.10% of profit. As a whole, Canada ranking at 9 of 189 paying taxes nations (Doing Business 2016).  As M&S would be investing money in Canada from abroad, the higher taxes will discourage entrepreneurship.

Over the years, the Canadian economy is extremely dependent on exports of natural energy and basic commodities. Although it is a high-tech industrial society in the trillion-dollar class and has been developed economies itself, in the economic structure, there is a very significant dependence on primary products and rely on the international market characteristics. According to research institutions Gandalf Group that KPMG consulting company recently commissioned, it visited 153 Canadian business executives, the results of more than half of the respondents believe that the country so dependent Alberta economic and natural resources, the oil price slump would cause such a drastic Canada impact (CIA 2016).

The over dependence of export is a bad tendency for M&S invest in Canada.

2.3  Social-cultural

The population of Canada is 35,540,419 in 2015 (Doing Business 2016). Ethnic group is consisted of Canadian 32.2%, English 19.8%, French 15.5%, Scottish 14.4%, Irish 13.8%. In Canada, the religions are various which make up from Catholic 40.6%, Protestant 20.3% etc. The citizen in Canada doesn’t like British due to they have different growing environment and national conditions.

2.4  Technological

In Canada there are well-educated workforce and a reasonable cost of production, in the aerospace, microelectronics and biotechnology industry also has a considerable level. There is a powered aircraft takes off or lands somewhere in the world every second, which offer by the Pratt & Whitney Canada. It benefits the global leader in civil engine market, and through a number of cutting-edge technology research. Pratt & Whitney Canada is committed expand its product line and improve the quality of products and services to provide through the various market. Technological development in Canada ranked highest in the world. It provides a technological space for M&S to research and develop.

2.5  Legal

The civil law in Canada generally follow French civil code prevails, except in the region Quebec(CIA 2016).In this way, M&S may have chance to given the requirements of the original natural speech, the rights of property, meetings and parties of the program in Canada. This enable the government is extremely difficult to monitor and regulate corporate activities.

2.6  Environmental

Canada is a strong national department store. 90% of these stores are located in shopping malls. In a conventional shopping center, you can usually see the two biggest competitors -The Bay and Sears department stores - are located at both ends of the center.

In this circumstance, it is very hard to enter into Canada market. According to global news (2015), Target rapid expansion into the Canadian market since 2013, currently has 133 stores in the market, about 17,600 employees, but so far the market has accumulated losses of $ 2 billion, and announced to exit the Canadian market in 2015. In this way, the department store industry in Canada is in tough competition.

3. Consumer analysis

It is significant to analysis the preference of consumer as well as category of consumer of M&S. it not only can make sense of the composition of consumer, but also can make a great strategy for open a franchise in Canada.

3.1 Age analysis

Faced with the situation, M&S hardly to attract the young customers. In other words, it lost a large scale of consumer.

3.2 Choice criteria

3.2.1 Technical

According to BBC (2013), it is said M&S improve their clothing quality to increase their customers’ satisfaction. As we can see, it is important for customer that the product is comfort and reliability.

In spite of lost customers, M&S had refused to accept use credit cards for several years. It once launched its own card. However, the card didn’t widely accept by customers and disused in 2000 (independent 2010). It is seriously inconvenient for consumer that couldn’t use their credit cards.

In 1980s, a number of stores in UK begin to opened all weekend. Nevertheless, M&S rejected Sunday trading until 1994.What’s more, some branch stores have opening 24-hours (ibid). In general, convenience is a significant criteria for M&S consumers.

3.2.2 Economic

Running costs, residual value and Life-cycle costs is the core criteria as Canada’s labor market regulation.

3.2.3 Social

As majority of Canadians advocate freedom, fashion is a key criteria in consumer choosing the product.

3.2.4 Personal

Consumer self-image is a key factor in criteria M&S expand in Canada. Due to catering the consumer image can be able to improve customer satisfaction.

3.3  Analysis of purchasing process

National police and unique is important during making process in case of M&S due to the fact that Canada had their own large department stores (see 2.6). In this way, the fashion and unique style can attract Canada customer.

4. SWOT analysis

4.1 Strengths


Usually, every town has a M&S store and that M&S was always in the town center. Closing crowded places can convenient customer random shopping. But doing business in this area, the cost of land is high and competition is strong. It suitable for the development of large-scale comprehensive shopping malls or specialty stores a distinctive personality(This is money 2010).For M&S, it has recently opened several Simply Food mini-supermarkets (MarketLine 2015).

The expansion of food

Marks & Spencer is expand the simply food chain, provideconvenience food for customers. Expect in-store restaurants, it also has deli bars, hot takeaway counters and 24-hour cafes. This is a new way to expand the business.

Focus on quality

According to Chislett, Helen (2009:232), the company put its main emphasis on quality. In a manner of speaking, M&S has historically been an iconic retailer of 'British Quality Goods'.The good reputation helps M&S build consumer trust in Canada market.

4.2 Weaknesses

Significant dependency risks

M&S rely on domestic market to profit although it has operated in the global market.

In FY2014, the company generated 88.8% of its total revenues from the UK (MarketLine 2015).  The majority of revenue depends on UK market lead to the business of M&S influenced by specific trends. Besides, such geographic concentration leads to the risk of detrimental of the country economy. It shows although M&S expand in Canada, the main revenue maybe also depend on the original business.

4.3 Opportunities

M&S has rolled out contactless payments

It is said from the customers that payment has taken over from the card rather than money (BBC 2013). As a precedent, M&S can carry out contactless payment in Canada due to much more convenient for customers.

"Plan A"

In spite of the global in a down economy, Marks & Spencer still promote it can simultaneously take into account profitable and the environment sustainable development. “A plan” has been not affect the cost of each pound invested in both balance and reduce the cost of the energy saving part (European Commission 2015). If this sustainable approach to business also across the company’s operations in Canada, it can increase M&S entire development.

4.4 Threats

Canada location competitors

There are many famous department stores in Canada, like Eaton, Sears, The Bay, Zellers and Woolco. Eaton a high-end department stores, which is expensive. Zellers department stores and Woolco adapted for low and middle income family, which is core competitors for M&S. And these department stores are open-shelf service, it is very convenient for the customer free shopping. In a typical shopping center, which can be found a few chairs for people to rest, as well as various types of fast food restaurants and service facilities.

5. Recommendation

Market doesn’t endorse homogenization company

M&S should choose a unique strategy to penetrate Canada market, as there are so many competitors. Each market should be caution as a separate market, and admit that Canadian consumers and UK consumers are different. The different consumer group should be offer different brand line. Overall, Canada's population is insufficient to support a lot of homogenization of the retail business. Competition is fierce, M&S had tripped over once in Canada, it should be pay more attention on unique fashion style.

Faced with the various department stores in Canada, M&S should increase diversification. The Canadians income is in forefront of the world, it means the strong power of consumption of Canadians. M&S should offer much more unique brands and products.

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