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留学生作业代写:Feminism and A Doll’s House

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的assignment代写范文- Feminism and A Dolls House,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了女权主义与《玩偶之家》。女权主义是文学领域中关于妇女权利和妇女地位的最广泛讨论的话题之一。女权主义是一个中性的词,它不偏向于女性,也不站在男性的立场。相反,那些研究女权主义理论的学者是为了理解性别不平等的本质。《玩偶之家》曾被比做“妇女解放运动的宣言书”。在这个宣言书里,女主人公作出了对以男权为中心的社会传统观念的反叛。

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A Doll’s House is a famous work about a lady named Nora who finally leaves his husband even though he dotes on her but she does so because she desires to look for her own freedom. The author Ibsen had come up with a vivid figure Nora, who at the beginning of the novel acts like the typical stereotype of the “perfect woman” for the men at that time who knows how to look pretty and spout to please her husband. Apparently, when Ibsen completes the work, he lived in the era in which women were treated like a property and it is apparently that the husbands could own a woman. According to the traditional social norms, it says that “a woman cannot be herself in a modern society” which means that without family or husband, they are nothing. It was understandable because at that moment, it was a society that protected male’s right or looked down upon women. All the laws that were made during Ibsen’s time were also for the best interests of men so the ending was a total shock for many readers at that time, which led to the condemnation of the author Ibsen.

Feminism is one of the most widely discussed topics in the literary field about the right of women and the place where women are put in. Feminism is a neutral word which does not take side on the women or take the side of men. On the contrary, those scholars who analyzed feminist theory is aiming at understanding the nature of gender inequality.

Although in the marriage of Nora and her husband, it seems that she has the power over her husband but the truth is the opposite. At the beginning, a little scene described by the author obviously shows that women are inferior to men. In that scene, Nora wants to have some snacks but she is aware that if her husband realizeswhat she has been doing, she will be criticized so she hides herself in the corner to stuff some cookies in her mouth. Also, when the Christmas time is approaching, she is busy buying all kinds of decorations for the family while her husband does not appreciate her hard work. On the contrary, he criticizes her for “wasting too much money”. In the 19th century, women’s social role is to take care of the family and help with the family chores even in the most developed nations and Nora’s preparation of the Christmas Eve is a perfect example. In the text, it is mentioned, “She is in out-door dress and carries a number of parcels; these she lays on the table to the right. She leaves the outer door open after her, and through it is seen a PORTER who is carrying a Christmas Tree and a basket, which he gives to the MAID who has opened the door.”

Apparently, in the story, the entire family isoing to enjoy the celebration of Christmas while the only person that gets occupied with purchasing present and making decoration of the apartment. The interesting part is when the Porter gives the weak maid a big Christmas tree, which indicates that even among the working class, male has a higher position than female. According to the feminist studies, women tends to be put in the role which requires them to take care of the chores in the family and does not require their men to do the same.

This unequal social role had not been changed even after more than ten decades of feminist movement in the developed and western nations as a lot of women in the society are still being confined inside the room to take up the responsibility of caring for their husbands and children. They are still deprived of the chance to go out to make a living like their husbands so the final decision of Nora was shocking but also motivating all other women in the world to pursue whatever their heart desires for.

In the text A Doll’s House, the gender identity of women has been represented more vividly from the interaction between Nora and her husband who has been treating her like a doll. In one scene when Nora is discussing serious issues with her husband, Helmer says to her,” Nora! (Goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear.) The same little featherhead!” He acts playfully while he is criticizing his own wife and from this little gesture, the women’s gender role of being a sex object is seen entirely. Nora is described as a smart woman who knows how to please her husband sexually whenever he is furious about her decisions.

In fact, the work A Doll’s House had not only been studied by the feminist, even the famous philosopher Eleanor Marx mentioned that “Marxist change with its promise of economic and intellectual emancipation for women and workers alike; and Nora’s predicament read as a metaphor for the exploitation and oppression of labour” (Durbach 234). In this part, Nora’s choice is not only about women getting freedom from getting rid of men’s control, also her experiences is considered as a metaphor for the exploitation and oppression of labour for women. This idea has been perfectly represented in the test of A Doll’s house in many ways. Even in the first paragraph that describes Nora coming back from shopping for the Christmas decoration, it is mentioned that she gets criticized by her husband even though he does such a thing playfully and flirtatiously. The reason why a female housework got criticized for spending too much money while she had a long day buying products from the market is that female did not have the ability to make money like men. As a result, women could only reply on men for financial development and getting funds. A Doll’s house has been analyzed and studied by a lot of scholars on the topic of feminism and Gail Finney points out that A Doll’s House “In closing the door on her husband and children, Nora opened the way to the turn-of-the-century women’s movement”. (Carroll, 87).

Apparently, in the time of Ibsen, the role of women set up by the social norms confined the women to stay in the house in order to focus on caring for their husbands or children, which was totally unfair but Nora is a brave woman who strived to rebel against it. Her action of leaving her husband is seriously criticized by the anti-feminist theory scholars as she broke the traditional roles between a man and a woman which could cause other serious problem in the society once women and men get access to the equal chance. It is easy to excuse Nora’s actions by saying that she is restricted by her role as a woman in a patriarchal society and that she has never been given a chance to mature into a responsible adult, due to the overbearing protectionism of her father and her husband. Taking the initiative to leave the house contributes to the development of the independence of women after she gets stuck in the unequal status for a long time.


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