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Personal Reflective Essay写作讲解

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Personal Reflective Essay,意思是个人反思论文,是国外大学比较常见的一种作业形式。Personal Reflective Essay写作的目的在于学生对自身经历的反思,以及给自己带来了什么影响。那么Personal Reflective Essay该怎么写呢?下面就给大家讲解一下

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– 关乎你生活的重大事件,出生,死亡,疾病或者类似事件。

– 惹恼了你的事件——种族歧视、偏见或社会不平等。

– 你也可以写记忆中让你拥有独特感受的事件或者经历,它可能已经发生,正在发生,或者即将发生

– 你无法复述的事情














-做一些研究。读报纸中的“评论”或“意见”部分,这些部分往往个人色彩比较浓厚——或者阅读杂志,或者看辩论节目之类的例如“The Big Question”。










The dark patterned armchair in the corner of the living room is always there. It holds her and her worries. It holds the pain that is still blatantly apparent. It holds my mum and as I gaze into her frail weak eyes- I still feel the torture she endures on a daily basis. Her eyes dart back and forth yet I know she hides her pain. She’s crumbling inside and will not be healed- just like the tatty hole in the arm chair in which she picks and picks until no more foam can be found. She picks and picks at her brain- blaming herself “Why us?”, “Why my baby?” circulating her thoughts at every turn. There are no answers and although I thought things will never be the same again… I now know that they never will.



“I have always wanted to be an actress. It is my main ambition. I have always wanted to be an actress”…


“Acting: it has been my sole ambition ever since the day I met David Tennant on a plane coming back from holiday. We sat for hours chatting and planning my next step in my soon to be startling career… Well no, not really, but this is what acting is all about – pretending to be someone else for day, an hour, a while.



-尽量不要使用这类形容词:比如‘happy’ or ‘sad’ or ‘nice’ or ‘good’ or ‘OK’,,它们并不能够真的向读者反应出你对某事真正的感受,更不能反映你的写作风格。


-尽量不要使用已经过度使用的动词,如‘said’ or ‘went’ or ‘walked’ or ‘laughed’ or ‘cried’.。













“We all know about racism; we even know about ageism; but do we really know about the daily jibes and abuse that is aimed at some people due to the colour of their hair appearing: odd, weird, strange, horrible, freaky… RED?”




“Looking into the mirror I could see it. My long flowing hair causing me hours and hours of misery. Closing my eyes… I prayed it would disappear or even fade. No amount of make up, hairstyles or different clothes masked my feelings of hate for the hair I had been genetically inflicted with.”


‘Hey Ginger, can I get a heat’ is a phrase commonly repeated to people inflicted with red hair.


“From an early age the comments made to me about the colour of my hair has irritated me to my inner core. On my first day at Secondary School it was a scorching summer’s days. I felt so hot and nervous that beads of sweat formed on my forehead as I stood waiting in the playground. My heart was pounding and a strong feeling of trepidation strongly lingered as I wondered what my new teachers would be like. However, when I entered the school, that’s when everything changed. I could hear them. I could hear the hyena like laughs. I could hear the comments of ‘check the state of her hair. That’s horrible’. At this, I felt like I had been ripped apart. I was in pain and just wanted to escape and not return. Tears began to obscure my vision as I desperately tried to escape and hide. I frantically rushed to the toilet and dreaded the rest of the day. Why did they have to say this to me? Why would they say such a thing? I just couldn’t understand. I have never been able to erase this feeling from my memory.”

“A long time has now passed since these initial comments; unfortunately they continued on a regular basis. I would regularly beg and plead with my mother to dye my hair so that I could feel more ‘normal’. The hair styling aisle at the local supermarket would call to me as soon as it entered and mocked me as I left-minus any hair dye. Even my Uncle-at the birth of his daughter, said ‘Phew… for a minute I thought she had red hair, thank God it’s not’. It is these types of remarks that really infuriate me. People may only utter these words for a few seconds, but these words resonate within your mind for years to come and eat away at you like a vicious case of woodworm; eventually leading you to feel unworthy of functioning in the real world.

“Now that I have grown older, I still have red hair but I no longer feel so distressed about it. Looking back, I now understand that these people (or bullies) found something that-in their opinion – was my flaw.”


They pounced upon me like a piece of prey and succeeded in crushing my confidence. More importantly though, I recently faced a huge turning point. Last year a close friend of my family was diagnosed with cancer. I remember meeting her at the local supermarket and she had lost all of her hair; yet was still smiling. The pain and suffering that this gentle woman was experiencing was excruciating and much more extreme than any feelings that I had ever endured. She later died. She had passed away.



“Her death was so unfair. When I received the news… I was dazed and confused; this is what it really felt like to be ripped apart. My ludicrous, shallow worries about my hair colour were dramatically put into perspective and really made me re-evaluate what was important in life. For too long I have wasted time thinking about hair colour and appearance. I have now learned that it’s OK to be different. I know that I was not the first person with red hair to be picked on, and I will not be the last.”


“If I am truthful, I actually don’t want to blend into the background-I just want to be me. The society we live within in is looks obsessed but it doesn’t mean that I have to be. I now like the fact that my hair is: odd, weird, freaky and dare I say… GINGER! Looking into the mirror, I now know that I am so worth it!”

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