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Alberto giacometti

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Alberto giacometti,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了阿尔贝托·贾科梅蒂。阿尔贝托·贾科梅蒂是20世纪重要的艺术家之一,创作了诸多具有普世意义的作品,他的艺术作品都源于他对人物形象的别样见解。在艺术创作中,贾科梅蒂严谨到近乎偏执的。在创作《无尽的巴黎》这系列作品时,虽然只是素描作品,但是他的这组作品街景、室内场景、人物组成等画面的准确度非常高,并且反复修改作品的名字。

Alberto Giacometti is one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His works of art are all derived from his different views on the image of characters. His sculptures are distinctive: solitary, thin, trembling and twisted. The painting is dark in color and often depicts relatives and friends. The sketch is free to touch. Given alberto? The significance of giacometti in the history of art in the 20th century has attracted much attention at home and abroad, but most of it focuses on the study of its style. In general people are accustomed to his artistic style can be divided into two parts and talk, namely, phases of surrealism and realism, but this is too general, the author intends to its artistic style evolution can be divided into four parts, this paper in order to leading toward the depths.

One of the most important artists of the 20th century, Alberto Giacometti, he wrote many works of universal significance. Its bullish sculptures in the auction market, such as "designator" was in May 2015 in the "look back" auction at Christie's New York prices dropping the hammer at $141 million, while set a new world auction record artist wins in the public eye again. The artistic style of giacometti's works is outstanding and contains profound spiritual significance. The influence of giacometti's circle of friends was subtle. Beckett, the philosopher Sartre, the writer jean valjean? As the elite of the French literary and art circles at that time, the infiltration and exchange of their ideas can be said to be of positive significance.

In the middle of the 20th century, giacometti worked with the dramatist Samuel Johnson. Beckett is close to each other. It can be said that giacometti's sculpture is closely related to Samuel beckett's. Beckett plays hand in photograph reflect, such as in the drama "waiting for godot", giacometti as it produced a performance of the human survival dugu tree, modelling is simple, it is working with Samuel? Beckett's artistic ideas are similar. In fact in many giacometti sculpture, he has tried to build an open and limited space, such as the works "cage" series, this kind of miniature dramatic scenery in giacometti's work, are more common in both in drawing and sculpture.

In artistic creation, giacometti is very rigorous and almost paranoid. For example, in the endless Paris this series works, even if it is just a sketch works, but his this piece, the street, the accuracy of indoor scene, the character of the picture is very high, the artist for the accuracy of the paranoid also reflected on the picture naming, such as "from the tiresian cafe window's crossroads o clock" "from Pasteur avenue on the bridge to see the Eiffel Tower" repeated modifications.

Philosopher Sartre and writer jean valjean? Hot within a period of time and giacometti were close, two people to comment on his art is mostly the same, that giacometti's works filled with existential problems such as loneliness, distance, distance perspective. Sartre's articles on giacometti, published in the journal modern in 1948 and 1954, and jean? Genet's first article, "giacometti's studio: genie's art," which was published in a large exhibition at the marge gallery in 1957, shows their intersection with giacometti over a period of time. Sartre in "giacometti's painting" middle way: "giacometti's each work is created for itself a small local vacuum, however, those sculptures of the slender, as our names and our shadow, is a part of our own, is not enough to constitute a complete world. This is the so-called 'nothingness', which is the universal distance between everything in the world. For example, a street is empty and empty, bathed in sunshine, suddenly, a person appears in this lonely space, nihilism also do so. As Sartre puts it in the pursuit of the absolute: "giacometti knows that there is no superfluous thing in a living person because all human organs have their own functions. He understood that space was like a tumor destroying life, it would swallow everything up. For him, sculpture is about trimming excess from space, making it highly refined and extracting essence from its entire form. It can be seen that Sartre and giacometti have a resonance in their thoughts. By adjusting the figure, giacometti makes the scale extreme and captures the seemingly impossible reality. As jean? Hot inside the studio of giacometti: heat theory in art in this evaluation giacometti: "I think, the beauty of giacometti sculpture, stays at the most distant distance and unstoppable in the back and forth between the most familiar kind: therefore, we can say that these sculptures always in motion... His art is the art of the high vagabond, so pure that his art can be unified by a lonely understanding of all who exist and what exists. As can be seen from the above comments, whether it is Samuel Johnson, a dramatist, Beckett, philosopher Sartre, or writer jean valjean? As a close friend of giacometti's art circle and as a friend of his uncle's generation, the exchange of ideas between them is bound to be reflected in giacometti's own artistic style.

As a new impressionist, Giovanni Mr. Giacometti's eldest son, the symbolist painter quno Amelia's godson, so to speak, alberto Giacometti's artistic path was greatly influenced by them. Born into an artistic family, his artistic style is naturally influenced, especially by his father. Giacometti's artistic career first began with the late works of the new impressionism. His father is a famous new impressionist painter, he is mainly using divisionism point color separation method, although its familiar with cubism and futurism shaping and popular Zurich dada liberals' activities, these deep imprint all affect the young period of alberto Giacometti's painting. Young alberto Giacometti has completed a number of valley landscape and figure paintings. Alberto's family in 1906 of the Swiss Italian area's life, although there is a small town, away from the major art center at the time, but a lot of important Swiss artists often come here together, such as symbolism style on behalf of Mr Le, and his godfather cuno fauvism style tendency? Amy. Except in oil painting, Alberto Giacometti has also made impressive achievements in sculpture. In sculpture, the young giacometti was first trained in relative tradition, influenced by naturalistic style, and then inspired by rodin's works of art. His interest in primitive art was reflected in his second exhibition at the tully salon, women in the spoon and lovers. In 1922, giacometti joined Antoine DE antwan at the grand thatched college in Paris. Budell studied further, from which giacometti learned the ultimate abstract modeling concept, but at this time he did not give up the representational way of representativeness, but tried to form a fusion among various styles. Then Paris is the undisputed world art capital, talent, the competition is intense, these have burnish his confidence in Stan period, and began to doubt his own artistic expression. Is it with Andre? "Around 1925 or so, I began to realize that I couldn't create an oil painting or a sculpture based on what my glasses saw, and I had to give up realism," parino says in the conversation. So for the next ten years, I stayed away from reality and wrote from memory. Perhaps this rethinking of his artistic concept is very important for his future artistic path, leading him to the next stage of artistic thinking.

Around 1935, when giacometti became increasingly estranged from surrealist art, he refocused on models and began a series of works. The first models to be chosen were his brother diego as the morning model and the afternoon young professional model rita. At the beginning of the giacometti into realism creation, also is his early 20 s way of creation, mainly reshape "head", he thinks again for realistic pursuit is trying to break through the past art bottleneck comes in.

Reinhold "Giacometti's genius," hall wrote, "is to transform the perspective of painting into three-dimensional sculpture." However, giacometti believes that the distance between the artist's glasses and the model should influence the size of the sculpture. In 1939, giacometti's sculptures, often small in size, were inspired by what he saw one day from the distance of his own model, rita. He believed that artists should be loyal to their own perception to create, not from the so-called real proportion. "When I was working with models, I made a lot of miniatures, they were three centimeters high," he said. I am not intentionally, I don't know what's going on before, always doing great at the beginning, but finally the finished product is small, and only a miniature sculpture made me feel real, then I will know that only one person walked away, small, we can see all of his." For example, the walking man, the thin, lonely and shambling sculpture is his most classic style. About his works thin characteristics of giacometti's way: "I figure sculpture or become more and more slender, reason is very simple, when you are moving closer to an object, the less the overall proportions of the sight."

Giacometti's existence in the art world at that time was special, and his techniques were quite different from those of most of his contemporaries. He can usually grasp the most essential features of a model, which is not realistic but easy to recognize. Through a series of works presented by him, it can be seen that his techniques of expression are far from those of classical realization.

The success of artists is closely related to the cooperation of art intermediaries, including giacometti. After 1951, mag gallery in Paris in 1954, the second for giacometti, content increases the artist's paintings in this exhibition, the exhibition works not only has fine thin statue, in painting also show its unique style, in a sense the exhibition again strengthen the art status of giacometti. From an artistic point of view, it can be said that in the years from 1954 to 1966 before his death, giacometti paid more attention to the echo of the main body and the space behind the picture in the processing. As far as painting is concerned, compared with early painting, the visual distance between the audience and the characters in the picture is further shortened. The characters seem to be wrapped in the painting, presenting a blurred and blurred visual feeling. In the performance of the characters and picture space, he is often expressed with a fuzzy color block. A bust from 1953 onwards, with a large base but a very small head. This artistic technique has been widely used in other works of the same period. The seemingly incongruous proportions of hands, feet and heads are his challenge to the traditional expressive techniques of academic school.

From the 1940s to the 1960s, the brushwork traces in a large number of giacometti's paintings also changed. Especially in the works of the late 1940s, we can find that most of the painting patterns are interwoven with focus lines to express the relationship between people and their space. But from 1954-1966, the works of this period more artists to apply stroke trace, instead of the late 40 s to a large number of crisscross lines to express the inner structure of the space, screen space more appear mildew acerbity and uncertain condition. Late, in general, his paintings, mostly focus on depicting local, especially in the face, and for the other space is caocao daub, and pay attention to the problem of distance of earlier work alienation of sensitive, expression and space compared to the picture, he pay more attention to the grasp of the object at this time, and this in the artistic technique of expression and artistic style of a series of changes, is conceived in the change of realism.

It can be said that giacometti is a highly accomplished and productive artist both in painting and sculpture. Giacometti compared the world to "a has numerous facade of crystal", and this is his insistence on art concept: in a different location, different point of view, see the mirror is very different. To sum up, this paper briefly analyzes the main friendship circle and artistic style transformation of giacometti and tries to arouse the academic circle's attention to the artist giacometti again.


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