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Chinese and western film culture

2019-11-08 来源: 51Due教员组 类别: Paper范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Chinese and western film culture,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了中西方电影文化。中西方电影文化有着很大的不同,西方的文化宣扬人生具有“原罪”, 人一旦来到人世间,就要不断地摆脱自身的束缚和挣扎,因此,西方的文化作品中充满了斗争、痛苦和呐喊,他们的电影热烈而又奔放。但是,东方电影美学与此截然相反,东方电影更多的是人与自然的契合,讲求顺应自然,天人合一的境界。体现宇宙之博大、生命之奥妙。

Culture is a way to reflect different civilizations. Through the understanding of culture, collision and friction, culture can be further developed. Film is a summary of different cultures into film and television language on the screen, so through film, we can see many similarities and differences between Chinese and foreign cultures.

As different countries use different languages to communicate, it is shown on the film screen to show a cultural difference. The Chinese way of expression is mostly unity and wholeness, even expressed as a kind of artistic conception and sublimation, while the western way of expression is more logical and pays more attention to details.

As for the expression of love, in my father and mother directed by zhang yimou, the love between parents is implicit. Through soothing shots and warm colors, the film expresses the happiness and good feelings of the parents' generation. Warm colors appear on the screen, giving the audience a warm and tranquil feeling. It is the same kind of implicit and reserved expression, which is also incisively and vividly illustrated in love letters by the famous Japanese film master junji iwai. A girl spent a year looking for a boy who had a crush on her, and all she got was a chance encounter. But for the western audience, they do not understand this "exquisite dice Ann red beans, acacia know not to know" missing. In contrast, in the Italian film "a beautiful life", the male protagonist's love pursuit for the heroine is passionate and strong. He directly expressed his inner thoughts to the heroine, which were bold and exaggerated. If the male hero's confession into the eastern film, but the lack of a subtle Oriental beauty.

There are also some differences in the use of camera language between China and the west. To orson Welles's citizen Kane, for example, the director with the depth of field lens focus on the screen, the audience in the foreground, is parents and brokers to discuss small Kane scenarios, and deep in the picture, the small Kane carefree to play, unaware what is going to happen to us, the depth of field lens can't help pull the audience the line of sight into the among them, the objective lens to express inner feelings. In Chinese film lens language, the use of lens is mostly simple and soft. Director wong kar-wai's in the mood for love, for example, a scene as mo-wan and was in a cafe scene, the director with the phonograph this old thing foil atmosphere, lens slowly expressions on the faces of the hero and heroine in the switch, and penetration to hand features, performance so calm a mood, two people in such an atmosphere, with the image of a dignified and elegant, in accordance with Chinese classic beauty temperament.

In the western concept, individual consciousness and independent personality are emphasized, and happiness is realized by individual struggle. In Chinese people's consciousness, collectivism is more important than individualism. The traditional Chinese culture conveys a concept that "all men are brothers in the four seas" stresses mutual help between people, especially in the face of difficulties, working together is often more effective than working alone. This is also deeply reflected in Chinese and western film cultures.

In the Italian film the pursuit of happyness, the director did not deliberately express the American mainstream cultural values, but reflected the objective reality through the struggle experience of a hero in the macro background. In western values of independence, independence and respect for others, caused by the protagonist Ghana the unpleasant job family was poor, his wife finally leave the broken families, and the hero always didn't stop the choice of his wife, he knew that it was his duty to his wife, when his son asked him, "why mom left us, his brave to assume all," this is my wrong, don't blame mother "this is responsibility for children, young and small mind is to protect children. Although life in Ghana is not always satisfactory, he always has an optimistic attitude towards life. It tells us to be happy and to get from the process of hard work.

In China, parents always give more help and care to their children, instilling the idea of solidarity and mutual help and the sense of collective support. The red theme of the two films "the founding of an army" and "Wolf warrior 2" can be said to be different expressions of the same theme, "the founding of an army" more reflect the collective consciousness, soldiers listen to the command of the party, obey orders. In the battle of sanheba, zhu DE led the army to cover the retreat of our troops, in order to retain the strength of the large forces, hold on to the sanheba, to buy more time for the collective. Wu jing's Wolf warrior 2 has the courage to break new ground and blend Chinese and western culture. The film tells the story of leng feng, the protagonist, who rushes into the occupied area alone, rescues his compatriots and refugees, launches a life and death escape, and finally sublimates to a kind of heroism at the national level. As for heroism, it is easy to understand in foreign films, but it has also aroused a series of doubts in China. It shows that China and the west have different cultural background and values, and this deep-rooted cultural influence makes the audience have different attitudes towards Chinese and western films.

There are also great differences in the production of Chinese and western films. For foreign audiences, watching Hollywood blockbusters with compact plots and magnificent scenes will attract their eyes more. On the other hand, Chinese culture has a long history. Without understanding Chinese culture, many foreign audiences will not understand or even watch it. It will take some time for Chinese films to make a breakthrough. This is not only the film technology, but also how to understand the differences between different cultures and how to adapt a wider audience to different cultures in a more reasonable way. In this respect, ang lee's crouching tiger, hidden dragon is quite outstanding. After living abroad for many years, ang lee has a deeper understanding of foreign film culture and lifestyle. Therefore, his works have a western style and a special Oriental emotion.

Foreign blockbusters such as "avatar" and "Titanic", which cost a lot of money, often appeal to audiences with a high level of artistry that allows them to understand the story without carefully studying the background. However, Chinese film production is mostly about social life, and there are very few films with high investment and special effects. Chinese culture is extensive and profound with a long history. In the film directed by zhang yimou, the traditional Chinese ink and wash colors are given full play. There are no other colors in the whole film, but the color of black, white and gray, so that the audience can feel the aesthetic conception of ancient Oriental times.

Western and eastern film cultures are very different. Western culture advocates that life has "original sin". Once people come into the world, they should constantly get rid of their shackles and struggle. However, Oriental film aesthetics is completely opposite to this, especially the film culture of Chinese and Japanese. Oriental film is more about the combination of man and nature, which emphasizes the integration of nature and man with nature. It reflects the vastness of the universe and the mystery of life. Through the comparison of different cultures, we can have a clearer understanding of the charm of different cultures, learn from each other, promote exchanges, and make the film culture develop towards a good situation.


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