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Improvisation in documentary creation

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Improvisation in documentary creation,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了纪录片创作中的即兴拍摄。在拍摄纪录片的过程中,经常会遇到一些突发事件,这个时候就需要及时拍摄需要记录的事件。但是这些都属于不确定的拍摄事件,也就是即兴拍摄。即兴拍摄的首要条件就是要看一个事件能不能引起观众的探索欲。这样的拍摄方式,它打破了以往依靠采访、写大纲等前期准备的纪录片的规范化模式,避免了纪录片所展示的都是前期准备的片段,向观众呈现了事件发生的真实环境和人物的情感态度。最大程度上在保障纪录片真实的情况下,增加了纪录片的观赏性与故事性,给观众不同的感受。

Authenticity is an iconic symbol of documentary, but that doesn't mean the content isn't influenced by the creators. In a documentary, not everything that happens to a character can be expected. In the face of emergencies, impromptu shooting by photographers is particularly important. No matter from the creation of documentary and the display of the storyline of documentary, shooting for emergencies is very important, but such impromptu shooting can be met but not sought. As long as it can be captured, it will be a very good plot to show the people and events filmed in the documentary. Impromptu shooting avoids the manipulation of the director, breaks through the closed form of communication, shows the audience the real scene environment and the expressions and mentality of the characters, spreads the multi-level meaning of things, and gives the audience more story-like information and room for independent thinking, thus satisfying the audience's participation psychology.

In the process of documentary shooting, we often encounter some emergencies. At this time, the photographer needs to turn on the camera in time to shoot the events that need to be recorded. But these are indeterminate shooting events, impromptu shooting. The first requirement of impromptu shooting is to see if an event can arouse the audience's desire to explore. With such an idea, the cameraman will shoot the incident, and then can capture the development of the story, the process of the event, so that the documentary has a chance to show "exciting and good".

In this way, it breaks the previous standardized mode of documentaries that rely on interviews, outline writing and other pre-preparation, and avoids the documentary showing only pre-preparation clips, presenting to the audience the real environment of the event and the emotional attitude of the characters. While guaranteeing the authenticity of documentaries to the greatest extent, it increases the viewing and story value of documentaries and gives audiences different feelings.

Impromptu shooting often takes the form of snapshot and snap shooting. It is impossible to carry out artificial processing and preliminary preparation. It simply depends on the photographer's prediction of the development of things and the level of his photography skills to determine the level of impromptu shooting. This is not only natural and real, but also speeds up the shooting rhythm. When we were working on 'the ferry to life,' we were always shooting 'without downtime,' and even then, it wasn't easy to get good story lines and details. After a lot of shooting, we finally realized that we should try our best to design the best pictures, no matter what we expected. So in the later stages of shooting, we paid special attention to emergencies and made some simple designs to make the picture look better.

Only on the basis of mastering the skill of lens shooting, can we shoot the rhythm of the lens. At the same time, it also avoids that what the documentary shows is all the pictures predicted by the director and gives the audience a sense of surprise. It shows the inner feelings of the characters in the real environment. While guaranteeing the authenticity of documentaries to the greatest extent, it increases the viewing and story value of documentaries and gives audiences different feelings.

First of all, the photographer is required to shoot at all times in the boot state, and to have the ability to accurately predict and sensitive perception ability. Secondly, the level of improvisation depends on the level of thought and professionalism of the photographer, otherwise all the wonderful details in the story will be ignored and disappear.

When shooting the documentary "life shuttle people", the impromptu shooting that impressed me deeply was an emergency. The hero Chen jian was chatting with his friend shanshan in the car, when shanshan suddenly rolled down the window to walk the dog on the roadside but shouted to the person who did not have a tow rope. Shanshan's behavior triggered Chen jian's dissatisfaction. The two men had a bitter quarrel over whether they should meddle in the matter. In this process, due to our anticipation ability is not enough, did not make it a complete shot down, but after we later thinking, find the hidden Chen Jian view also has a story, he said in the interview, once he is so "meddling", thriving shanshan is like a few years ago and now love Chen Jian, Chen Jian don't like yourself at that time, also think shanshan behavior like a fool. This unexpected event was originally a very representative segment to show the heart of the character and the story behind the character. However, due to the failure of our prediction, the material of this segment was missing, which made us regret.

There are many emergencies in our documentary shooting, but not all emergencies are filmed. How to choose and reject the emergencies and whether the shooting is successful is a variety of situations.

Let's talk about successful cases. In the last follow-up shooting, Chen jian suddenly received a text message in the car, the content is a stranger asked him to go to high-tech zone to pick up a rescued stray dog. He was angry because he didn't know who had revealed his contact information. Later, he knew Chen ma, a volunteer for many years, who called him. It turned out that Chen ma had given him his contact information. < / p > < p > Chen ma and Chen jian on the dog on the matter of discussion, Chen ma said the money can be spread, but Chen jian believes that everyone can do to pick up the dog, obviously he has his own things to do, not necessarily to pick up the dog. This incident was completely filmed by us. Chen jian in the film is not a dog lover who dedicates everything to his pet like the "holy father" in people's mind. In real life, pet rescue volunteers are more ordinary people like Chen jian. They also need to make money for their food, clothing, shelter and transportation. Their love is just more responsible than ordinary people. This segment fully shows the inner thoughts of the protagonist to the audience, presenting a dog lover who is different from the imagination.

There are many such impromptu shooting, added in the film to give people more different feelings.

The application of impromptu shooting breaks through the traditional mode of documentary composition, modeling and lighting treatment, maintains the authenticity and sense of scene that the documentary should show, and makes the audience and the work have an artificial sense of distance and disappear. If you want to improvise, the most important thing is to have a deep understanding of the subject matter of the piece and always be on. As long as you are in the scene of this story, you can't relax for a while and get excited about this creative nerve.

Emergencies are not available, which requires the director and cameraman to keep their ears, eyes, hands, feet and camera working in the following shooting. In an emergency, the photographer has the flexibility to capture the subject, the company, the foreground, the background and the surroundings, and seize the moment to determine the location and Angle of the shot. This captures the most expressive moment in the story. This comprehensive response ability can not be achieved in a short time, which requires the accumulation of experience in shooting emergencies and depends on the accumulation of long-term shooting experience.


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