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American style of business negotiation

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 --American style of business negotiation,文章描述这是一篇商科的paper范文,探讨了美国人的商务谈判风格。商务谈判是社会经济活动的一项重要内容,而谈判风格一般指在习惯化的谈判方式中所表现出的一些稳定的谈判行为特征。由于美国人的法律意识非常强,所以他们认为在商务谈判中最公正、最妥善的解决办法就是依靠法律,依靠合同。美国人也从不掩饰自己对物质利益的追求,在商务谈判中也经常直奔物质利益这一实质性问题。


As a product of commodity economy, business negotiation is an important means for enterprises and individuals to conduct economic and trade activities. The United States is one of the most economically and technologically advanced countries in the world, a common adversary in international business negotiations, and a major trading partner and partner of our country. This paper summarizes the style of American businessmen's negotiation and provides a basis for China to adopt corresponding strategies in the negotiation.


商务谈判作为商品经济的产物,是企业和个人开展经贸活动的重要手段。美国是世界上经济和技术最先进的国家之一,是国际商业谈判的共同对手,也是我国的主要贸易伙伴和伙伴。 本文总结了美国商人谈判的风格,为中国在谈判中采取相应的策略提供了依据。


Business negotiation is an important part of social and economic activities. The modern information society has promoted the coming of the era of economic globalization. The world is a big negotiating table. The style of negotiation generally refers to some stable negotiating behavior characteristics in the customary negotiation, which reflects the attitude, values and personality of the negotiators.


商务谈判是社会和经济活动的重要组成部分。现代信息社会促进了经济全球化时代的到来。 世界是一个很大的谈判桌。谈判方式一般是指习惯谈判中一些稳定的谈判行为特征,反映了谈判者的态度,价值观和人格。


Americans are an extrovert. Most of their happiness and sorrow are expressed through their words and actions. Direct means respect for the other party's performance, direct means of negotiating with Americans, and express "yes" and "no" clearly. Americans want negotiators of the attitude of sincere seriously, even if both sides is flushed they wouldn't mind, even their own responsibility, also do not use "you" or "all good to discuss" languages. Americans value time and live at a faster pace. They believe that being able to accomplish tasks efficiently and well is a sign of competence. The amount of time it takes to complete a task has nothing to do with the weight of the task. They will enter into the subject matter directly in the negotiation, come to the point, the quotation and the specific conditions proposed are also more objective, less water. Americans are not used to the Chinese making substantive demands with subtle hints in negotiations. They often bemoan the loss of excellent trading opportunities for us manufacturers who are not good at savoring Chinese cues. The modesty, patience and restraint of the Oriental people may be regarded as hypocrisy, politeness and gimmicks by Americans.


The United States is a country with a high degree of legal system. An average of 450 Americans have a lawyer, which is directly related to Americans' habit of using the law to settle disputes. Americans believe that the most important thing in a transaction is the economic interest, which is often the ultimate goal. In order to ensure their own interests, the most just and proper solution is to rely on the law and contract. In case of any accident between the parties in the execution of the terms of the contract, it shall be handled in accordance with the terms of liability agreed by both parties in advance. They think that a business contract is a business contract and a friend is a friend. No matter how good the personal relationship is, even the relationship between father and son is absolutely clear in terms of economic interests. Americans think more about the practical benefits of doing business than about the personal relationships between business people. Americans never hide their pursuit of material interests, and show "pleasant talk" in business negotiations. They even go straight to the substantive issue of material interests. They are good at talking long, showing their sharp edges and constantly expressing their views in pursuit of material practical benefits. Although they pay attention to practical benefits, they generally don't ask too much. They also argue that doing business requires both parties to make a profit, and that either party's proposal is fair and reasonable.

Americans have a sense of superiority and believe they are right about everything. The preferred way for Americans to negotiate is to clarify their positions, views and plans at the beginning of their engagement in order to gain initiative. Americans confidence in its products of superior quality, advanced technology has made no secret of praise, they will actively adopt various means of publicity, make consumer or buyer's representative know where their goods to and is willing to pay a high price to buy. In their opinion, "big reward guest", "discount" and "buy two, get one free" are signs of lack of confidence in their own products, their own products are not too hard or do not know how to make money in business. The way Americans negotiate is often seen as arrogant and confident. They like others to do what they want and to be self-centered. Americans' confidence and arrogance is also reflected in their willingness to criticize and criticize others. When negotiations don't go their way, they often criticize or complain directly. When they think it's perfectly reasonable, they don't like to hear people say no, and they don't just want people to agree and agree on the spot. Of course they are not waiting for others to concessions, but actively to cast a variety of means, highlight your strengths so that opponents willingly accept their various conditions, negotiating the biggest success. The United States, because of its prominent position as an economic power, will also use a large amount of money in the negotiation program, showing great wealth. The negotiator pays more attention to the overall situation, is good at overall operation and financing, and likes to carry out a package deal in an overall balance. So-called "package" is mainly refers to the businessman when negotiating a project is not about his production or sales in isolation, but the project from the design, development, production, engineering and even introduce to sell the products of the project involves a series of measures, such as the image of the enterprise credibility, quality, power and public relations situation, etc., finally reached a package deal.




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