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The influence of Christianity on western culture

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The influence of Christianity on western culture,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了基督教对西方文化的影响。许多学者认为,如果没有基督教,整个西方文化都会没落,而这意味着基督教在他们的社会生活中起着重要的作用。基督教主张所有的人都是自由的。西方国家重视个人主义,认为它是他们的权利和信仰。同时,基督教致力于帮助穷人,因此它的信徒总是愿意献身于慈善事业。世界上最著名的科基督教改变了西方人民的社会生活,并将在日常生活的各个方面影响着他们。

Christianity, Buddhism and Islam are the three major religions in the world. As the source of western culture, Christianity has the largest number of believers in the world. Since the birth of Christianity, it has affected all aspects of western society. This paper analyzes the influence of Christianity on western culture from politics, literature and social life, so as to help us understand western culture better and more comprehensively.

Christianity originated from Judaism in Palestine in the first century AD. In 3 AD, the Romans conquered Palestine and brutally suppressed the jews. As a result, the jews revolted many times. However, they never succeeded. Therefore, the jews put their hope in their religious belief, and they prayed for the savior to help them out of their pain. It was said that there was a secret religion among the lower jews, and that its adherents, the messiah, would come to save them. This is the origin of Christianity.

Early Christians were almost all slaves and believed that Jesus was the savior of all. According to Christians, Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead to save people from sin. In 313, Constantinople issued the famous "pardon of milan", which made Christianity a legal religion. In 392, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire and gradually became the spiritual pillar of the feudal society dominated by Europe in the middle ages.

Like Judaism and Islam, Christianity is the abrahamic religion. It is well known that Christianity originated from a jewish sect in the eastern Mediterranean. In a matter of decades, its adherents and influence have grown rapidly. During the middle ages, much of Europe was christianized, with Christians mainly in the Middle East, north Africa and India. With the passage of time, Christianity spread to the Americas and the world through preaching and colonization.

"Bible" is the most important classic of Christianity, in the minds of Christians, "bible" has the supreme authority, is the only principle of their faith and life. The bible includes the old testament and the new testament, and Christians call the old testament the covenant. Christianity is taught as follows. Genesis says that god created the universe and everything on earth. He was omnipotent, omnipotent, kind, intelligent, and loving. "Original sin" says that people are sinful at birth because their ancestors Adam and eve disobeyed god's command and ate the forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden. Therefore, humans must believe on Jesus in order to achieve immortality after death. Heaven and hell say that if a man believes in god after his birth, his soul can go to heaven after his death, otherwise, he will go to hell.

Religion and politics influence and depend on each other. Religion is a social ideology and a part of the superstructure. As the mainstream ideology of western civilization, Christianity leads the development and process of western civilization and has a special influence on the politics of western countries. As the main thought of Christianity, the bible is the source of power and belief, which influences the human rights and democracy, national outlook, dual political outlook and dual power system in western countries.

The important Christian creed that all men are equal before the law has been at the beginning of the constitution. In 1848, the French constitution wrote that everyone was free, equal and charitable. In the United States, the Christian concept is even more evident in the declaration of independence: "all men are created equal, and they receive some divine power from god, including life, liberty, and happiness." The influence of Christianity on western countries has contributed to the strong political and economic strength of western countries.

Literary creation is a consciousness activity controlled and restricted by the world view. The old and new testaments are the most important works of Christianity, and they have long influenced western literature. Many outstanding writers have created their masterpieces according to the bible.

When Christianity prevailed in the middle ages, people worshipped god and Jesus, which was a popular trend and craze. Under the worship of warriors, a typical warrior not only advocates truth, reputation and freedom, but also advocates pure love. Thus, samurai love became the most popular subject in medieval literature. For example, Geoffrey Chaucer's poem "the young man." What's more, many writers have produced excellent works by directly quoting biblical materials. For example, the famous English poet Milton in the 17th century created the famous epic paradise lost based on the book of genesis. Milton's other popular works, such as Samson lux and paradise regained, are full of Christian overtones.

Engels called Dante the last poet of the middle ages and the first poet of the new century, because his masterpiece the divine comedy has always been the spiritual food of people in western countries. On the surface, the poem describes Dante's journey through hell, purgatory and heaven; But on a deeper level, it symbolizes the conversion of the soul to god. On this deeper level, Dante draws upon medieval Christian theology and philosophy, particularly the philosophy of Thomas and the supreme theology of Thomas Aquinas.

Thus, early literary works are full of Christian color. In addition to the above works, we can also see glimpses of Christianity in augustine's city of god, Tolstoy's resurrection, Nathaniel hawthorne's scarlet letter and Thomas Eliot's wasteland.

Many scholars believe that without Christianity, the whole western culture would decline, which means that Christianity plays an important role in their social life. When they were born, they had to go to church to be baptized, because after baptism they became the sons of god. After death, their SINS could be forgiven by god and sent to heaven. So they went to church every weekend to hear a sermon.

As we all know, Christianity holds that all men are free. Western countries value individualism as their right and belief. At the same time, Christianity is dedicated to helping the poor, so its followers are always willing to devote themselves to charity. The bible says you should love people like yourself, which shows the spirit of universal love. Einstein, the most famous scientist in the world, said that religion without science is aimless, and science with religion cannot go on. It can be said that Christianity is the mainstream of western countries.

The first school in the west was built to train religious clergy and to work for the church. In 1200, most of the schools were religious institutions with special privileges granted by the Pope. Even professors who teach in schools are ministers. For example, Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, the university of valencia in Spain and Heidelberg in Germany. In addition, many western festivals are associated with Christianity, such as Christmas. In the west, people celebrate Christmas as their New Year, and they go to church and sing like the virgin Mary and the messiah. In western countries, Easter is also an important holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Christ from the dead. According to the old testament, Jesus Christ was betrayed by his disciple judas and then crucified by Roman soldiers. Before he died, he said he would come back to life in three days. Jesus Christ rose after three days as expected. Therefore, Easter represents rebirth and hope.

In short, Christianity has changed the social life of people in the west and will affect them in every aspect of their daily life.

Christian culture is an important part of western culture. As a form of culture, it is full of brilliant ideas. An understanding of Christianity and its role in the world is necessary to help us fully understand Christian culture and its influence. In addition, Christian culture can help us have a deeper understanding of western countries. To sum up, Christianity was rooted in western countries and had a profound influence on western politics, literature, language and social life.


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