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The means of expression of the art of painting

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The means of expression of the art of painting,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了绘画艺术的表现手段。绘画除了具有再现具体物象的特性外,同时还潜藏着抽象性。无论是主流意识形态,还是多元化方向探索的前卫艺术,任何形式和手段都已被合理化,任何工具和材料都可以用来试验,任何观念和立场均可付诸艺术实践。追溯绘画历史的变迁,我们不难看出,科学进步的每一次推进,都会对艺术产生新的突破,绘画作为一种表现手段被赋予了丰富的内容。

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Art, as a code hidden in human genes, as a way of life and way of life, is spiritual in nature. Artistic symbols involve painting, sculpture, photography, handicraft production, etc., and express the artist's creation theme and aesthetic value experience through the visual communication of material media.

Since the emergence of self-consciousness, the relationship between man and nature has changed fundamentally. Man and nature began to have a close and complex relationship. In the sense of genesis, the original "self-consciousness" of human beings is the chaos of various embryonic forms of consciousness that human beings later have. The gradual perfection of human organs and organisms, the development of psychological functions and the formation of human social relations are the basic conditions for the occurrence of art.

The emergence of painting is first based on the utilitarian needs of primitive people, and then it is possible to go beyond the practical and aesthetic. Rock painting is the first peak of prehistoric art. The paintings rarely depict people, and if they do, they are "mysterious" figures with masks and makeup. During this period, the primitive ancestors drew rock paintings as a kind of witchcraft activity to express their understanding and feelings in production and life, and rock paintings were used to meet their certain aesthetic needs. Therefore, the occurrence of prehistoric art may be derived from primitive people's psychological fear, awe and perceptual cognition of all things in the ancient world in the process of evolution and growth. If we say that the growth process of human consciousness is the source of all behavior creation, then the "crisis cognition and experience" of human survival and reproduction is also the fundamental driving force of primitive human spirit creation.

The connotation of the mental world in symbols refers to the complex psychology of human spirit reflected in the image of symbols. It includes unconscious reactions, momentary mental activity, mystical states of extreme passion, morbid psychology and dream consciousness. It is not limited by time and space, it does not pay attention to the form, but in the mind. This reminds me of van gogh's art, the painting with neurotic and laissez-faire atmosphere, which flows and sways freely under extremely indulgent conditions, giving people a kind of dislocation of movement and harmonious melody. He expresses another splendid world of symbols. In the process of artistic creation, specific artistic symbols must be assimilated by the psychological ability of the creative subject and become the most basic means and media to express their meaning.

In addition to the characteristic of reproducing concrete images, painting also contains a characteristic that is contrary to the obvious representativeness: the abstraction of painting. Therefore, the emergence of photography has renewed the existing attributes of painting. In 1839, daguerre, a Frenchman, announced the result of his photographic invention, which caused consternation among some painters of the time. An artist once sighed gloomily: "from now on, painting is dead!" But nearly a century and a half later, the result? Painting not only did not die, but flourished. Painting photography can not replace, because paint and conflict of different photography, painting is not the real object as the fundamental purpose of pursuit, but relatively abstract and explicit notation and the combination of internal and vivid image rendering, or aesthetic imagery in artistic creation by the form of psychological experience to explicit symbol of transformation, is inseparable from the main body of the soul to create fundamentally, processing, weigh and consider. Art is a substitute for reality, not the purpose of painting. People see shrimp, crab is not difficult, why should the old man baishi pen those "fake" "substitute" praise? As for the people, horses and cows in guernica, they are even more "painted away", but they are still regarded as immortal works.

In the category of cultural consciousness, art is a symbol that expresses ideas with images. Dadaism, which emerged during the second world war, explains this concept. In their works, there is no visual beauty. As for individuality, style, value, aesthetics, elegance, vulgarity and other concepts, they all disappear, leaving nothing but nothingness. As is known to all, ingel's famous "fountain" is almost a model of aestheticism, and duchamp gave the same name to the "unsightly" urinal. Dadaists use whatever means they can to create within the scope of imagination. They remove the boundary between art and life, thereby defying authority. The rebellion of dadaism deeply influenced the development of some literary and artistic schools in the 20th century. Including surrealism, pop art and concept art.

With the development of history, painters and viewers have paid more and more attention to a value other than the specific objects in painting: the metaphorical nature of artistic expression. Since the 21st century, with the development of economic globalization, contemporary art has presented a situation of coexistence and integration of diversified art pattern and mainstream ideology. The open vision also influences the traditional creation consciousness of painting. Contemporary artist CAI guoqiang has always stressed that "art is fun". Blasting is the best way of expression of CAI guoqiang. Many of his works are in the form of blasting. "CAI has literally exploded the accepted standards of artistic creation of our time," said curator Thomas kerns. It is the combination of historical and cultural metaphors and creative art forms that makes up today's CAI guoqiang, who is neither a simple cultural symbol nor an artist who simply pursues fun.

Through the fog of traditional knowledge, we can find that any form and means have been rationalized, any tool and material can be used to experiment, and any idea and stand can be put into artistic practice. Tracing back to the changes in the history of painting, it is not difficult to see that each advance of scientific progress will produce new breakthroughs in art, and painting, as a means of expression, has been endowed with rich content.


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