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The Reuters

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The Reuters,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了路透社。路透社是著名的世界级通讯社,它的发展规模、经营利润在通讯社领域中都位于前列。路透社的产品一般可以分为信息产品、交易产品和媒介产品三个部分。信息产品包括影响市场行情的最新信息,这些信息对时效性的要求较高。此外,路透社还为用户提供不同渠道信息的电脑终端和通讯网络服务。交易产品指各类交易市场进行的关于股票、货币、黄金和期货等交易所需的技术支持。媒介产品是指路透社向大众媒体提供的文字、图片、电视新闻等产品。虽然此类产品在路透社的总收入中占比不到一成,但是路透社仍然通过创新,提高产品的质量和服务水准。

Reuters is now a world famous news agency, whose development scale and operating profit are among the top in the field of news agencies. Briefly study the product structure and management policy that it constantly adjusts in the Internet age, and adopt the development strategy that keeps pace with The Times, learn its successful experience.

Reuters products can be generally divided into information products, trading products and media products. Information products include the latest information that affects the market situation, such as the price, market development, etc., which requires high timeliness. In addition, Reuters also provides users with computer terminals and communication network services of different channels of information, including research and development, sales, on-site installation and other services. Trading products refer to the technical support required for the exchange of stocks, currencies, gold and futures in various trading markets. In the 1990s, Reuters had a world monopoly on such products. Media products refer to articles, pictures, television news and other products provided by Reuters to mass media. Although such products account for less than 10% of Reuters' total revenue, Reuters continues to improve the quality of its products and services through innovation.

Reuters business features

Attention to quality, to ensure the accuracy of news reports, Reuters control its content is an important part. The first article in the "editorial staff handbook" of Reuters indicates the priority of the accuracy of news information. Rapid, efficient and time-sensitive are the important reasons why Reuters stands out from other news agencies. Therefore, Reuters always takes the lead in improving its communication technology. It can be said that Reuters has made great efforts to grasp the authenticity of information content and timeliness of information, which is also one of the basis of building its brand. Accurate and fair, has become the core content of Reuters brand construction.

Providing economic news is a feature of the Reuters business, which is the world's traditional and largest provider of economic information and enjoys a certain status. According to published data, Reuters provides financial institutions with 90 percent of their revenue from economic information.

With the rapid popularity of the Internet and its increasingly significant role, Reuters has kept pace with The Times, constantly improving its management system, optimizing products and services, and formulating a series of effective business strategies to achieve long-term foothold and development of the company.

The news business and economic information collection and editing business of Reuters are all over the world. As a world-class news agency, Reuters has more than 10,000 employees. How to establish an efficient and optimized management system has been explored by Reuters on this road.

Establish two-way news production process system and attach importance to feedback mechanism. As for the acquisition and dissemination of information, Reuters developed the Reuters staff handbook with about 200,000 words in 1991. From the perspective of the horizontal process of news production, the basic steps include collection, processing, release and feedback. Reuters regards each production as an optimization process of feedback information, and each feedback provides the basis for improvement of the next production of news, which is an important means to ensure the quality of news.

Strengthen professional training and improve staff quality. Reuters has a rigorous vetting and training program for the introduction of talent. In order to improve the quality, Reuters streamline personnel on one hand, reduce unnecessary spending, on the other hand, give full play to the modern enterprise recruitment and drainage system, when the introduction of strict examination, the introduction of talent need to be proficient in English, to master at least one other foreign language, and to experience for more than two years after the club's training and internship before into a formal staff. Under the strict internship training, Reuters society provides senior leadership positions to young people with strong professional ability and quality, and promotes them to play a bigger role by enhancing their practical experience.

Establish a reasonable incentive system to improve employees' enthusiasm. Reuters regularly conducts internal reviews of editorial staff in accordance with quality standards in the news production process. In terms of punishment, Reuters focuses on the truthfulness of news reports. If the false content is fabricated, the employee will be fired. If some content is inaccurate, the employee's year-end bonus and promotion opportunities will be affected. In terms of rewards, employees who have done a good job will get an increase in salary and promotion opportunities. As an international position, they will also have the opportunity to be transferred to other regions after three years of service, and their benefits will also be improved.

Reuters was one of the first news agencies to use computers to run its business when it introduced the "stock guru" computer ticketing system in 1964 to relay stock prices across Europe. Since then, Reuters has been spending a lot of money each year on equipment upgrades, introducing state-of-the-art working equipment and keeping the hardware up to date.

At present, Reuters has a high-speed environment data network and integrated data network, and its channels of information transmission and feedback have been very smooth. In addition, it maintains information exchange and sharing links with government agencies and financial industries in many countries, and provides world-class information services through the Internet.

In 2014, Reuters launched "Reuters live online" video product to provide Internet users with live coverage of breaking news and other major news. Users can watch live news reports on three channels at the same time through the Internet to enhance their ability to independently choose and watch major events.

The arrival of the era of big data has given birth to many new ways of information dissemination. The visual dissemination of data news is the innovative form of big data in the field of news. Facing the numerous and complicated data news at present, Reuters does not make too much modification on visualization, but develops new products based on the value information of data news itself.

In early 2016, Reuters released a mobile game called Reuters White House Run, which allows users to simulate the U.S. presidential election process and enjoy a near-authentic immersive experience. By voting, users can compare their comments with public opinion.

Reuters is also at the forefront of media innovation. Recently, Reuters has launched an AI robot editing tool called Lynx Insight to help journalists find news information and integrate data collection. The robot has released some of the work of journalists and editors.

Although the operation mode and development concept of Reuters, a western news agency, have the characteristics of bourgeois news organizations and the typical characteristics of "media imperialism", its development strategy of keeping pace with The Times and constantly innovating in the Internet era is worth learning and drawing lessons from.


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