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Female consciousness in Indian films

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Female consciousness in Indian films,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了印度电影中的女性意识。电影作为一种浓缩的艺术形式,常常是一个国家民族文化的反映。在众多的印度电影中,《摔跤吧!爸爸》中的女性积极争取自己的平等权利,《神秘巨星》中的女性勇于反抗男性霸权,《厕所英雄》中的女性力图通过张扬女性意识而成为独立自主的个体。这三部印度电影中女性意识的觉醒和成长过程,正是女性主义运动发展历史进程的缩影。

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Since the rise of the feminist movement until now, has experienced three times, from the fight for women's equal rights in the society and the family as the main goal of the first wave, to the criticism of the second sex discrimination, against the male hegemony, and then to the third wave of the 1990 s, the focus of attention to give women the rights of the individual. The feminist movement has been committed to changing the shackles of traditional concepts on women, liberating their own thoughts and improving their social status. Li yinhe mentioned in feminism that "the tragic status of women is caused by the special society and culture. Therefore, the task of the women's movement is to challenge the existing order, change the existing order and improve the status of women". Different ethnic groups or classes, different cultural traditions and social environments have different oppression on women, so of course they will have different specific demands for rights and different paths for the emergence and development of female consciousness, but the ultimate goal is the same: to liberate women and fight for their own legitimate rights and interests. In order to better understand the development logic of the women's movement and provide a reference for contemporary women to find their own identity, this paper presents three representative Indian films of different stages: The wrestling! Dad, "the mysterious star" toilet hero "interpretation analysis, from the wrestling was forced to learn to take the initiative to require in the competition to be wrestling champion geeta, brave pursuit of music dream Yin Xiya, in her husband's oppression in resistance gemma, to" divorce "without toilet Gu Ye, they are all famous actress, in all sorts of difficulties and obstacles to choose self-help, change the situation of women waiting to be rescued, past the film actress transformation path is also alluding to the pursuit of the feminist movement and development path.

Wrestling, in India, was always considered a male sport. The movie dangal tells the story of a wrestler's father who instructs his two daughters to compete in a wrestling match. Father mahavia accidentally found her daughter's wrestling talent, he decided to train her daughter to learn wrestling, also put the dream of the world gold medal on her daughter. The two daughters refused at first, and they tried to be lazy, trying to resist their father's "authoritarian" behavior. Until they were at a classmate's wedding, listening to their 14-year-old companion talk about being forced to marry a strange old man and having to spend their whole life raising children and doing housework, they envied their chance to learn how to wrestle and change their lives. This dialogue to the sisters brought a great shock, understand the good intentions of his father, from then on began to concentrate on training, step by step on the national championship podium. From "daddy wants me to wrestle" to "let's wrestle! "Dad", they continue to learn from their father's nutrition, thrive, the film's last game with their own independent attitude to win the victory and applause, this is not only for her own, for the gold medal, but also for the dignity of millions of women in India.

Mary wall stone craft in his book "feminist defense" sharply criticized Rousseau enlightenment writer on women's issues, such as prejudice, Rousseau thinks that "women because physical inferior to men, so should be weak and passive, deduce that say women are born to please a man, obey the man, so her duty is to try to cater to her master, this is the greatness of her survival purposes". Rousseau may have expressed the true condition of most women in India. India is a traditional patriarchal society with a deep-rooted social concept of male superiority and female inferiority. Even today in the 21st century, a large number of women are still unable to enjoy the right to education, equal employment opportunities and even the most basic personal security. But this is exactly what wollstonecraft and Indian films are trying to refute and criticize, that men and women are essentially the same, that in the same thing, like wrestling, women and men have equal rights. Although the women's consciousness of the sisters was first born under the oppression of their father's "power", and their awakening was only limited to their efforts and resistance for their own plight, this was indeed the limitation of the first feminist movement. But the girls from the bottom to the growth and transformation of wrestling champion, have the courage to fight for their equal rights with men, and get the final victory, change as a fixed the tragic fate of women in India, gave must bound by traditional moral standard of Indian women bring to the hope of pursuing equality and freedom.

Betty friedan referred to in the "feminine mystique" after the second world war, as "the happy housewife" was guided into the millions of American women compete to follow and follow the ultimate aim in life, but behind this "happy housewife" is endless trouble and pain, the root cause is social and family the hegemony of gender discrimination against women and men. "A good wife, a mother, a woman who is willing to devote her life to the family" is the identification standard of women in Indian society, which is the same value orientation behind the "happy housewife" of American women. In India, where sexism is deeply rooted and male hegemony is ubiquitous, women are born with a stigma, being inferior to men and persecuted by the patriarchal society. However, throughout the history of feminist movements and the construction of female identity in films, almost all started from resistance, especially the women in the wave of the second feminist movement. Compared the wrestling! Dad, two daughters of women are passive awakening of consciousness, is the father's push to complete under the "force", "mysterious star of the film, Yin Xiya and mother gemma's female consciousness is also born spontaneously, they are active rebelled against forced upon their gender discrimination and the male hegemony.

Indian girl Yin xiya has been loving music since she was a child. However, her powerful father tries his best to prevent her from realizing her dream of becoming a superstar. Nevertheless, she is still positive and optimistic to face and fight against the discrimination and male hegemony hidden in her life. Secretly on the Internet to release their own masked singing video, overnight fame; Encouraging mothers to leave abusive fathers; Check in alone and ask a man who occupies his seat to get his window seat back. Her self-consciousness awakening is thorough, is from the heart, from the inside out. Her mother nagima finally dared to divorce her husband at the airport, which was partly influenced by her. Nagima is a generation oppressed by sexism and male hegemony. She evaded her husband and secretly gave birth to her daughter Yin xiya. For the sake of the family and children, quietly put up with her husband's domestic violence. It is Yin xiya's persistence that makes her hidden consciousness revive again. She divorces her husband and takes her daughter away to become a female warrior who defends her daughter's dream and bravely fights against male power. Yin xiya and nagima both express challenges to the tradition with their different personalities and ways, and interpret the growing process of female consciousness. Yin Xiya himself has been not only struggle with all kinds of sex discrimination, the male hegemony, still trying to pass their own power to influence and change the mother, makes the mother gemma, recognizing the oppression of the patriarchal society, and finally in the endure oppression of male hegemony and resist, this is a big step in the female consciousness development. Betty friedan in the last chapter "the feminine mystique" in the "new women", for all the American women indicate an out and out of unknown problems, find new way: women should have their own pursuit, don't give up his dream because of marriage and family, but also to use their wisdom to pursue a career is suitable for their own development, actively integrate into society. It is also a way for nagima and Yin xiya to fight against male hegemony and run away from home.

Under the influence of the third wave of the feminist movement, women to recognize and learn to "gradually eliminate hidden behind the mass thinking habit of the deep cultural chains, to carry forward from the thought and way of life is the patriarchal obscured his value", the women themselves as independent individuals and emphasis on women and men is the subjectivity of the self, as women's subject consciousness also got more full display. Toilet hero focuses on the topic of toilet, which has always been considered "taboo" by the Indian people, and integrates it into the life story of modern women, thus opening a new chapter of feminist movement in a new historical period.

The film revolves around the story of newly married wife jaye, who asks for a divorce after discovering that her husband keshav's house does not have a toilet. Jaye was born into an open-minded family, received high education, and has a strong sense of independence. She wears short-sleeved jeans, rides the men's bicycle, in the campus and the companions talk happily, severely teaches the road flirts the female the rascal, maintains own image right, courageously pursues own love... On the night of her marriage, she was told that her husband did not have a toilet at home. She had to go to the field with the women of the village at four in the morning to go to the toilet. Outdoor toilet, not only inconvenient, there are great safety risks, and this is a great discrimination against women. Jaye resolutely chose to go back to his mother's home, while living his life in the original way, while learning about the construction of toilets in Indian society through various ways, to strive for the construction of public toilets in rural areas. Divorce in the Indian society is extremely rare, from kay era, his mother and grandma and criticism of numerous women, Jia Ye outbursts, excited to the number of columns Indian women in the society of the injustice and bondage, reprimand angrily unconscious resistance, don't know for their rights struggles, just according to the regulations of the people's way of life of women. Jaye's dedication eventually moved keshav and awakened the sleeping women. Khashav kept running, asking the government to build toilets, and women began to learn to rebel against the traditional patriarchy. At the end of the film, a latrine is built at keshav's home, and the Indian government has launched a nationwide plan to build public toilets.

"Toilet hero" this life trivia is focused on building the toilet, but its related to women's rights, religion, marriage, traditional culture and other subject of modern life, it is to show the audience the new era of women in the rapid development of society is how to stick to their own rights and interests, persistent pursuit of themselves as independent individuals have rights. This is also the development trend of feminism. Women in the new era have a new understanding of their own identity, status and value, pursue the self-confidence and pride of women as individuals in society, emphasize the responsibility of each individual, and establish the awareness that individuals live independently in society.

Simon DE beauvoir, an outstanding representative of French feminism, once said in his book the second sex that "women are not born, but made". In modern Indian society, the tradition of male superiority is still deeply rooted. Traditional Indian culture requires women with the idea of "no self", which leads to a serious lack of self-consciousness of women, which leads to women passively accepting the shackles of all traditions, refusing to change or even denying the possibility of change in the world. Female has always been the focus of film directors, and female theme is a major theme in film creation. However, film is often a reflection of national culture, which not only reflects the social reality, but also provides imaginative solutions to the real dilemma and provides reference direction for the real social improvement. Through these three Indian films with strong feminist features, we can understand the development trajectory of female consciousness in Indian society, which is also the epitome of the global feminist movement from occurrence to maturity. From the wrestling! Dad, "the sisters with the help of the father for equal rights for the unremitting efforts and struggle, to the mysterious star Yin Xiya and na gemma, say" no "to a variety of gender discrimination, rebelled against the male hegemony, and then to the toilet hero Jia Ye through, get rid of the traditional thought of having the courage to fight for the legitimate rights and interests of women, and to encourage women to be independent, to find their own life. Although the development of feminism is bound to be influenced by different cultures and environments, they are all participating in the construction of social culture in the form of diversity, the growth of female consciousness is gradually maturing, and the alternative paths for women to realize their self-worth are increasingly diversified.


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