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留学生作业代写:Banquet at Gate Hong

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Banquet at Gate Hong,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了《鸿门宴》。《鸿门宴》在某种程度上被认为是中国最著名的历史故事之一。它代表不仅是一个故事,还揭示了古代的智慧和战略。《鸿门宴》讲述了范增精心策划的陷阱,却因项羽的一时心软而失败了,让刘邦成功脱身,此事也间接导致了后来项羽的败亡。后人也常用“鸿门宴”一词比喻不怀好意的宴会。

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Written in Hong Men Yan in Chinese, the Feast at Gate Hong could be somehow recognized as one of the most famous history story in China. It is now not only referred to a story that revealed the ancient wisdom and strategy, but is also used in its extensional meaning as a trap. No one can deny the influence it applies both in the Chinese history and Chinese culture.


For all of the people who was involved in this event, Xiang Yu must have been the most known one among them. Initially named Xiang Ji, the young man was only 24 years old when he first rose in the army. It is said that this man is 6 feet in height and was extremely physically strong. As a result of a member of a military family who has been taught with military strategies since a very young age, his talent in military was showed and afterwards he successfully arose a rebellion against the conquer of Qin Dynasty in 209 BC by the Mount Kuaiji.(Quick access to Chinese history2010)In the following 2 years, he managed to eliminate the main force of the Qin Army, especially in the famous battle of Julu. He was then named ‘the King of the West Chu country’, And it seemed that he would be the one who was going to change the dynasty, but the situation was reverted by Liu Bang, whose origin can never be comparable to that of Xiang Yu.

Liu Bang was a native of Pei, who was also suffering for Qin’s cruel laws and joined the course of rebellion. He and his army gradually found their way to be a main force and fought until they were not far outside the capital city of Qin. As there were many who arose rebellions and in order to avoid wars between those armies, all of the leaders have made an agreement that he who conquered the capital first would be the king and all of the other leaders would help him build up the country.(Yilin W2011) So that Liu was almost on his course to the be new king, which threatened the position of Xiang Yu, and this was why the feast is held. However, as he went to the feast only with his few companions, people cannot deny his braveness and subtle character. Through the Feast at Gate Hong he also laid foundation for his future of defeating Xiang Yu and established the era of Han.

Another man who played important role in this event was Xiang Bo. The word Xiang Bo is Chinese is actually by meaning the uncle of Xiang Yu, indicating the close relationship between them and Xiang Yu’s trust of him. And by position, he was also a staff officer of Xiang Yu.(Sima, Yang, X. and Yang2007) Besides his nephew, he was also in close contact with Zhang Liang, who was actually working for Liu Bang as an adviser. Their relationship was built up as Zhang Liang helped Xiang Bo out of the execution, in this way the elder Xiang Bo was always grateful to Zhang Liang and would like to pay Zhang back. Otherwise the Feast would never be held if he had not informed Zhang. And Zhang himself was an model of loyal. He didn’t leave his lord at the moment of danger and promised to serve him till he’s dead.

Fan zen was one of the most favored advisers by Xiang Yu’s side. He treated the undertakings of his lord as himself’s, and was among rare talented that processed visionary. He urged to eliminate Liu, regarding him as the most dangerous and lethal threaten for Xiang Yu, but Xiang just didin’t listen and missed the great chance to kill him.

The second day after Liu was informed to go to Xiangs’, Liu came to Xiang’s camp, stating himself again to gain his trust. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Xiang invited him for a banquet. During the banquet Fan intimated Xiang for several times to kill Liu, but Xiang didn’t respond. So that he invited Xiang Zhuang to dance with sword and tried to kill him like an accident. But Xiang Bo sensed the danger and he followed suit, shielding Liu with his sword so that Liu won’t be hurt. Zhang Liang was much frighted but was still clam. He went out to find Fan Kuai, a body guard of Liu. Fan bursted out into the tent. On seeing this strong and furious man, Xiang called him”brave man” and gave him wine and a raw pork leg. He ate them all and then delivered a speech, in the same meaning of stating Liu’s position. Afterwards Liu escaped the tent in the excuse of going to restroom. He then fled back to his camp on foot ignorer not to make noise and left Zhang at Xiang’s to make his excuses. When he arrived at his own tent, he killed Cao Wushang at once.(Sima and Dawson2009)

The story of Banquet at Gate Hong with several plots is quite a long one to tell. Liu was several time most killed, however due to Xiang’s hesitation and personal feelings, he successfully escaped. Some argued that Xiang was much too careless and trusted Liu too easy that he pushed himself into the trap of Liu’s which led to his own death. But from my point of view, it was out of the requirement of politic that Xiang didn't kill Liu.

As Liu’s army’s gradual approaching to the capital of Qin, Liu’s marshal, who’s name turned out to be Cao WuShang, secretly sent a message to Xiang Yu, indicating him that Liu would first enter and occupy the capital. He embellished his words by adding that Liu would keep all the treasure in the city to himself. Irate was Xiang on hearing this and a battle between Xiang and Liu was currently inevitable as Xiang has ordered his soldiers to be prepared for a vicious fight. But as the uncle of Xiang had heard this, he hurried to Liu’s army for Zhang by night, telling him the situation and persuading him to leave Liu, trying to save his friend by taking him away. But dramatically, he was refused by Zhang, who was so convinced in serving his lord. He told Liu about the alarm, and Liu went to great panic, knowing that he was not able to defeat Xiang by wars, he invited Xiang Bo, so that he invited Xiang Bo to work out a solution. He made his position quite clear by telling Xiang Bo that he dared not to enter the capital, instead he was making ways for Xiang so that Xiang could be the king, and Xiang Bo in turn told him to go to Xiang’s to apologize. After Xiang Bo went back to Xiang and made it clear, Xiang agreed to meet Liu. In the very beginning, Xiang was outrageous and intend to fight against Liu. Obviously Xiang had a great possibility to win as the number of the soldier of him was 4 Times as much as Liu’s, but when he was persuaded by his uncle, he already gave up fighting against Liu. He might be taking Liu much too easily too. Actually it was also comprehensible even if Xiang attacked Liu, so that Xiang must had other intentions when he gave up. He might be possibly considering uniting Liu into his army, as he had already united several armies. Secondly, as his uncle persuading him Liu had kept outside the capital and waited him to entering, Liu’s identification as a friend army was then set. So that he had no excuse to kill a friend. He didn’t treat Liu serious, instead, to be politically correct, he chose to let go of Liu. He trusted Liu too easy that he pushed himself into the trap of Liu’s which led to his own death. And he couldn’t break his oath and kill one of his alliance. His own army consisted of small ones of other lords. This was a movement definitely out of the requirement of political correct. What’s more, Xiang had already had a plan for the near future to go into the capital, as Liu was not involved inside the plan and instead handed the capital to him, it was unnecessary to kill him. Though he did have many chance and excuses to eliminate Liu, he didn’t convey them at all. As he was not able to foresee the danger in the future, he simply ignored Liu and took it as granted. He was an affectionate man and was reluctant to kill any innocent. As he believed it was the affection that required him to arise a rebellion against the cruel Qin, if he did so there won’t be any distinguish between him and Qin. If people had to depict the Banquet at Gate Hong as a conspiracy, it was the conspiracy of Fan, not Xiang himself’s.


The Banquet at Gate Hong was a trip filled with threatens, intensity, conspiracy and loyalty. It reveals how humanity and wisdom worked even when at war time. However, there still remain much to be discover through all those plots.


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