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WikiLeaks: Should information be transparent?

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- WikiLeaks: Should information be transparent文章讲述当我们在电视上看到一条新闻,说美国在鼓励以色列进攻伊朗,或者在YouTube上播放的一段视频显示密西西比河受到严重污染时,我们可能会想知道为什么会发生这种情况,以及到底什么是真正的秘密?事件。这不仅是因为我们对未知的好奇心,更重要的是出于我们的人权-我们应该知道这一事实,而且我们当然有权使社会信息透明化,阅读和撰写事实历史记录。


WikiLeaks: Should information be transparent?

When we watch a piece of news on TV that the U.S. is encouraging Israel to attack Iran, or a video on YouTube that shows the Mississippi River is seriously polluted, we may wonder why this is happening and what on earth the true secrets are beneath the event. It’s not only because of our curiosity about the unknowns, but more importantly out of our human rights---we are supposed to know the fact and we certainly have the right to get the social information transparent, to read and to write a factual history record.


Statistics from a survey I did on my American friends shows that they insist that the US government should reveal the true information to the public: Out of all the 52 friends, 87% of them think the government should let them exercise their rights to know the truth rather than protecting its social events as national secrets to the national population or even to the outside world.


This survey results may indicates that the public are eager to seek transparency from news agencies, which reminds us a famous organization---WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange. In 2006, thousands of confidential government documents were exposed online to the public and a great number of people finally knew many social happenings and events having been hidden or distorted intentionally. Many governmental officials started to scream for privacy and confidence. Unfortunately, these Internet up-loaders and down-loaders were anonymous netizens; governments had noting to do to stop it.


Even though this poses information safty at risk by releasing events and facts which governments intend to protect from, the dramatically increasing clicks on WikiLeaks once again demonstrates  the public are willing to get true information from it.


It’s not that difficult to find why WikiLeaks has been increasingly popular wordwide since its being founded  Before WikiLeaks, Internet users had no place or were not allowed to upload and download so much confidential documents since the Internet was under the surveillance of governments. WikiLeaks was really a precedent and a sharp case in the Internet history. Since the Internet has started to serve as a place where information is easily gathered and disseminated, our lives are greatly influenced by the Internet in different aspects. One specific service is what the platform like WikiLeaks provided: transparency, fairness and justice.


Although it serves as a valuable tool for research and communication, its widespread use also means that the types of available contents are not easily monitored and controlled. That is why when it comes to the national secrets and news, the information is very limited. Then the WikiLeaks comes out as an online non-profit organization that publishes information and news leaks, which reveals the government and institutions’ unethical behaviors. And people seem like what the WikiLeaks is doing. It’s just like what the book “Beyond WikiLeaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society” says, “The WikiLeaks has already gained the preference from the public and earn the credibility of helping the general civilian population to recognize what the government is doing secretly in the behind door (Brevini, Yan Mainz, and McCurdy 78).” It implies a fact that the WikiLeaks has shown its importance by earning their reputation of disclosing secret information. In other words, more and more people valued the transparency as a crucial issue and try to increase the degree of the government’s transparency. Anyway, the number of clicks represents the attitude of the public.

 Taking a stand in the WikiLeaks’s perspective, they think they are doing the right thing for people, as their website says that their goal is to bring important information and to the public, and the central ideas of the WikiLeaks are trying to prove freedom of speech (WikiLeaks). The statement sounds pretty friendly and convincingly, but some behaviors somehow harm the public’s benefits when the WikiLeaks has leaked a lot of confidential files, such as the diplomatic telegraph and “War Logs” (Chawki). Because of the fact that everyone has  access to the information, anyone can execute the government’s secret actions, like some negotiations that the government does want the public to know. Based on the openness to everyone, if someone is using this information to calculate and map out plans that are dangerous, then the public safety is threatened. Chawki points out in the journal entitled “WikiLeaks: Transparency vs. National Security” that because the leaks of WikiLeaks damage public safety, many nations are worrying about the revelation. Especially the United States and Australia are paying significant attention to the leaks of secret files released from WikiLeaks. As a result, the two countries will pose new legislation to ensure the safety of national documents (Chawki).

What did the government do to prevent the public safety being threatened? The government fought back with prosecuting and punishing the people working for WikiLeaks. The prosecutors of Federal government and Justice Department offices were trying to find some specific evidences to accuse Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, who both play significant roles in maintaining the WikiLeaks. Justice Department officers also argued that Mr. Assange helped Manning “to extract classified military and State Department files from a government computer system (Savage n.p.).” The government did take actions to protect their secrets, as a way to announce their disagreement and dissatisfaction. Government has taken actions to protect the national security and claimed their opinion that the national security is an essential thing that they must pay attention to accomplish, even though their action might challenge the basic right of the citizen and need them to spend many efforts for preparing the trial.  

At the same time, for some countries, the WikiLeaks has had a direct cause of some huge changes and has given people an opportunity to evaluate or revolve their political system. In the book “Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society”, the authors draw an analogy between WikiLeaks and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that cause the large-scale uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. With the “anonymous platform” provided by WikiLeaks, it has exposed numerous confidential files online, having caused an impact on many countries and organizations.  WikiLeaks promotes people rights to transparency and reveals information that should be known publicly. For instance, WikiLeaks revealed the luxurious lives of Arabic leader and their families that evoke the Arabic protesters’ anger (Brevini, Yan Mainz, and McCurdy 236-8).

 Although it may be very difficult to strike a balance between national security and transparency. We all do know that national security is closely related to the national economic, social regulation and public safety. However, the human right is one of the most important parts right here in the United States. To run the United States stable is still the premise to keep the rights for people. It’s hard to define whether the national security is more important than transparency or not. Roy Peled mentioned that constitutional law and this right are indeed derived from the basic human right in his article “Them Constitutional Right to Information”. The national security requires an essential and necessary protection because there is high risk existing if the national secrets are out. Therefore, there should be a specific explanation about the rights to know, and this procedure should be associated with the limitation of leaking information. That could be a solution for protecting the national secrets and releasing information which the public want to know at the same time.

WikiLeaks may have started a “transparency or security” argument for the world to discuss, but as long as the public safety and national security won’t be seriously spoiled, the organizations like WikiLeaks could be more popular with the public for transparency is what the public are seeking for.





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