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The latest TV programs are not a mess

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- The latest TV programs are not a mess,文章讲述以简单的结构叙述了无数的节目,这远没有被认为是“令人困惑的”。 “叙事结构,一种文学元素,通常被描述为一种结构框架,它是将叙事呈现给读者,听众或观看者的顺序和方式的基础。叙事文本结构是情节和设置”(“叙事结构”)。换句话说,那些具有简单叙事结构的电视节目具有非常清晰的情节和设置。在各种电视连续剧的海洋中,情景喜剧占据了观众大部分时间。受欢迎的情景喜剧,例如“ Friends”,“ 2 Broke Girls”或“ The Big Bang Theory”,实际上没有线性关系。观众所要做的仅仅是跟随表演,然后嘲笑幽默的暗示。与其他电视连续剧不同,剧集之间通常没有必然的联系。因此,观众不必遵守严格的时间顺序,这使他们可以选择想要的任何情节。由于情节和背景都不是问题,所以更不要说故事的混乱了。


The latest TV programs are not a mess


    In Chapter three of Watching TV Makes You Smarter, Steven Johnson states that recent TV shows are more likely to cause confusion because of the complexity of mutltiple threads or flashing arrows. “when it comes to stroytelling, they possess a quality that can only be described as subtlety and discretion” (Johnson, 177). However, the truth is quite the opposite one. Because many popular shows such as sitcoms don’t have complex narrative structures or don’t even have any plots, which make the case of confusion impossible, and the stories are not mysterious at all even if the shows are characteristic of multiple threading or flashing arrows since the audience are capable of an omiscient point of view. In addition, the development of the stories always end up with nothing creative so that the viewers can easily predict the end or figure out the pattern of the story even though the shows may first appear as confusing ones.

    Numerous shows are narrated with simple structure, which is far from being claimed as “confusing”. “Narrative structure, a literary element, is generally described as the structural framework that underlies the order and manner in which a narrative is presented to a reader, listener, or viewer. The narrative text structures are the plot and the setting” (“Narrative structure”). In another word, those TV shows with simple narrative structures have very clear plots and settings. In the seas of various TV series, sitcoms occupy a generous part of the viewers’ time. Popular sitcoms such as “Friends”, “2 Broke Girls” or “”The Big Bang Theory” literally have no linear plots. What the viewers have to do is merely following the show and laugh at whatever suggests of humor. Unlike in other TV series, there is often no inevitable connection between the episodes. Thus the audience don’t have to abide by a strict time order, which enables them to pick up whichever episode they want. Since the plot and setting is not a problem, let alone the confusion of a story.

    Even if the story is multiple-threaded in narration or with more than one plots, recent TV shows are still clear and bright to the audience. In the past, TV shows mainly center on just one or two leading characters while recent TV dramas normally focus on several characters’ lives or several incidents simultaneously, which is usually adopted as a reason to cause confusion. Although these TV dramas are multiple threaded in telling the stroies, which is more demanding of the viewer’ attention, the whole plots are not confusing in that the audience have the priviledge of an omniscient point of view. It is “ an overarching point of view, seeing and knowing everything that happens within the world of the story, including what each of the characters is thinking and feeling” (“Third-person narrative”).

Mark Cherry’s “Devious Maids”, a television comedy-drama series showed by Lifetime, is one of the latest popular dramas with thrilling plots. It’s favored by the audience mostly because of it’s suspense. Despite that the drama dwells on five characters’ lives, the show always focuses on one leading point. Either in season 1 or season 2, the main plot is to solve one mysterious murder case in spite of other parallel plots. The main purpose of season 2 is for Marisol to uncover her fiancé, Nick’s murder along with other sub-plots. There are indeed more than one plots in the show, but the other mysteries are not secrets to the viewers. At the beginning of season 2, it seems that Alejandro’s death lays a veil on the story from episode 2, but just after Alejandro is shot, one of the gang, later appears as Spence’s nephew pulls off his mask and has a little conversation with another member, from which the audience get the idea that Alejandro’s death is an accident rather than a mysterious murder as in other characters’ or the police’ eyes. Here the viewers can easily deduce who the culprits are in Alejandro’s case for their complete information of the previous episode. Then in episode 9, after watching the scene between Ethan and Ty, the plot is more than obvious to the viewers. Just a bunch of kids who want to play Robin Hood, but made a fatal mistake. Despite all the sub-plots, the secret of Nick is yet to be unveiled, which is also the only thread asking for the viewers’ concern.

Many people may counterclaim that it’s undeniable that a bunch of TV shows with more than one unsolved mysteries do exist on screen. Indeed, many shows are congested with ambiguous plots or obscure knowledge such as high-tech information or uncommon terms. Nevertheless, all the dramas are likely to end up with cliché even if they do have complex narrative structures or subject matters. “Take “Nikita” as an illustration, it’s an action-adventure TV series, aired on The CW, which tells the story how the female warrior conquers the evil one by one with the aid of high-technology and her shrewdness. High technology which is sometimes beyond common people’s knowledge can be spotted everywhere in the show. Advanced management of the agents’ behavior or even their brain and suspensful plots caused by double-agents all add the confusion of the show. However, the confusion will disappear soon after the previous seasons or the first episodes are released. With the time of watching the show, the audience can always figure out the same pattern, thus predict the end. Every episode of “Nikita” begins with a challenge to make, then with throat-cut enduring processes and always end with Nikita’s success.

To conclude, cases of confusion are not the trend in recent TV programs. A dominant part of TV shows have very simple narration, which is out of the question to make the audience perplexed. Moreover, the viewers are still able to follow the development of a story despite of its sub-pots or multiple threading because of their omniscient point of view. In the end, even if a show manifests itself as sort of confusing in the first place, the viewers would soon find an established pattern of the program, which makes the seemingly confusing story distinct enough.  


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