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Australian government approve Huawei’s investment in NBN?--多伦多Report代写作业

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多伦多Report代写作业:“Australian government approve Huawei’s investment in NBN?”,这篇论文主要描述的是作者认为澳大利亚政府不应该核准华为的投资计划,在美国的棱镜监视计划下发现几乎没有电脑在访问互联网时是绝对的安全,像是谷歌这种互联网巨头都是怀疑的对象,而澳大利亚则认为华为有着太多的政府背景,如果让华为在澳大利亚建立分公司,可能会造成本国信息的泄露。

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In my opinion, government of Australia should not approve Huawei’s investment in NBN. The US surveillance program PRISM shows that no computer on the internet is one hundred percent safe. And even an internet tycoon like google is suspected to be relevant with the issues that government access to sensitive information. In the march of globalization, any government who wants to seek suppliers in a world wide range, has to face the contradictory between economic efficiency and safety of the country. China and Huawei is not the first one into this unfavorable situation, and also will not be the last one.

Superficially, the reason Australia refuse Huawei is, that Huawei has too deep a government background, which really worry Australia. And compares to other infrastructure, internet and broadband network is so much more complicated, and so much harder to supervise. So they have to consider long term national interests, not just the money at present. When it comes to Huawei as a company, in the oversea market including Asian, Africa, Latin America and European countries, Huawei is behaving quiet good and being well praised, there is no evidence directly or indirectly shows that Huawei will be a part of Chinese intelligence mechanism.  Until now, Australia’s worry is like chasing the wind and clutching at shadows. But what is to be the case is that, if one day, the government announce that the nation is in need, the company should, for the benefit of the whole country, provide some specific information, datum, or helps to located crucial position of the enemy, compares to the other capitalism nations, communist china is obviously more potentially threatening. Even if Huawei would like to keep its independence, they should undertake more political pressure, which according to what we learnt from history, is usually overwhelming.

Referring to The Economist (2012), Excluded from China’s lucrative coastal markets, which were reserved for the better-connected, Mr Ren put to new purpose Mao’s strategy of using the countryside “to encircle and finally to capture the cities. He encouraged his salesmen to undercut competitors in markets deemed minor. Huawei went on to use a similar approach overseas, initially targeting peripheral market. It priced competitively: in Africa it undercut Ericsson and Nokia by 5% to 15%, according to a report by Wharton Business School. It also showed tenacity and daring. Its engineers soldiered on through civil wars and natural disasters; by 2006 sales in Africa were over $2 billion.

When it comes to Australia, the national network safety, as the major argument to refuse Huawei taking part in NBN, in a long term point of view, is an epitomize of relationship and conflicting national benefit between China and Australia.

China is in such a history stage, which is from the low end of global completion to the high end, to ensure long run economic grow and country strength enhanced. Now she is pushing on the reform, about industrial upgrade and economic institution. Huawei, as a pioneer of high tech company, will no doubt be an important subsidize objective, including credit loan, policy inclining, and so on. Such a powerful competitor taking part in NBN, Australia local telecommunication suppliers will be greatly stroked.

Tindal (2012) suggested that China as a nation has historically been accused of being the origin of many cyber attacks. For example, in 2010, Google revealed that it and other companies had been hit by attacks that originated in China, with some targeting Gmail users who were human rights activists. As a result, the search giant said it would stop censoring its web results in China and could end up exiting that market altogether.

Another factor, which will do great effect on the pattern of Asian, is the United States. The U.S will in some level give press to Australia, for a common national benefit. Australia is served as a vital force to balance the influence of China. Although it will do harm to the free market competition, US and Australia has a reason for doing so. No doubt that Australia is a country that natural resources affluent, which can be conveniently converted to wealth, but this kind of advantage is not sustainable as the other factor, such as transportation and industrial migration will change the demand and supply relationship. Lower margin supplier will participate, and the high labor cost will prevent the national from industrial diverting. What’s more, in the future, the high tech information industry, like telecommunication, will gain its leading position. The wireless telecommunication would tight up the connection of the world, makes it an anytime anywhere necessity. So if China would lead in the game, maybe she will shuffle the situation of the world class. This is obviously an threats to the future progress of Australia. The rocket riding rapidity develop of Huawei is witnessed by the world, if it takes part in the NBN building, which is a crucial step of entering the market represented by Australia and US, there will be a new rival for the telecommunication giant, who is fast, lower cost, and most importantly, maybe a representation of different ideology.

In the report to US Congress last year, an article goes like this, “the US Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive (ONCIX) pointed out that the finger at Chinese actors as being "the world's most active and persistent perpetrators of economic espionage” (ABC News 2013). Therefore, governments of China and Russia will remain aggressive and capable collectors of sensitive US economic information and technologies, particularly in cyberspace.


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