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Mr. Bean's search for true love

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文-Mr. Bean's search for true love。本文讲述Bean先生是一个非常贫穷的人,他是从一个贫穷的家庭中长大的。在这种情况下,他在学校学习非常努力,并且在课堂上总是获得良好的好评。当他从高中毕业时,他找到了一名公共汽车司机的工作,并且非常喜欢这份工作。当他进入婚姻的成熟阶段时,他也渴望获得自己的真爱。尽管他一直受到父母的压力,而父母一直在强迫他结婚,但他仍在寻找心爱的女士的路上。有时候,爱情就像等待一辆公共汽车,当您不想乘坐时,它们会陆陆续续地出现(HarlowHarry1958年)。但是,当您要乘坐它们时,到达的公交车并不是您正在等待的公交车(William1959年)。看来上帝总是和比恩先生开玩笑。

Mr. Bean's search for true love



Mr. Bean is a very poor person, who has grown up from a poverty-stricken family. Such being the case, he studies very hard at school and always achieves favorable reception in his class. When he graduates from high school, he finds a job as a bus driver and loves it so much. When he enters into a maturing stage of marriage, he’s also aspiring for his own true love. Even though he gets lots of pressure from his parents who’s always been pushing him to get married, he is still on the way to searching for his beloved lady. Sometimes love is like waiting for a bus, which comes one after another (Harlow and Harry, 1958) when you don’t want to take them. However when you want to take them, the buses that arrive are not the one you’re waiting for (William, 1959). It seems that gods always make jokes with Mr. Bean.

Analyses of Mr. Bean’s Two Marriage Life

Under increasingly great pressure from his parents and his inner minds of making his parents happy, he finally decided to try to make himself fall in love with this lady. At the same time, he was working very hard to save as much money as he can for his near future marriage. When his age was 25, he entered into this first marriage life. Afterwards, almost every time when he was asked how about your after-marriage life was, most of his words tended to be negative. And he also frankly confessed that he had some kind of unrealistic thoughts as he was still young in getting marriage. After marriage, he found that his wife was a shopping lover and bad-tempered person, which made a big headache for Mr. Bean who was originally moderate. However, what made him mostly unacceptable was that his wife had treated her parents so rudely and coldly since their marriage. Because he could not afford to buy a new house so that he and his wife had to live together with his Mr. Bean’s parents. But one day when he got an opportunity of welfare-oriented public housing allocation by his company and delightfully picked up his older parents to live together, his wife started to have a row almost every night at any occasions. Very soon his parents were forced to return back to their original house. After that, these two peoples’ conflicts were increasing day by day and making quarrels become like a daily meal. In this way, marriage life was becoming so harrowing for both of them. And divorce finally turned out to be the only possible way out. Even though the whole process was so difficult for him, Mr. Bean made his final decision of divorcing with his wife. At that time, he just thought if he had enough money, the result would be another way around.


Then after one more year, Mr. Bean started entering into his second marriage. His second wife was the only daughter in her family, for which she took her parents (namely Mr. Bean’s mother and father-in-law) to live with her soon after her marriage. Since Mr. Bean was a relatively moderate person, he could get along well with his wife’s parents. When his marriage life came into the third year, Mr. Bean obtained an opportunity of further study at overseas and his wife could also accompany him. In order to expedite accumulation of money, his wife toiled so hard for work outside and also had so many sufferings for her illegal identity. After he rounded up the overseas study, his wife delivered a lovely son when their marriage went to the forth year. Since the child was born, Mr. Bean’s wife transferred all her attentions to the child and her disposition also had changed a lot. Particularly there had been always harsh clashes between them. And the young kid was mostly so scared to cry out. This kind of marriage life really made him so hard to bear. Later on, Mr. Bean who’s so annoyed gradually formed a habit of unleashing his distresses on the virtual internet. Last year since he applied for a project construction in different locales, Mr. Bean also had an extramarital love affair, which was later disclosed by his wife. In this second marriage, Mr. Bean had made good emotional exchanges with his wife, but responsibility for the whole family gave him too much torture. In the end, they were set apart so depressed.


From the above two marriages experiences, Mr. Bean has been feeling so perplexed that the second marriage would be one of the mostly devoted love experiences. And he starts to realize that his own problems are not just limited to scope of work, which was not same as his initial judgments. The fundamental problems are that he is a poor driver, twenty five-year-old who wants true love. But true love has to be paved with enough money as precondition (Nancy and Julie, 2000).








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