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An AD for a plastic surgery clinic

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今天给大家带来一篇优秀的论文  主要讲述的是近两年来,网络活动营销、搜索营销、在线事件营销、微博营销、在线视频营销、图像营销(漫画营销)等新型整形外科行业网络整合营销体系已经建立。公司利用广告来建立他们的社会形象,让人们了解他们的服务和产品。供大家参考阅读。有论文需要帮忙的亲亲可以联系我们的专属客服Eve100100  进行咨询喔~


A family photo accompanied by the words "The only thing you need to worry about is how to explain to your kids," the ad is very humorous. This is a masterpiece. Dad looks handsome and cute, mother looks astonishing and beautiful, however, their three children, all of them are single eye lid, squint, short nose. When this ad came out, there are some people complained about discrimination against children, it was to escalate to the height of moral criticism. 
This is really creative advertisement of plastic surgery; its approach is worth to study by other plastic industry. However, different regions and national laws, cultures, customs are different, companies should take into account these factors, so as not to offend laws or regulations because of trying to be creative. Of course, such a creative advertising, audience should appreciate and understand their ideas.
Worldwide, cosmetic surgery has grown to emerging industry; statistics show that $ 40 billion has spent by consumers in the United States, Japan, and South Korea on all type of plastic surgeries. In South Korea 15 percent of 20-30 year-old unmarried women, have received cosmetic surgery; 70% people consider to implement cosmetic surgeries to improve their appearances and figures. (Krieger, L. M., & Lee, G. K. 2004).
Some people need surgery so that they can carry on with their lives after an accident. If you get into a car accident or are in a fire and there is permanent damage to your face, in order to be treated somewhat normally, plastic surgery is an option for these people.  However, some clinics are using unproved drugs, uncertified surgeons; a surgery can lead to serious complications. We have heard a lot of patients lost their lives because of misopeating of surgery.
Recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, open ideology, and the beauty needs of the outbreak, people need cosmetic surgery to maintain a rapid growth momentum, while the cosmetic company’s explosive growing, including breast augmentation, weight loss, photon beauty, facial plastic surgery, skin care. (Cunha, M. S., Nakamoto, H. A., Herson, M. R., Faes, J. C., Gemperli, R., & Ferreira, M. C. 2002)
The rapid rise of private cosmetic surgery hospital, statistics show that in 2011 in china the beauty salons, plastic surgery clinic, comprehensive orthopedic department, orthopedic hospitals are opened about 34,000. The competition is relatively high. 
Faced with such a huge market and competition, how to disseminate and highlight their strengths, improve brand awareness and influence, accumulate credibility and attract consumer is very important. The rise of the Internet, the brand marketing broadens the communication channels. Get rid of the traditional media of the detention, interactive online media, and network communication breakthrough for cosmetic marketing has brought a new life.
The survey found that consumers of plastic surgery, women accounted for more than 96%, of which the photon project, aged 20-44 years accounted for 83%; liposuction project, aged 20-39 years accounted for 80%; Breast augmentation project, the age of 20-39 years old accounted for 87%; facial plastics surgery, aged 20-34 years accounted for 76%. On the whole, the main target consumer group is 20-34-year-old female, the age span of 14 years, the secondary target consumer group is 35-44 years old, the age span of 9 years. (Pacella, S. J., Comstock, M., & Kuzon Jr, W. M. 2005)
Plastic Surgery industry needs to be regulated
Cosmetic surgery helps a lot of people. Yes, there are risks; it should be more regulated to weed out the humans who would feel bad afterwards. Now, cosmetic advertisements filled all aspects of life. Newspapers, magazines, television media, a substantial cosmetic advertising can be found almost everywhere, in advertisements usually mentioned: South Korea's advanced technology, American good materials. The doctors are masters of plastic surgery professional, graduate from Medical school, or returned scholars from U.S. (Gutowski, K. A., Mesna, G. T., & Cunningham, B. L. 1997).To promote their service or products, some company overstated effects and neglect the risks or complications the surgery has been brought. Such as silica gel material used in plastic surgery, they call it the latest international materials: or painless treatment the latest minimally invasive surgery without scars. "No pain," "will not have side effects," no matter what customers worry about, advertising plastic surgery center will let you put your guards down. In fact, many of these promotional cosmetic ads are unable to be authenticated; the purpose is to lure the patients to their surgery center. Illegal advertising of cosmetic beauty industry has cause the biggest chaos and health concerns. All the plastic surgery advertisement needs to be more responsible, let their patients know how much risks they are going to take, how many chances the surgery could failed. The doctors and clinics need to be more responsible and transparent. Not just bragging or promise customers something they can’t achieve. Patients' safety and education should take precedence over business concerns. Give patients choices by helping them understand what kind of surgery they are going to operate, and then having better quality controlling their surgery tools, equipment, hiring experienced veteran doctors. Government and Drug control department should regulate all the procedures, supervise their charge. (Halme, D. G., & Kessler, D. A. 2006).
Advertisement marketing of Plastic Surgery Company 
This set of data shows that consumers in most plastic surgery is a mature Internet user, by the impact of the Internet is quite deep, help understanding in the consumer decision-making, share with other new consumers experience. Meanwhile, the network as a new interactive media, its influence and interactivity can spread quickly of brand awareness, effectively create a good reputation in the consumer, so that consumers participate in interactive, enabling consumers to their products and brands have a more profound understanding of, to foster corporate loyalty and brand awareness.(Matarasso, A., Elkwood, A., Rankin, M., & Elkowitz, M. 2000)
In the last two years, network activity marketing, search marketing, online event marketing, micro blogging marketing, online video marketing, image marketing (comics Marketing), a new plastic surgery industry network of integrated marketing system has been established. (Borah, G., Rankin, M., & Wey, P. 1999). Companies are using advertisement to build their social image, to let people know their service, their products. In the meanwhile, it is a double edged sword. The surgery could bring risks, cause complications, even death. To regulate and supervise plastic surgery procedures; make sure companies are not using advertisement to overstate their products effects to cloud patient’s judgments is more and more important. 



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