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Deficiencies of mass media

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This paper aims to analyze my daily life routine and internal change with and without exposure in mass media. The structure of the paper is as follows. To begin with, it will provide brief background information on mass media that includes its widespread use and impact on people’s life. Details on the impact of mass media are discussed in the later sections.


Specifically, in the second section, every detail of life without mass media which include the change of the daily life routine and interpersonal relationship is discussed. After a statement of the basic phenomenon, something really been taught through the deprivation of mass media will be illustrate in the implication of without mass media section.


In the last section, from the perspective of my experience, the impact and revelation of mass media on the whole society can be learned.  


As a consequence, conclusion and recommendations has been put forward by exploring the usefulness of mass media. Emphasis is placed on the scientific and reasonable application of mass media. Correspondingly, the side effect of mass media is also taken into consideration.


1. Introduction

1.1 Background Information

As the explosive development of social network especially the Smartphone, great changes have taken place in people’s life. Mass media has penetrated into the majority aspects of our life. There is a turning point in the change because the invention of kinds of social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc. These applications used in mass media have recently hit the daily routine and social world of almost every Smartphone or tablet user.


Figure 1 Media Devices Used for Information


Figure 1 reveals that nowadays search engines, online news and social media have become increasing frequently-used in our daily life for obtain information.


Figure 2 Methods Used for information


Figure 2 illustrates that roughly half of Americans said they got news from search engines and online news media (51% for each), online (46 %), and social media (44 %) (Ahonen, 2008).


“Smartphone users are always using their device. In France, 90% owners use their mobile devices to access the website every day” (Ahonen, 2008).  The research reveals the top five places where these Smartphone are used in the US. The proportion distributed as follows: 96% at home, 83% use it on the go76% in a store, 70% in a restaurant and 69% at work. 


Statistics demonstrate that consumers are falling in love with their mobile phones. Smartphone are consumers’ companion in their daily tasks.


1.2 Significance of the Topic

The background information and figures reveal that we all surrounded by mass media and how frequent people use their devices to obtain information and communicate through mass media (Biagi, 2011).


Therefore, the topic discussed here aims to learn more about the use of mass media and based on the experience of me who lived five-day without mass media. The topic discussed in order to show people how some specific aspects changed and what will happen if live without mass media.   


In terms of the significant impact of mass media, people have to admit that mass media is a double-edged sword (Rogers, Kincaid, 1981). It has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the benefits it brought harm to our life. Therefore, the topic is worth discussing here.


2. The Life without Mass Media

2.1 Daily Life Routine

Every change Started from the first morning, internet users always wake up in the morning and pick up their mobile phones to browse the information on Facebook or other social network applications. However, this seems impossible to happen in the world without social media. As a result, I got up very quickly. Follow on, I treated myself a big breakfast while it could not present on my Facebook which made me feel like something lost and the big breakfast tasted bland than usual. When I was on the bus to school, almost all the people were playing with their mobile phone or iPad. While, I felt lonely and could do nothing but appreciate the scenery outside the window. At that time I realized that it has been a long time since looked outside the window last time and that was the first time found the scenery from my home to school was so beautiful.


Walked into the classroom, classmates were having a lively discussion about the affairs happened to the movie star last night, however, I had no idea about that. The only thing I can do was sitting on the seat and looking at my textbook. The first morning deprived from mass media made me feel social isolation at that moment. It is no exaggeration to say that, I was aware of I have lost common language with my classmates and friends.


What is worse, in the evening I used to watching TV or reading books while browsing the social applications, in the case of no mass media, I can only read my favorite novels intently. What surprised me was that I realized that reading without browsing social applications turned too boring. This reminds me probably 3-4 years ago, I always reading novels intently and the content was quite attractive, whereas the novels was far from to attract me. That was the time that I realized how I need the magazine, radio, TV and other digital media.   


The best option was to go to sleep. Worst of all, I finally figured out that I even could not fall asleep without receiving messages from my net friends from Facebook. Therefore, I got time to call my parents, grandparents and friends, asked what were they doing, some of them told me that they were browsing information on the mass media. Life is full of mass media.


Though enough mental preparation has been taken before the life started without mass media, life still appears a wide variety of problems. I learned that I cannot live without the mass media even for one day, especially, my Smartphone.


2.2 Interpersonal Relationships

The next day, all things were repeated and I felt even worse than yesterday. I had the feeling that my friends were keep talking but not ask my opinion anymore. I even felt a little nervous and worried about whether have missed the wonderful and interesting events on the internet. wondered what might happened to my favorite movie stars, where was his next station to promote the new film. In addition, few weeks ago I got the news that my favorite singer would have his world tour and the next station was in my city, did missed the news in the day was out of mass media? These made feel unbearable.

Inevitably, I checked my Smartphone. The good news was that the schedule of the tour in my city delayed and the bad news was that there was no any new message from any of my friends after my one day absence from the internet. Deeply frustrated and disappointed is full of my heart, did not my friends know I haven't been online for a day? This made me feel as if there was a huge gap between the information age and I. all these bad feeling came to me when I just kept away from the mass media a single day. Meanwhile, other things turned better. Compared to the lack of concentration during class yesterday, could concentrate longer not to press the home button to check whether there was a message. In the evening, unexpectedly, I found myself could reading intently, the same thing happened probably three years ago. With no anxiety and vapidity, I watched 3 chapters the second day.


As days went by, anxiety and isolation alleviated. Emphasize has been paid on study like reading books, talked with my parents on phone as well as do anything I like but the time was occupied by the mass media before. I had time to get together with my friends who lived far away from me instead of interact with them only on the social network. Having a get together is a thousand times better than interact online. Besides, I can pay more attention to the real life. Books, texts, phones and exercises made the life more real, they made the world as real as when there was not full of mass media.


The real date with friends enhances the relationship tightness between us. In addition, it also gave us plenty of topics. Besides, we talked about books, sports and the concert we went together. All these things made me recall the old happy time we spent together years ago.


In recent years, I realized that it was difficult to communicate with my parents.  I thought they had stereotype and unable to keep up with the modern life. I spent 3-4 hours a day on Facebook, however, my mother did not know how to operate the application. Hence, I often call her a time every two weeks and spend perhaps 5 minutes with her talking about my study and the cost of living. Living without mass media made me reflect on my attitude towards my parents. They often call me and care about my daily life, on the contrary, I always elaborate them a few words then hang up the phone. I felt deeply guilt and self-accusation. How I used to neglect my parents because of indulge myself in the Smartphone and social network. The experience of five-day without mass media made realize that, actually, internet, TV and social network were not such significant as I imaged.  


3. Impact of Mass Media on Me

Some people think that Internet has drawn people nearer, while other think that it has isolated people from each other. The five-day without mass media gave me much enlightenment on this topic. Specifically, it contained two vital points: What did mass media brought to us, how we rely on it and how it changed our life; were all these changes good?   


3.1 Live in Mass Media 

It is obviously that the mass media plays an important role in my daily life, from morning till night, from personal to interpersonal. That is the five-day mass media deprivation alerts me how depth that I rely on the social applications. From the very beginning of life without mass media, often felt anxious and boring because of cannot connect to friends on the social network, always repeated checking the phone if there is any notifications.


To be more specific, actually, through the five-day without mass media I realizethat a majority of my past mass communication with my friends or net friends on the internet were useless social interaction. That is to say, I can live without all these mass media for days and my daily life can still runs normally only to some extent it brought me anxious and uncomfortable emotion at the very beginning. The five days make me realized that the relationship between my friends and I is not that intimate as I considered. In addition, there was good news that I used to feel my shoulder and neck hurt while they turned to be eased after living without social applications. This is completely unexpected surprise.


3.2 Are All These Changes Good?   

As for me, lived for five-day without mass media, the result made me be conscious of that the impact of mass media were not always positive. This makes me feel uncomfortable. Accompanied by its advantages, meanwhile, the mass media really do harm to our daily life and interpersonal relationships.


Undeniably, mass media bound for our time and freedom. Recently, People often hear about some stories which sound like jokes. For instance, a group of friends go to a restaurant for dinner, they have to put away all their Smartphone together in case of someone cannot help to play with the phone so that disrupt the meeting. If someone uses the phone, he or she has to treat all the friends. This kind of situation often happens in our daily. A bunch of friends made a special party while during the party almost everyone was playing the Smartphone to talk with others or just browse the websites aimless.


4. Implications and suggestions

As discussed above, except for its positive role, excessive use of mass media has brought some negative influence to our life (Ahonen, 2008). What is more, to the whole society, the mass media has great effect on the culture, ethics and education. Proceeding from this point, implications and suggestions can be concluded from the five-day without mass media.


Primarily, spend less time on virtual network, that is to say, cut down your time that spend on you Smartphone or TV from maybe 5-6 hours to 2-3 hours. Pay more attention to family and friends and distribute the time to accompany the people we love. To be more specific, avoid too much useless social activity. Stop consuming hours on Smartphone which makes you still feel lonely and boring. Spend appropriate time with family member to watch TV together or go to some meaningful outdoor activities. These can not only release people from the intensive interaction with other people online, but can also promote family harmony.      


Secondly, make use of the time originally used to surf the internet or watch TV to learn a kind of musical instrument or practical skills. This will be an effective process to distract your attention on mass media and really enrich yourself in practical talent.


Afterwards, in terms of culture and education, people should keep children and adolescent far away from the excessive exposure of mass media. As a result of excessive exposure, children and adolescent may face up with lots of problems (Vivian, Maurin, 2012). For instance, if they are exposed too frequently there may be security issue. Besides, mass media often spread too much thriller, violence and pornographic information. These may mislead kids and teenagers.     


Last but not least, introspect yourself whether there is a need to spend a lot of time in virtual network world and the TV (Castells, 2010). From the perspective of individual, only understand the fundamental factors can people utilize the mass media correctly. Before reducing the use of mass media people should have sufficient psychological preparation.   



To draw a conclusion, mass media is a promising and hopeful platform for the whole society and individual to access to information and communicate. On one hand, its prevalence still needs to be risen up. Undeniably, people can benefit from mass media no matter for study or entertainment. TV shows, magazine, radio, Facebook and Twitter as well as other mass media medium indeed enrich our life (Mutz, 2001). Mass media indeed increase the types and styles of communication we used to own. Cannot imagine that people can talk and see each other through the internet though they are thousand mile away in the past years. It is the excessive use of mass media of people themselves that cause much negative effect.


On the other hand, how to utilize mass media scientifically and rationally has become the key question. As discussed in the implications and suggestions section, the right attitude towards using occasion and time is the guarantee of avoid of negative effect. Only be apprehensive of the problem can people avoid the disadvantages and benefit from mass media. The rational use of mass media should be a vital concern for both individual and the whole society.



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