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Love me Tinder: the effect of changing lifestyle

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This essay explained the dating online and compared with before. The pros of this essay is that there are many opinions to support and the critical thinking is adequate. The defect is that the information of dating online is limited to these articles, not searching data and questionnaire in this essay.

Tinder, an app about making friends, making new relationships between man and woman, it changed people’s life in some sense. This essay mainly claimed the advantages and disadvantages of Tinder and other dating app to evidence the viewpoint according to researches about dating online. The main idea of this essay is that even Tinder and other app on smartphone has changed lifestyle, traditional dating would not be replaced, and people could not find love easier than before.

First of all, there is a question, what is social and dating online. Obviously, social is a relationship and interaction between human, and dating online is different from traditional dating based on social, perhaps also called stranger social. While, stranger socializing and acquaintance socializing seem to be differentiated according to the familiarity of users on the product. The fundamental difference between social products on these two tracks is that they have two logic for establishing relationships for users. For acquaintances, the user is originally connected, and precipitates the relationship with the product. But for stranger, the user requires to using the same hobby or beautiful face or others to build new connections. Emily Witt analyzed the dating app Tinder for strangers and the effect of people that use it. He said, “The company also managed to accrue, in less than a year of existence, the only truly important asset of any dating site: millions and millions of users.”In this article, Emily Witt analyzed different users about four cases in different ages and different lifestyle by using logical and emotional appeals. Although he did not get the clear conclusion about traditional dating venues dating online, the option is that Tinder could meet users’ needs.

“Getting a match seems to activate some primal-gratification center in her mind. She likes that it’s played like a game.” Emily Witt recorded the feelings of a 30-year-old woman. Actually, dating online has theory to support it as early as 1959, Uses and Gratification (U&G) theory, emphasized that people could use certain media or stage to satisfy their specific needs and desires. Early online dating is emotional, such as because of an Internet novel, people who like this book to connect purely. But nowadays, the purpose of the user is more direct and simpler, they casual sex without love, which simpler, but not social. Sumterm, Vandenbosch and Ligtenberg (2017) in their research claimed, “So far, the effect of dating online has three factors, love, casual sex and ease of communication.”.  They concluded that dating app could satisfy various needs among emerging adults.

Emily Witt, an author, written “Love me Tinder” said, “If casual sex is the main selling point, however, people who don’t want it will be alienated”. That is to say, although Tinder and other app are affect our life day by day, once the aim of app does not match the goal of users, they would uninstall the app on their smartphone. Thus, in some sense, dating app could not find love easier because of the difference aims between app and users.

“My interviews with Tinder’s employees took place half in their offices, half in the leather interiors of luxury cars or while descending in the elevator from brunch at Soho House or waiting for the valet in the gardenia-scented drive of the Beverly Hills Hotel.” , in other interviews he thought. In other words, the pros and cons of dating online and concluded that using social software could be closed to the relationship of people who have the same hobby, and once Internet combined with the real life, the life would be funnier than before.

For dating online, the dating app used female mind to find people, not male thinking like ten years ago. That is to say, the user would not be harassed if the user was a woman. Since female users are usually picky for chatting partner, but male users are the opposite. Therefore, the requirement has changed that the user recommended to you are extremely in line with yours. However, the current situation is that the users are pushed to the nearby users, which leads many users to get used to the casual sex no matter gender. Another case in Love me Tinder, “Some people, used to reading between the lines in such matters, simply assume casual sex. Not Nicole. I ask how she makes that clear, and she says she does not respond to messages that arrive at 3 A.M.” Rosen, Cheever, Cummings and Felt (2008) analyzed the status between online and tradition, which concluded that traditional dating could learn more about life, but dating online would be more of hobby and style of community. And up to now, traditional dating could be more acceptable than dating online for true love.

Certainly, the elements, such as love and ease of communication are still the reason of dating online for users. However, the casual sex could be explained that dating online might not be suitable for finding true love. Because it could be difficult to accept that casual sex perhaps the beginning of love. Besides, Emily Witt analyzed the aim of using Tinder, most of interviewee were bored to finding people chatting, not for finding love. Thus, it is considered that dating online could not find love easier than traditional.

But it is undeniable that Tinder and other dating app have changed life nowadays. Mentioned above, U&G theory (i.e., people require stage and media to satisfy the specific needs and desires.), people would like to be recognized by others, especially strangers. For example, when using Tinder, the brief introduction of a man attracted more women than expectation, the man would be satisfied with himself and improve the confidence in real life. Similarly, for women, if more men than she expected to express that she is a beautiful girl and younger than real age, the woman would be happier than that not use Tinder. Thus, the dating app makes people more confidence and attractive.

Although online dating has changed people’s life positively, such as making life more convince and variable, it still exists the negative side. Emily Witt did not choose the bad experience on Tinder in his article. Thus, it could not be compared the pros and cons of dating on Tinder. But it could be improved the potential of extramarital affairs with the changes of dating online. In some sense for unmarried group, the dating app could help them to find available mate. But for married group, it would be more excitement and freshness than their own marriage. In this case, it could not find love easier, but destroy love easier.



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