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Marketing Plan of Marketing and Positioning Brand TS in US Market

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下面给大家推荐一篇Marketing优秀代写范文-- Marketing Plan of Marketing and Positioning Brand TS in US Market三只松鼠(TS)成立于2012年,是一家纯粹依靠天猫的B2C渠道(阿里巴巴的主要B2C平台)直接将零食产品交付给客户的公司。休闲食品包括坚果,茶,干果,大枣和各种特色休闲食品。这是一个快速发展的企业品牌,在中国市场上显示了电子商务的强大力量。 他们的销售额从2012年11月11日(阿里巴巴举办的“中国双十一”中国最大的在线购物节)的766万元人民币,增长到了2013年的3,562万元人民币。到2016年,他们的销售额在2012年达到了5.08亿元人民币。 11.11网上购物日。它是中国休闲食品行业最大的品牌之一,年收入达55亿元人民币。他们已经开始了他们的IPO投资组合,以进入深圳股票市场。为什么TS可以登顶并取得这样的成就? “天然”,“直接来自原产地”,“绿色”,“有机”的特征和产品质量,服务态度和公司文化,节省人力成本和运营空间成本的B2C模式以及营销和推广是它们成功的关键。

What are three squirrels

Founded in 2012, Three Squirrels (TS) is a company that relies purely on Tmall’s B2C channel (Alibaba’s main B2C platform) to directly deliver snack products to customers. Snacks include nuts, tea, dried fruits, dates and various specialty snacks. This is a fast-growing corporate brand that shows the power of e-commerce in the Chinese market. Their sales increased from RMB 7.66 million on November 11, 2012 (Alibaba’s "Double Eleven" China’s largest online shopping festival) to RMB 35.62 million in 2013. By 2016, their sales reached 508 million yuan in 2012. 11.11 Online Shopping Day. It is one of the largest brands in China's snack food industry, with an annual revenue of 5.5 billion yuan. They have started their IPO portfolio to enter the Shenzhen stock market. Why can TS reach the top and achieve such an achievement? "Natural", "directly from the place of origin", "green", "organic" characteristics and product quality, service attitude and company culture, B2C model that saves labor costs and operating space costs, and marketing and promotion are the keys to their success.

Market and target audience

According to market research and analysis conducted, the United States is a suitable new international market for TS snack foods. In the US market, there are some well-known, large and comprehensive snack food companies, such as Krispy Kreme, Kellogg, Mondelez International, Kraft Heinz and General Mills, but most of the snack foods of these companies only cover chocolate, biscuits, and ice cream. , Cut the corn flakes and nuts into thin slices. Local products are processed into high-calorie or high-sugar grades, and the types are limited. The main products of our brand are natural nuts harvested from Chinese origin. Although there are strong and professional local American competitors, including Planters, Kirkland and Sahale Snacks, which are dedicated to nuts and nut mixtures, the natural three squirrels will still enter the US market with green, organic and unprocessed nut products. All in all, TS has all types of snacks and their product characteristics, which will supplement the needs of American consumers. According to the brand map, the essence of TS is to provide a variety of snack foods based on online B2C channels. The benefits include relatively few calories and additives, a delicious dining experience, convenience and a relatively good price. These attributes include natural and nutritious nuts directly from the place of origin, other delicious snacks, online operation and service experience. The positioning description is that this snack can bring a colorful life to consumers and enrich their leisure time. The natural nuts provided by the three squirrels have fewer calories and additives, and are different from traditional American processing methods. High-quality, healthy, abundant and cheap snacks from China, so American consumers will enjoy delicious dishes. TS has a strong opponent in the domestic snack food market, but since all its Chinese competitors have a variety of snack foods and reliable sources, it should pay more attention to the convenience of purchase and culturally attractive brands to meet the needs of consumers . Therefore, in the domestic market, TS builds its image through cartoon images and brand stories, celebrity endorsements and a serious and meticulous service attitude, thus paying more attention to creative and attractive marketing and promotion. Their positioning statement in China is to provide all online shopping consumers with the healthiest, fresh, best price-performance ratio, best service attitude, entertainment and happy spirit snacks for all online shopping consumers.


Three sample roles

TS snack products can be targeted at audiences from all age groups and social identities. For example, Zheng Han is one of the Chinese students studying in the United States. He is 20 years old. Although he has studied in the United States for two years, he is still not used to high-calorie and high-sugar American snacks. He lives in a foreign country and misses everything in China, including snack food. He often looks for Chinese snacks in shops run by Koreans or Chinese. Moreover, as a young man, Zheng Han often uses Internet social media and prefers to receive information through the Internet. Based on the outstanding sales performance of our brand in China, Zheng Han may build loyalty to our brand. He may agree with the brand culture and spirit of TS, and may even be one of our first high-value consumers, because he may recommend our brand to young people around him, or recommend our brand through the Internet under our proper leadership . Little John is a white 10-year-old boy living in Atlanta. He likes colorful, fresh and rich snacks, which will be the snack products that TS can provide. He especially likes to buy many kinds of small snacks at low prices, because he has limited opportunities to get the money. In addition to his limited ability to spend money, he is also easy to be interested and attracted to many things, so keeping attention for a long time is a difficult task for our brand. Lucy is a 42-year-old American housewife. She cares about the health of every family member. She often picks some nuts to supplement the healthy nutrition of the family. She helped two children, a 12-year-old boy and a 7-year-old boy. Year-old children buy other snacks. Year old girl. As a mother, she prefers nuts or other cost-effective snacks and provides healthy nutrition. Over the years, she has gradually relied on online shopping, but she is usually still affected by outdoor advertising. TS can be the best choice for nuts and snacks, and it is very important to use outdoor advertising to attract her. 



According to analysis, TS snack products may successfully enter the US market and conquer American consumers. The goal is set as follows: In the first year, the brand's annual sales will be 8 million U.S. dollars, and the company's revenue may remain almost unchanged, which does not include labor costs, transportation costs, channel costs, marketing costs, and all these costs. . Preparations for entering a new international market. In the next few years, sales and revenue will continue to grow steadily by at least 60%.

Strategies and Tactics

To achieve the goal, an integrated series of marketing strategies and tactics should be used. The brand can use platforms like Amazon to open the U.S. market and it is essential for the brand to maintain its B2C sales model merely. With the advertising key words of “natural” “directly from place of origin” “non-processed food” “organic”, a wide range of consumers will be attracted to buy TS snack instead of to eat the boring and expensive nuts and other snacks from local supermarkets.

The effort should be directed towards maintaining the Twitter and Facebook accountfor consumers’ awareness. It is important for the brand to start official accounts on Twitter and Facebook with the key words to raise consumer’ awareness that the brand is coming soon. Since TS relies on b2c only, it is essential for the brand to participate in any major sales event that Amazon facilitates such as Prime Day, black Friday and even daily deals from time to time and offer strong discounts of all kinds to the new consumers. And on day one, the brand should start an open sales event on Amazon (limited-time offer) to attract the first batch of customers. It is important to raise consumers’ awareness by participating in these events. 

The brand marketing does not merely rely on heavy promotion and sales events. Word of Mouth Marketing is another beneficial marketing tool for us in the realistic conditions. Since there is a brand cohesiveness of Chinese students studying in US whose number increased year by year to TS, our company should first of all get through to the Chinese students studying abroad to attract them. Taking discounts and free snack gift as the attraction, these students should be deemed as the market pioneer of TS through direct recommendations to the other young people in US. And we can combine our official Twitter and Facebook with the Twitters and Facebooks of these student supporters to offer correspondent  discounts according to the transmission of the brand information and the high-quality recommendations they released on the Internet.

The two kinds of advertisement should be released in American market. The first is an online digital advertising video using the cartoon image and showcasing the spirit an culture of the brand to attract the relatively young people in US and the second is the outdoor advertisement explicitly explaining the sanitary processing and techniques of the natural nuts with relatively cost-effective price to persuade the relatively older people to try our nuts products.

If the safe, natural and organic nuts and the all kinds of healthy and delicious snack with lower calories can be bought online much cheaper than from the supermarketwe can make sure the consumer satisfaction should be maintained at 100%, the sales and revenue objective should be met.


Brand Advertising

One advertising example is the first kind of advertisement, the online digital advertising video which will be released on official Twitter and Facebook accounts. The advertisement will utilize the elaborately produced cartoon images of three clever squirrels to lead the consumers to explore the secret of the brand. The three squirrels are living in an ancient village with picturesque natural scenery. The major snack product is nut and therefore the the trees, houses and other basic scenery are structured as the nut images. The three industrious  squirrels just clean the natural nuts and transport the package of nuts to or pick the healthy material in the vast forests to make snack food to the external world. And once the external world accept their snack products, their village and hometown will be more beautiful and the three squirrels will feel great happiness and dance in the forests cutely.  The whole style of the propaganda film video will be warm, interesting, natural, fresh, clean and elaborate to spread the brand spirit of love, happiness, enthusiasm, dream and positive energy to the young consumers.


Marketing Budget and Cost

The budget for the marketing plan is made up of channel establishing cost, online promotion cost, offline marketing and communication cost.

The channel establishing work requires the longest time. We should contact with platforms like Amazon to apply to be a business enterprise and seek for their approval and training, whose procedures may be complicated time-consuming. Therefore the channel establishing should be started 3 months ahead of entering into the United States and the budget may be 500,000 dollars.

The online promotion means that we should rent or own an office to process orders, register and manage the social media accounts and maintain the e-commerce platforms. An office of 8-10 people should be enough in the first year, and first batch of staff should be professionals who have been trained in China and are equipped with some experience, fluent in English. The rent and the staff building should be completed within a month before the formal operation. The registration and preparation promotion of the official media should be completed within 15 days before the formal operation And the first batch of staff should arrive at the office 10 days before the formal operation to test e-commerce platforms and social media. The human costs, rent costs, equipment costs and etc., The online promotion cost may be 1 million dollars.

Offline marketing and communication means that we should send our marketing staff to lookfor clues to the fans of our brand who are studying abroad in US and visit all American universities to invite the Chinese students to spread and recommend our snack products with rich return. The work should be connected with the domestic marketing department, whose calendar plan is set to be completed within a month before the formal operation. The costs may be 80,000 dollars.

The total costs for the marketing plan will be 1.58 million dollars,  but the total budget and costs of all the preparation work for us to enter into American market include human costs, rent costs for storage and office, business information analysis and control costs, transport costs(cost of shipping both for freight by sea and transportation with the United States), marketing costs and etc.. And

In the first year, the market pioneering will be hard and a lot more problems unexpected will arise, therefore we estimate that we will make both ends meet. And in the following years, the budget should be controlled within 8% of the monthly sales and total yearly cost cannot exceed 10% of the yearly sales.



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