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The government's words

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 --The government's words,文章讲述一切都结束了。是的,作为消费者,即使您一直为此做好准备,噩梦还是会再次发生。据报道,上海沪西食品有限公司一直在向麦当劳和肯德基等餐饮连锁店供应过时的肉。上海沪西食品有限公司是伊利诺伊州奥罗拉的OSI集团的子公司。食品安全已成为全球性问题。尽管技术和科学取得了巨大进步,但人们实际上为食用健康食品付出了巨大的代价。为了扭转这种局面,各级政府必须承担责任,并通过制定和实施法律法规来确保我们的食品安全。基于电影食品公司中出现的食品安全问题,本文试图指出政府对确保食品安全负有责任。本文将探讨政府在应对食品安全问题中的作用,为什么政府应该在这场斗争中处于最前沿,以及政府在确保食品安全方面可以做些什么。



It is all over again. Yes, as a consumer, the nightmare reoccurs even though you have always prepared for this day. It is reported that Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd has been supplying out-of-date meat to restaurant chains, including McDonald’s and KFC. Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd is a unit of Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Group. Food safety has been a global issue. Despite the fact the technology and science have advanced enormously, people actually pay a great price for eating healthy food. To reverse this situation, the government at all levels must shoulder their responsibility and keep our food safe by putting laws and regulations in effect and in place. Based on the food safety problems revealed in the film food inc, the essay tries to point out that the government is held accountable for keeping our food safe. The essay will explore what role the government plays in combating food safety issues, why the government should be in the front line of this fight and what the government can do in ensuring food safety.


As revealed in the film food inc, food supply is mainly in the hands of only a handful of businesses that put profits ahead of consumer health. Contaminated food puts people’s heath at great risk. Due to monopoly and lack of effective supervision by the government, problems are hard to be taken control of and once something goes wrong at the head of the supply chain, it can spread to all links of the production, finally finding its way to the body of consumers without the awareness on the producer’s part. The film also points that the government has a lot to do with this situation. For one thing, its policy favors those big multinational corporations, leaving small farms and companies alike being elbowing out of competition. For another, the government agencies that overlook the food industry are actually in the hands of those who used to work in one of those multinational companies. Therefore, the government is still the most decisive and influential player in the food industry.


Food safety issues has been bothering the world for several decades. Things are not showing signs of getting better despite that it is been talked about for so long. The heart of the problem is that the government should take the issue seriously. According the film food inc, it is the big companies that are heavily subsidized by the government. Having a large amount of capital and favorable policies, these food tycoons can produce food in a large quantity and at a cheaper price, while famers that produce healthy and organic food at put at a disadvantage. As the food industry has been dominated by that a few, the small-sized ones hardly stand no chance of making the way to the supermarket, where consumer get to choose what they eat every day. On the other hand, fast food has become an integrated part of people’s life. The reason for this is that fast food is cheap and basically affordable for people from all walks of life. And still, the reason behind these fast growing fast food restaurant chains is that meat plants provide them with cheap materials.


The net of the food industry is indeed complicated and there are too many powers involved. Consumers, the last link of the supply chain, are often left at a venerable position. For example, they have no idea what is contained in the food they buy and they eat; vegetables and food in the supermarkets are a lot of times too pricy for low-income families, who would trade their health for something that they can afford to eat but will damage their health in the long run. At the end of the day, the health care system in the country suffers because a large amount of people get down because of diabetes, obesity and other types of illnesses. The problem is serious and worsening, but on closer examination, the government can be engaged in every stage of the food industry.


To ultimately reverse the atmosphere of the food industry, the government must ensure laws and regulations in place to deal with malpractice in the food industry. Furthermore, the government should crack down on companies that have a bad record in processing food. The production line should be closely watched and controlled. Regular inspection by government agencies or watchdogs is supposed to keep the food producers on vigilance. “FDA, among other federal agencies responsible for food safety oversight, needs to address gaps in enforcement and collaboration to enhance the oversight of food imports” (United States Government Accountability Office, 2012). Besides, the balance of the subsidy from the government should be tilted more to small farms and self-employed companies that aim to provide healthy and wholesome food to the public. The most important of all, consumers should be educated. The government is supposed to keep the public informed that what kind of food is good for their health and what kind of nutrition should be included in everyday meal. Campaigns should be launched to encourage consumers not to eat fast food by pointing the risks and health harassment. The project of promoting healthy eating nationwide or even worldwide is not something that can be achieved in a short period of time, but the battle is worth its while.


It is no doubt that the government should not be all the blame. After all, food choice is a matter of personal preference. The government, indeed, cannot control what food consumers actually put into their mouths. The thing is, what the government chooses to do does have a positive effect on consumer food choice. Remember that the scene when the family has to give up on vegetables simply because the price of the green food is too much for a family of four? If the government helps to make the vegetables cheaper than meat, consumers who do not have much extra to spare might vote vegetables over processed meat. Or if the government helps the farms that grow organic food, making their products more accessible to the consumers, all parties, perhaps meat plants excluded can be benefited from the deal.


The government is of vital importance in dealing with food safety problems. If the government does not step up its efforts to put the production of the food industry in order, people’s health is at great risk. The government should take more effective measures to ensure food safety. Ways include regulations and law, education and so forth. “During 2007-2010, the highest percentage of calories from fast food was consumed among adults who were aged 20-39 or non-Hispanic black or obese” (Cheryl D, 2013). Unhealthy eating and obesity is closely related nowadays. To prevent the problem from going worse, the government should deliver its promise to people without delay.


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