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Life in the United States for overseas students

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Life in the United States for overseas students,文章讲述一个普遍的现象是,越来越多的中国学生选择在美国学习,以使他们将来在寻找最能满足他们需求的工作时变得更有竞争力。即使中国一直在以惊人的速度发展并且其经济一直在迅速发展,这种趋势在最近几十年似乎还在继续加速。根据陈卫华和他的同事赵新英在2013年进行的一项调查,调查结果表明,在美国大学和大学中被录取的中国学生人数约为235,000,并进行了比较与往年相比,这一数字增加了21%(Chen&Zhao,2013)。本文将探讨与这一趋势的总体主题相关的事物,并讨论为什么越来越多的中国学生被美国大学录取的原因更加详细,以便为读者提供良好的学习环境。


There is an common phenomenon that there are increasing numbers of Chinese students choosing to study in the United States of America in order to make them become more competitive in the future when they try to find jobs which matches and satisfies them most. The trend seems to keep accelerating in recent decades, even if China has been developing unbelievably fast and its economy has been boosting rapidly. According to Chen, weihua and his colleague named Zhao, Xinying did a survey in the year 2013, the finding illustrates that the number of Chinese students who have been accepted to study in the American colleges as well as the universities was approximately 235,000, and comparing this statistic to the previous years, the number has increased 21 percent (Chen & Zhao, 2013). This essay is going to probe into something that ties into the overarching topic of this trend and to talk about the reason why there are more and more Chinese students being enrolled into American universities in a lot more details so that the readers will be given a good opportunity to get to know the sophisticated and controversial issue that has been brought into focus in recent decades better.

To begin with, there are a variety of motivations of Chinese students who opt to go to the U.S to have a further education. First of all, the economic reasons must be discussed. After the reform and opening up, China has had the chance to boost its economy and develop its industries, which unquestionably has made its dwellers become more affluent. They do not have to worry about whether they will have adequate food to eat, whether they have sufficient clothes to wear or whether they have enough accommodations to live in. On the contrary, they are focusing more on the education that they have neglected for several years. Due to the prosperous economy, Chinese families currently have the ability to afford the costly tuition fees to send their beloved children abroad, especially to U.S. Chen and Zhao (2013) point out that more and more Chinese people are becoming better-off than any other time in its history and parents in various families are able to pay the extremely expensive tuition fee and living expenditures for the kids that they have (Source 3). In the past, Chinese citizens were incredibly poor; they sometimes might suffer from starvation, not mention to send their kids to study in the U.S. As a matter of fact, the growing economic also does a fabulous job in giving rise to the increasing demand of talents in a wide range of fields, because what a developing country really needs is not the funds used to develop itself but talented and innovative people. Charles H(2008) discovers that China initiated a movement to a socialist market economy, which had invented a great demand for Western science and technology (199-216). It is not difficult to see that Western science and technology are more advanced than those in China; Chinese residents have the tendency to deem that everything that comes from the U.S.A is more outstanding and better than that from China. There are very often to ask their relatives who are in America to buy something for them, although those products are much more expensive, because they deem that products from the U.S are better. Hence, it is no wonder that more and more Chinese students pick to go to the U.S.A to learn the knowledge. Furthermore, the economic globalization is another equally crucial factor leading to the increasing numbers of Chinese students who study in the U.S. Charles H(2008) finds out that China is still keeping on making no stone unturned to the economic internationalization, for instance, it has proposed to garner entry in the World Trade Organization in the year 2001, which shows that the need for and the significance of Western business and accounting firms is increasing rapidly (199-216). China has succeeded in joining the WTO eventually and played a more and more important role in that place as well, therefore, there is no surprising that the reason why China has large demands for Western business and accounting firms and why more Chinese students have the desire to study in the U.S.A. As it has been known to everyone in this world, America enjoys a great reputation of its advanced and excellent technology while China is famous for its long history. In other words, the United States of America has always been recognized as the most powerful and the most prosperous country in this modern world, not any other countries can compete with it. Its booming economy is what motivates Chinese students enroll in the American universities. For the period of time right after the reform and opening up, the biggest failure of China is not to improve its economy but to reinforce its education. There are a variety of exams in schools, which worry thousands of hundreds of students, some of whom are very likely to lose confidents when they do not get high scores in an exam. Compared with Chinese economy, American governments are more than willing to spend the funds that they have to their citizens. Having been studying in the United States of America for a couple of years, the most comments that students made are in regards to the outstanding living standards, which is essential when it comes to education students. There are multifarious moving and touching things that Chinese students who are studying in America may confront. For example, when they are sick and have to go to see a doctor in a hospital, it is very common to see some cards written “no matter where you come from, no matter whether you have money or not, and no matter what you are, you have the right to be treated here ” on the desk. Anyone who sees it will feel warm and touched, because they do not have to worry about their safety any more. For Chinese students who have accustomed China’s unique and special culture and climate for years will be having a tough time in adjusting the living styles and conditions in the foreign countries, meaning to say, in the first half year, Chinese students may be sick frequently, and America has noticed this quite well. Chinese students are definitely willing to choose to study there, because they may not be given this treatment in their domestic country.

When it comes to policies in China, people will come up with a word “UNFAIR” in their mind. The China’s policies mitigated the quantity of local universities to some extent. Because of the China’s educational system which re-adjusts from paying special attention to narrow and technical educational institutions to more comprehensive universities which could provide students with better education, a large quantity of its national higher education opportunities for Chinese students still exists, according to (Charles H, 2008). The scarcity of higher educational institution has no doubt aggrandized the number of Chinese students who opt to study in the U.S.A. If China had concentrated more on its education in the past, then it would have been very likely to be a country whose education is the best in the world. Moreover, there are several frustrations towards Chinese policies making Chinese students feel disappointed very much.

Having decent and good jobs in China does not mean that they will have good salaries. More often than not, they are not paid well. It is worthy to mention that Chinese citizens do not really satisfy with their accommodations where they live in. It is not uncommon to hear that how much prices that Chinese housing are increasing day by day. In fact, if a person who wants to possess a house in China will have to ask their parents for help, because not every Chinese people have that large sum of money to purchase one, although they have been rich than ever before, the housing prices is a very big challenge that Chinese people are encountering. Thus, if they could go to America to study, then when coming back to China, they could get a lot more salaries than their counterparts who do not study abroad, which will enable them to possess a house in China. China has a try on the economic reform, they prefer to spend and make better use of the time to update their knowledge in the America (Wan, 1990).

Nowadays, individual has more wills to seek for quality education to improve himself or herself and to become a better person. In the ancient China, there were a considerable number of extraordinary poets like Li Bai, Xin Qiji, Meng Haoran, and more, they were seeking for realm that ordinary people can not reach via making no efforts to learn things. These poets mentioned previously have set themselves as an example to others. Contemporary people in this world are paying closer and closer attention to civilization in recent decades as a way to show that they are highly educated and they know how to treat people kindly without acting vulgarly. However, Chinese education or universities do poor in offering student high level knowledge, they may not really learn things in China, because universities are considered to be a place which students can have fun and idle their valuable time. They can hardly learn things in Chinese schools. In contrast, America has better schools and programs which enable students to learn more knowledge in a more effective way that may save their time to some degrees. According to Alexis, a wide array of Chinese people are looking for a higher quality education, because this will help them become more independent and more innovative, they will understand that the world’s first-rate universities are mainly in the United States of America in the end (Alexis, 2012). There are numerous prestigious universities in the U.S.A, which include but not limit: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Columbia University and etc. That is a hundred percent true, Chinese education focuses too much on how much scores that students garner while America centers on the mixed-ability that a student should have. Chinese teachers always require their students to memorize more books and complete more homework assignments, which make Chinese students have a difficult time in adjusting the society when they graduate from a university and go to work. However, American education has no trouble in terms of it at all; students graduated from an American school will adapt the ambience very fast, because they are more independent. Additionally, the United States of America has a better educational system. Actually, every American school equips with advanced teaching approaches which will help student master a certain subject much more quickly, as well as it has well-developed knowledge system (Charles H, 2008). Having all these wonderful things, of course thousands of hundreds of Chinese students are attracted. If they will have to learn something for weeks, then studying in the U.S is very likely to shorten the time to only few days. The advanced technology will benefit the students, because they may use these machines to do chemical experiments perfectly rather than imagine that reaction that two elements which are combined together. Seeing is believing, seeing the experiment will absolutely be very helpful and useful for students to know chemistry better. Last but not least, American colleges as well as its universities are doing well in providing more freedom and equal opportunities for every student who studies there; they will not be looked down upon or be discriminated under any circumstances. According to Charles H, the most thrilled and absorbing thing in the American educational system is that it offers it students as much freedom and opportunities as it can, students are welcome and free to choose what they really want to learn, sometimes, they can also choose to have double or even triple major as long as they want and are willing to fight for, they can take a gap year, extend their graduation time as long as they want or choose to be a part-time student who is working in a company (Charles H, 2008). In America, students are free to make their own decisions without being intervened by universities that they are studying (Katalin, 2006). All these are available in the United States of America, no instructors or mentors will force students to learn something that they do not interested in, on the contrary, every teacher are warm-hearted and ready for helping those students who are in need, they do not niggard to give a hand to Chinese students. China, however, always tries to force students to learn things, and the teacher in a lot of universities are not patient and responsible, they do not care how much their students have learnt in their class as America teachers do. In America, instructors are always ready for helping students after class, students are welcome to go to their offices to ask them any questions. When it comes to online classes, teachers will always write “as always, do let me know if you have any problems” on the announcement where teachers post the requirements of homework assignments. However, Chinese teachers are not as nice as American ones, Chinese teachers will ignore the needs of students, they often go home after class, even though his or her students asks him or her to stay to help the student to work out some problems that this student could not do it alone. This will certainly make Chinese students have more desires to study in the United States of America.

To conclude, taking all these factors mentioned above, it is conspicuous that America has the best educational system. American universities provide their students with equal opportunity to be educated, best medical conditions as well as best teachers. Chinese students who choose to study in the U.S do not really need to worry about almost everything that they concerned in the past, because American universities have done everything for them carefully.







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