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Sandman's analysis of the results

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- Sandman's analysis of the results,文章讲述桑德曼(Sandman)是最令人印象深刻的短篇小说之一,是学者们为了了解人类心理而主要研究的短篇小说。桑德曼(Sandman)的故事是由一个认识洛萨(Lothar)的人写的,里面有几个故事。在第一封信中,约瑟夫·纳塔奈尔(Nathanael)声称这名可怕的沙人是卑鄙的律师科佩利厄斯(Coppelius),他认为这是造成父亲死亡的原因,因此他答应为死者报仇。然而,第二封信是克拉拉写的,他错误地收到了他的信,但后来她从洛萨(Lothar)发现,所谓的沙人不过是纳塔奈尔的想象而已,这使他感到恐惧。后来当他与克拉拉和洛萨团聚时,他暂时忘记了令人恐惧的科波拉和科佩利厄斯。但是他又遇到了科波拉,这使克拉拉感到不安,所以他发誓这个可怕的男人毁了他的爱情机会,而科波利厄斯在婚礼上甚至伤害了她。但是即使在受到侮辱之后,克拉拉最终还是原谅了他。后来他爱上了奥林匹亚(Olimpia),通过望远镜看着她,最后当他准备向奥林匹亚求婚时,他发现SpallanzaniCoppola在她的身体上争论着如何利用她的眼睛。他变得非常生气,以致于试图杀死教授,这导致他被放进了懒惰的垃圾箱。事实证明,他追逐的所谓的桑德曼只是自动化。故事以克拉拉的美好生活以及主角如何再次发疯而结束。


Sandman's analysis of the results

Sandman is one of the most impressive short stories that the scholars mostly study to understand human beings’ psychology. The story Sandman is written by a person who knew Lothar and there are several stories inside. In the first letter, it is about a person Nathanael who claimed the horrible sandman to be the mean lawyer Coppelius, who he believed had caused the death of his father so he promised to avenge his death. However the second letter is written by Klara, who mistakenly received his letter but then she found out from Lothar that the so called sandman is nothing but Nathanael's imagining which made him feel terrified. Later when he reunited with Klara and Lothar, he forgot the horrifying Coppola and Coppelius for a while. But he met Coppola again, which annoyed Klara so he vowed that this horrible man had destroyed his chance for love and the Coppelius even hurt her in their wedding. But even after his insulting, Klara forgave him in the end. Later he fell in love with Olimpia, watching her through telescope and in the end when he prepared to propose to Olimpia, he found Spallanzani and Coppola arguing over her body about how to make use of her eyes. He grew so mad that he tried to kill the professor, which led him to be put in the loony bin. It turned out the so called Sandman he chased was just an automation. The story ended with the good life of Klara and how the main character turned mad again.

In fact, In Sandman, a lot of images have repeated in the story, such as the terrible sandman trying to take away people’ eyes to use them to make a machine. This novel can be interpreted though the personal conflicts of the main characters as the themes of madness and uncanny. Many of the events and symbols can represent such as theme. The most important one are the “eyes”, which the main character Nathanael believed that the Sandman from his childhood love to collect. The two imaginary horrifying characters Coppola and Coppelius had appeared several times in the short story after Nathanael had grown up. Many times, he had imagined that the sandman had appeared to take away the eyes of those people around him and the infatuation of the sandman had caused him to lose the girls he loved twice. (Royle, 2003)

One’s childhood experience would inflict posttraumatic stress on a person although this posttraumatic stress does not necessarily turn a person into madness of that in the protagonist. However, it had the effect of convincing people to believe in something that is not entirely true and might only be the hallucinations. In the story, Nathanael had again and again seen the terrifying person whom he once believed to be the sandman to hurt his friends, which caused him get into madness. Even when he thought that he could forget everything about Sandman and spend normal life with Klara. On their way back home, at the last scene, he believed that he had seen sandman in the jungle again, so he once again turned into madness. It is obvious that the theme of madness can be interpreted from the main character’s psychological conflict. For Nathanael, he always gets mixed up with which part he had seen are the hallucinations and which part is the reality. This can be understood by the saying that Nathanael believes that there is a dark power controlling him. Also, not only the images of the eyes robbers are important to the development of the theme in the story, the main characters are also the same. In fact, Klara can be interpreted as the alter ego of Nathanael because whatever horrible people that are fixated on his mind are only the dark side of him while Klara is the opposite of him but because the dark side of Nathanael, which is Coppeliues and Coppola was too serious that Klara was not able to help him. In fact, Klara is deemed to be the enlightenment and the hope of Nathanael. (Royle, 2003)

To conclude, in Sandman, the theme of madness had been developing through a variety of repeated images such as the Coppeliues and Coppola trying to harm Nathanael’s friends. However, it turned out that the eye robbing sandman that Nathanael was constantly looking at is no more than the dark side of Nathanael. To be more concise, all of these are nothing but his suffering between hallucination and reality. The symbols of the eyes can be interpreted as the post traumatic stress of Nathanael which was inflicted through the bad tales from his childhood. Apparently, in the end, the narrator’s psychological problem was too serious that he could not be cured because he will always be haunted by the imaginary sandman.



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