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A Current Event

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A Current Event in Regards to Hinduism



Recently, there is a piece of news published in March, 14, 2015 really captivating thousands of hundreds of Hindus to pay special attention. A woman named Sheryl Nuxoll in Idaho, America stated that she reckoned that Hinduism was not a real religion whose god was false and did not truly exist. Furthermore, she proclaimed that she would not apologize for what she had said about Hinduism. Certainly, this comment irritated those people who had faith in Hinduism. They requested the religious leaders, such as the Nevada Buddhist leader and an official with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Reno, should apologize. Dan Black pointed out that this comment was really hurtful and Ms. Nuxoll had the duty to apologize for what she had said previously, because the Hindu community was greatly hurt by her words. Sheryl Nuxoll did not participate in the prayer at that time due to the fact that she tended to hold the opinion that American was a Christian country where, more or less, everyone had faith in Jesus. Last but not least, it is worthy to mention that she declared that Prayer should definitely not be a display and Prayer was supposed to sustain the good relationship with God, however, the God which Hindus believed was false and fake, hence she could absolutely not take part in this prayer. It is of prime importance because stating that the God of Hinduism is false can not be tolerated by Hindus. Everyone has his or her own rights to choose to believe a God in a certain religion, saying those words, Sheryl Nuxoll is likely to be reproached or beat by the supporters of Hinduism. This essay is going to analyze this current event thoroughly and careful in order to help more readers have a better understanding regarding this piece of news.

First and foremost, this event has a tremendous impact on me. Personally speaking, I really deem that Sheryl Nuxoll should give a sincere apology to all the Hindus, because she did hurt them to some extent. As an ordinary Christian who believes in Jesus, I could entirely feel the way that those Hindus have been feeling since they heard that someone said the God the believed was false. If being told that Jesus is false and does not really exist in this real world, I will unquestionably be irritated and extremely angry. It is a hundred person fine to opt to believe another religion, but saying that a God in a certain religion is fake means that those disciples who believes in Hinduism are stupid and silly. However, Hinduism is not notorious as we think, there are a considerable number of Hindus who have done a variety of good things, like they are also mercy. Having a faith means that the person should control himself or herself in a good way, theses people are less likely to commit to crimes, because they are also afraid of being punished by their God. Like Christianity, believers will spare no effort to do good things instead of doing harmful things, because they know that God can see everything that we do. In the similar way, Hindus are kind, friendly and harmless. There is no reason to say any religions are good or bad, their virtue and vice can be clearly judged by their disciplesbehaviors. As it has been known to everyone of us, the doctrine of Hinduism is forming a good behavior, because they tend to believe that if they have done something evil or they have done something that had hurt someone, then when they die, they will be punished by their god. Everyone has a spirit which will come back to earth after a person dies, which is called reincarnation. If they do not do anything bad and have done a lot of good things to others or have helped a considerable number of people, then they deserve to enjoy a better life in the next generation. However, on the contrary, if they have sunk in sin with a variety of records which is filled with crimes as well as misdeeds, then they will suffer greatly when they have a rebirth in the future. Therefore, stating that the God of Hinduism is false.

If I were Sheryl Nuxoll, I would not have made those comments. If I were a member of Hinduism, I would definitely be very irritated after hearing about the news. The consequence is very serious, because the Hindus are likely to do something extreme in order to tell Sheryl Nuxoll that what she said was a hundred percent wrong. People who have no faith in any religions can hardly understand why saying a god is fake is a big mistake, and they can scarcely feel the way that those Hindus are feeling.

There are more than one billion disciples who have faith in Hinduism, therefore, saying that the god is false has offended a billion people. It is definitely not a wise option to make such a commend. One of the three main God, Brahma, enjoys greatest reputation by his supreme, Hindus does not tell his disciples to kill others, to do harm to others or to devastate the whole world in order to make everyone in the current world has faith in him. What Brahma wants to do is to help more people to have a better behavior and to help more people in need. Therefore, how could Brahma be a false God? Even if the person does not like him, he or she ought not to say that the God of Hinduism is false.

In a nutshell, it has some impact on my faith, I have been firmer to believe what I truly believe, I will not change my mind to follow others’ opinions. Furthermore, I believe that it is correct to say that the God of Hinduism is false, because the aim of a religion is to teach its disciple to do something good.


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