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The environmental impact of tourism

2019-05-30 来源: 51due教员组 类别: Essay范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- The environmental impact of tourism,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了旅游业对环境的影响。在中国,旅游业的发展速度比人们预期的要快。近几年,政府和开发商以生态旅游的名义大力开发旅游区,严重破坏了生态环境。造成这种现象的根本原因是人类不顾生态效益和经济效益,一味追求眼前利益。这种掠夺性旅游开发具有一定的普遍性,生态环境的破坏已成为一个共同的问题。如果旅游业不加以规划控制,那么旅游业对环境的破坏是不可逆转的。


Nowadays, human’s life can not live without recreation. Tourism is tightly related to the development of leisure industry, which has become an indispensable part of modern social progress. In China, tourism is growing faster than people expect. Families choose to travel in many ways, particularly prefer self-driving or walking with backpacks in the mountains. As the news reports put it, the car owners of self-driving have no environmental awareness at all, causing serious pollution to the local roads. Tourists sit around the mountain woodlands, throwing plastic bags, drink bottles, and snack boxes everywhere. In order to pursue economic benefit, exploiting tourism resources urgently has already resulted in severe damage to the ecological environment.

As we all know, economy is the lifeblood of the society as well as a fundamental pillar to maintain sustainable development. It carries the human life like a chain. Only globalized economic activities can make the independent social groups closely integrated and develop together. Whether agricultural or commercial services, they must conform to a certain location that suit with the local geographic conditions and economic development level. An excessive and rapid development of one aspect will be a danger to the society, and so as the tourism industry.

The government and developers have destroyed the ecological environment by the name of ecotourism. First of all, blindly digging out tourism resources brings a lot of ecological problems, including the increasing consumption of coal, electricity, petroleum and water, inevitably accompanied with the rise of solid pollutant and exhaust gas. Some guesthouses and restaurants cut down trees to utilize as fuel, and pour untreated sewage directly into the scenic spots. A majority of tour regions have large-scale deforestation, leading serious soil erosion. We can notice that the original nature ecological environment was damaged year by year. Second, building hotel, car parks, dance halls, amusement parks and other tourism facilities have destructed native landscape of ecological pattern and integrity. Agglomeration of tourist facilities and excessive tourists have also affected the atmospheric circulation of scenic spots, resulting in the abnormal climate of the ecological environment. Some scenic spots are built at random with artificial modification. This not only destroyed the original appearance of the natural scenic spot, but also damaged the local ecological rule. Third, some tourists lack the public awareness of environmental protection. They trampling on trees and flowers, hunting birds and teasing wild animals. The tourists are severely overloaded, exceeding the environmental capacity. Due to the excessive use of ecological scenic spots, many wild animals lose their habitats. In order to attract tourists in Yunnan province of southern China, many wild animals have been killed by restaurants, forced them to relocate or even become extinct.

The root cause of these phenomenon is because human are eager to chasing the immediate interests, regardless of ecological benefits and economic efficiency. This kind of predatory tourism development has certain universality, and the destruction of ecological environment has become a common problem. The environmental damage caused by tourism is irreversible if the tourism industry is not planned to be controlled.

The government must play a leading role and exercise macro-control. Ecotourism is a comprehensive activity involving many departments and fields which needs to strengthen communication, coordination and cooperation among departments. Finance, construction, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture and other departments shall jointly promote ecotourism development within the scope of their respective functions and responsibilities. The layout of tourist attractions must be carried out on the premise of protecting ecological environment, followed by corresponding policies, laws and regulations. Develop ecological tourism such as the release project and protection of precious plant resources. When rare animals breed to a certain number, the government is supposed to make a campaign about returning the animals to nature. In the development of ecotourism planning, it is necessary to consider the cultivation of some rare plant seeds or domestication, and cultivate research and domestication display in the scenic area.

As for the designer, the landscape planning and ornamental route should be participated by the professionals. Functional zoning and design concept can be divided into three blocks: the reservoir along the loop, the ornamental area of the mountain and the animal viewing area. According to the ecological function orientation of different regions, conduct an accurate assessment of ecotourism planning and construction projects. It might be an effective solution to promote the pilot demonstration experience. Active introduction of modern technology, such as the application of remote sensing, geographic information system and waste recycling, can prevent the environmental pollution and ecological destruction.

People should be encouraged to participate in the propaganda of civilized tourism. The level of professional ecotourism is so high that training system should be established to improve individual’s awareness. In addition, it is worth studying how to deal with local communities and residents. It guarantees the development of ecotourism value by the active participation of local residents. By the way of respecting local features, landscape, cultural differences, touring region can attract tourists and promote the development of local economy, thus, maintain the local ecological environment with economic benefits.

In summary, the government's macro-control needs to be implemented for several years. However, residents' awareness of environmental protection can be gradually cultivated through continuous education, and then gradually change the environment.

The sustainable development of tourism affects the regional economy and closely related to local social culture. No matter the planners, operators or tourists, please regulate your behavior and friendly treat nature.


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