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Creativity of and Challenges Faced by Universal Studio Theme Parks

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Creativity of and Challenges Faced by Universal Studio Theme Parks,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了环球影城主题公园。环球影城主题公园,又称环球公园及度假村或单独的环球主题公园,是nbc环球的附属主题公园。环球影城主题公司成立于1964715日,总部位于美国加州大学城,年接待游客47,356,000人次,已发展成为世界第三大游乐园公司,取得了巨大的成功。毫无疑问,它的创造力为它今天的巨大成功做出了很大的贡献,它甚至被公认为是一个创意主导的公园。

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Universal Studio Theme Parks, also known as Universal Parks and Resorts or solely Universal Theme Parks, is the subsidiary theme park of NBC Universal. Founded in July 15, 1964 and headquartered in University City, CA, it has developed to be the third-largest amusement park corporation by annual attendance at 47,356,000, which is really a great success for it. There is no doubt that its creativity has contributed a lot to its great success today and it has even been recognized as a park where creativity reigns. But what cannot be neglected is that it as well confronts plenty of challenges during its operation process and one of the main challenges caused by the overlap of creativity and commerce that it faces is the overcrowding problem. Therefore this paper would like to depict the Universal Studio Theme Parks as a creative product/service and the rationale why Universal Studio Theme Parks can be considered to be part of the creative industries lies in the below three aspects: creative concept, creative personnel and its working with a lot of storytellers all over the world.

Creativity of and Challenges Faced by Universal Studio Theme Parks

Firstly, the creativity of Universal Studio Theme Parks is its creative concept, which is to create a place where people can ride the movies (Jim Hill. 2015). To put it more specifically, its creative concept is further backed up by a series of experiences like the E.T. Adventure, Fast & Furious Supercharged, JAWS!, Back to the Future and Springfield, all of which have been the attractions of this park at last. Apart from that, it is added that Universal Studio Theme Parks features several entertainment experiences that integrate Chinese traditional and modern cultural elements (Jim Hill. 2015). Based on this, it can be easily found that Universal Studio Theme Parks is definitely with a lot of creative concepts to make it universally different. At the same time, it is as well stated that Williams, Chairman and CEO of Universal Studio Theme Parks, has taken the Grad Bash event as an example and he says that the park host tens of thousands of junior high school graduates high school graduates so that those kids can have a great there (Jim Hill. 2015). And when they look back on the happy and meaningful graduation party they have there, they will later want to bring other kids or their family members there someday for entertainment, which is just the same as what is mentioned by Rosamund Davids and Gauti Sigthorsson that you are always chasing your next job and one of the ways that you do this is through pleasing existing clients with the quality of your work and impressing future ones with your show reel as a creative microbusiness. In so doing, this park reaches its aim to create an immersive environment from the world.

With the creative concept of Universal Studio Theme Parks being mentioned at length in the above, what follows is that the creativity of Universal Studio Theme Parks also lies in its creative personnel. All those ones that work in Universal Studio Theme Parks are top talents. One example of its creative personnel is Chris Meledandri, the creator of the blockbuster Depiscable Me film franchise and the founder and CEO of Illumination Entertainment, began to work in this park in 2008 and helped create plenty of great films for this park. Those films created by Chris Meledandri later proved to be the attractions of this park (Jim Hill. 2015). It is right out of those creative personnel in this park that make various smart additions and strategic moves for this park so as to make the park receive a large number of theme park fans and the huge theme park earnings. In the meantime, it is also those creative personnel’s efforts that have made the guests and the entertainment industry well aware of what this park can do so that they will keep paying attention to and showing interest in this park.

Moreover, the creativity of Universal Studio Theme Parks can as well by embodied by its working with a lot of storytellers all over the world. Storytellers like Chris Meledandri, James L. Brook, Jo Rowling, Micgael Bay, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, etc. all work with this park and they know clearly as for what it can do and will do by using its cutting-edge technology (Jim Hill. 2015). Universal Studio Theme Parks can use its advanced technology to bring characters, environments and stories to life in a way that is all-encompassing and immersive so that this park can be able to win the support and welcome among the vast majority of customers. In this way, this park can be known to a larger and larger number of people in the globe and it is bound to be favored out of its being a unique experience that is fun for the entire family. Owing to those storytellers, the propaganda of this park can be well done and it is undoubtedly a successful one.

Last but not the least, what comes next is one of the main challenges that is faced by Universal Studio Theme Parks, the overcrowding and rising attendance due to its increase of attractions (Hugo Martin. 2016). It is obvious that the potential crowding is urgent for the park to mitigate it if it would like not to influence the customer satisfaction on it. Thus the park has to make a lot of efforts as for how the infrastructure should be designed, like the park entrance, parking structures, street, pedestrian bridge and so on (Hugo Martin. 2016). According to the crowd management experts, the challenge for the park managers is that they have to attract big crowds on the one hand while they also have to keep foot traffic moving so as to prevent the incidence of angering parkgoers and discouraging them from coming again or returning (Hugo Martin. 2016). Based on this, it is not hard to detect that the influence of the managers and their management style can as well matter a lot toward the whole park. It is illustrated that the new management style is creative when it is ‘freedom from constraints’ and ‘individual self-expression’ (Bliton, Chris. 2007), which right describes the management style of this park in that this park has used the most advanced crowd management technique. And such crowd management technique is testified to be successful at last.


To sum up, a reasonable conclusion can be drawn that Universal Studio Theme Parks is really a creative product/service as long as we take the below three aspects into consideration and they are respectively creative concept, creative personnel and its working with a lot of storytellers all over the world. It is certain that the creativity of Universal Studio Theme Parks can enable it to make profits to a great extent. However, what cannot be ignored is that it is still confronted with challenges during its process of running the business, i.e. the overcrowding and rising attendance due to its increase of attractions, and those challenges have to be conquered in order for its better development in the long run. Only in this way can it reach sustainable development and make continuous profits all the time.

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