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James Everett's British film

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- James Everett's British film,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了詹姆斯·艾弗瑞的英国电影。詹姆斯·艾弗瑞作为一位美国导演,却热衷于拍摄英国性的电影,且其电影多改编自文学名著。詹姆斯·艾弗瑞的英国电影影像风格唯美精致,主题则是对英国国民性的反思和对英国上层阶级的批判,包括表现了英国社会令人窒息的环境,批判了传统习俗以及中产阶级道德观念和行为准则对人的思想感情的禁锢,揭露了工商业社会中上层阶级的自私虚伪、残忍冷酷。

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As an American director, Alfred was keen on making British films, most of which were adapted from literary classics. His British film image beautiful refined style, theme is the reflection to the British national character and the criticism of the British upper class, including the suffocating environment performance of the UK society, criticized the traditional customs and middle-class ethics and code of conduct to the person's thoughts and feelings of imprison, exposed the hypocrisy and commercial society upper-middle-class selfish ruthless. The film's audio-visual language factors, including: scene, photography, clothing, music and other well-made, for the film to create a picturesque aesthetic style. They constitute the unique audio-visual charm of Alfred's films, giving the audience great enjoyment.

Among many American filmmakers, James Everett is a unique director. He is a native American, but he prefers to make British films, and most of his films are adapted from English literary masterpieces. His films are full of pastoral sentiment, appear quiet and elegant, but behind the beautiful scenery there are ugly human nature: the theme of his films is often the reflection of the British national character and the criticism of the hypocrisy and ugliness of the British upper class. The characteristics of the British film as Alfred won both artistic and commercial success: the view of the room, "Howard estate", "day in evidence" and other films not only won the Oscar and European film festival best picture, best director's nomination, and great achievements have been made in box office: "view room", "Howard estates with millions of dollars of low cost, get more than $20 million in the north American box office. British film made Alfred, also formed his unique style of directing. Because the room with a view, Howard manor and the long day mark are the peak works of Alfred, they can represent the highest artistic level of his films. Therefore, this paper analyzes the above three works to interpret James Everett's British films.

Alfred's films are elegant and beautiful, but they are by no means limited to the beautiful imagination of the British upper class at the beginning of the last century. In the slow and tranquil progress of the images, the film probed deeply into the national character of Britain without any trace, and exposed and criticized the ugliness of the British upper class.

The room with a view presents the suffocating environment of British society through the twists and turns of heroine Lucy's pursuit of love, criticizes the shackles of traditional customs on people, and the shackles of middle-class moral concepts and codes of conduct on people's thoughts and feelings. Lucy, who comes from the middle class, is young, beautiful and full of vitality. However, constrained by the moral values of the British middle class, she can only suppress her personality and try to hide her inner feelings, which makes her miss the true love with young George for a time. Through several symbolic fragments, the film vividly shows the middle-class moral concept's suppression of Lucy's inner lust. In Lucy, miss bartley, etc., together in the carriage on the way, the Italian coachman in front of the tourists kiss the lover, at this time, Lucy held up the binoculars to eagle pointed to the scenic spots, inadvertently saw the coachman and lover kiss. This set of shots implies that although Lucy strictly restrains herself with conservative moral concepts in public, her inner desire for lust and love still comes out unconsciously. In the end, reverend eagle in the carriage could not bear it any longer. He drove the coachman's lover out of the carriage and broke up the couple, which was a symbol of the restraint of the British people on Lucy and their love for George. Lucy's cousin, miss bartley, represents the middle class's conservative morality in the film. She was ever so cautious, always so "decent," that she refused the offer of a change of rooms from the kind Mr. Emerson. When they were out, miss bartley noticed that Lucy was going in George's direction, and hurried after her. This nervous, conservative and ridiculous old maid, like the traditional concept, is everywhere to monitor and restrain Lucy's words and deeds, and prevent Lucy from pursuing the true feelings deep in her heart.

Emerson once wrote, "the English nation is known for its depression... This depressive streak is deeply ingrained in the British character... Stevens, the hero of the film "long days left", shows this repression and restraint in an exaggerated and profound way. Stevens, the butler of the darlington manor, had devoted his life to his master and to the standards of his profession. In order to be an excellent butler, Stevens almost self-consciously restrained his desires. He didn't see his father for the last time to work, and didn't even have time to ease his grief. In order to work, he repeatedly suppressed his feelings for his beloved miss kenton. In order to comply with the so-called professional code, Stevens missed the best family, love in life, as a lost independent personality of the walking dead. As the representative of British culture, the manservant culture has developed to the extreme the shackles of thoughts and emotions imposed by the conservative and restrained social customs in Britain, which even deprive people of their normal desires.

"View room", "Howard farm in the original author's foster, once such criticism:" cold stubborn, cautious, harsh, actual tradesmen, lack of fantasy, the false hypocrisy, these characteristics in all countries of the middle class is not hard to find, but they became national characteristics in the UK." The director inherits the critical spirit of the original author and exposes and criticizes the ugliness of the British middle and upper classes in the film. In the room with a view, Cecil, Lucy's fiance, is gentle and gentle in appearance, talking about art, but in fact, he is empty in spirit, poor in emotion and full of family prejudice. He claimed that he hated work, but he had no real resistance to industrial society and could only live under the protection of privileged families. His love for Lucy was hollow and false. As George said, "he married you only to own a famous painting, or an ivory box, to own and enjoy. He doesn't need you alive... This is shown in the ridiculous scene of Cecil and Lucy kissing, as he looks cautiously around and awkwardly tries to kiss Lucy when he is sure that no one is there. In the most natural moments of affection, Cecil was stiff and unemotional.

In "howards end", Wilkes, as an upper-class person, advocates materialism, is emotionally cold, selfish and imperious, and shows extreme cruelty to the little people at the bottom. Margaret sisters sympathy from buster's lower life embarrassed, hope to offer help, Wilkes Wilkes and inform insurance company bankrupt buster, suggest another way to earn a living, and buster resigned to another company really broke, and on top of a buster therefore more short life. This was true of the lower classes, and Wilkes was unrelenting in the face of his own family. When Helen, a pregnant woman, wanted to spend the night at howards end before she left England, he refused, saying it would ruin the Wilkes family. But Wilkes made no mention of his past indiscretions, and he took them in his face. He was petty, selfish, hypocritical, and imperious.

Alfred like based on the author's work, in addition to transformed the British writer forster's novels, he also adapted ? British American writer Henry James, Japanese, British writer ishiguro's works, such as different nationalities will join in the work of the author of the ethnic or other elements, not only can show the customs of other ethnic groups in the movie, can make the film review and reflection on the British culture with international perspectives, and thus more comprehensively and objectively grasp the sex. View room such as in the film, the first half of the film story happened in Italy, Florence, picturesque foil of the hero and heroine met, fall in love too beautiful, more importantly, the Italian culture of freedom is bold and unrestrained, romantic passion, deeply infected with the heroine Lucy, this is a kind of with her childhood environment, education of completely different culture: Renaissance paintings, sculpture, square solidification under people moment of passion, full of clever vitality. Two italians were involved in a violent fight, and one of them was stabbed to death. When driving, the driver can kiss his lover as if no one is watching. The spontaneity of the Italian and the free and unrestrained nature surprised Lucy, who was restrained and dignified on the surface and followed the rules, and aroused her repressed feelings and desires. "Italy exists as a means of testing the social norms of the British middle class. Italy is not only a geographical concept, but also a concept and culture." In contrast to Italy, which follows the concept of inner desire and life attitude, Britain's conservative moral values and code of conduct highlight its anti-life.

As another reference of British culture, America represents wealth, modern industrial civilization and pragmatic attitude. In "the long day mark," lewis, an American delegate to the darlington international conference, is both a Congressman and a wealthy cosmetics businessman. After the World War II, he bought the luxurious darlington manor and its servants, and added ford cars, toasters and other modern industrial achievements to the manor. By contrast, Lord darlington's traditional carriage and oven looked so old and backward. The advanced industrial civilization had a strong impact on the ancient noble civilization. In the face of the emerging America, the empire became increasingly old. The americans' pragmatic approach to politics reflects the folly of the British in dealing with international politics with a supposedly decent, honest gentlemanly air. Lord darlington, out of personal friendship and the so-called gentleman's "kindness and decency", condemned the treaty of Versailles for being too harsh on Germany. For this reason, he held an international conference, called for the modification of the most severe provisions of the treaty of Versailles, and tried to promote the revival of Germany. This behavior, no doubt, is not understand the political interests and power politics of the performance, but for this, the American Louis but see clearly, in the reception of the diplomatic corps dinner, he put it bluntly: "you gentlemen here, please forgive me, you are just a group of naive dreamers... Let's take our kind host as an example. What is he? He is a gentleman... A classic English gentleman: decent, honest and kind. But the Lord was an amateur... And international affairs today are no longer the preserve of gentlemen and amateurs. The sooner you realize this here in Europe, the better. Let me ask all of you, decent and kind gentlemen, do you know what kind of place the world is becoming around you? The days when you were able to act on your noble impulses are gone, of course, but you do not seem to be aware of it here in Europe. Gentlemen like our kind hosts still feel it their duty to meddle in matters which they do not understand. Over the past two days, people have said so much nonsense, good-natured and naive nonsense. You need professionals here in Europe to manage your affairs, and if you don't realize this, you will soon be heading for disaster. During the second world war, Lord darlington associated with the British fascist league and sacked jewish employees, leading to their repatriation to Germany. In the end, Lord darlington ended badly, not only changing owners of the mansion, but also leaving a legacy of abuse. The English so-called decent gentlemanly manner, noble knighthood, in the face of the cold reality of politics, seems silly, vulnerable.


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