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作业代写:Dali's paintings

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下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Dali's paintings,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了达利的绘画。达利是20世纪最具代表性的画家之一,具有卓越的想象力,他的作品刻画真实而又非抄袭,氛围荒诞而又神秘,达利对象征性手法的开创起到了举足轻重的作用。达利作品的呈现形式和事物存在的常规规律是相反的,因此,达利的艺术是超越现实之上的,在详细和真实的中间地带游离。


The representation form of Dali's works is contrary to the conventional law of the existence of things. Therefore, Dali's art transcends reality and dissociates between the detailed and the real. At that time, this form had gone beyond the mainstream culture, and he used his unique artistic expression form to bring "dream and fantasy" into the real world. In Dali era that is full of unrest and changeable factors, a wide variety of theories is the cause of Dali art form, especially Freud's academic guidance role orientation in Dali.

Dali's surrealist painting was based on the imitation of nature and Breton's recognition of Freud's dominant position in surrealism. Dali's inspiration is based on the depiction of his own real dreams, which makes his works so touching.

Breton accepted and recognized Freud's dominance in surrealism, and daley's inner shadow was demonstrated by students of personality division. The internal cause of Dali's surrealist painting is the influence of his family and childhood on himself. The rich family environment and the extent to which his family loved him as a child made him a spoiled child. The severity of his life caused by his father's occupation had a profound impact on Dali, which almost drove the young Dali crazy. Therefore, the crutch used by his father became an important element in his painting. Dali took painting as his own way of venting and constructed it under the support of continuous learning and practice of painting techniques. Of course, external factors are also the main factors in the formation of painting form. With the development and maturity of psychology, Freud's contribution to the study of comprehensive personality and multiple selves. After Dali met Freud, he found his own creative methodology. At the same time, the progress of science and technology made artists of the new age thinking must accept the proposition, also, in this big changes in the background, the artist has also had a novel and sensitive, ruled out, fear, to accept a range of emotions. Dali's work, "the lida of the atom", is a "god" beyond human nature in his own imagination. This painting integrates the marks of that era into the picture. Floating element in the picture is influenced by popular particle theory, in this painting, as long as a goose, gallas incarnation as lida, Dali in the use of traditional fairy tales alluding to his life at that time.

Dali surrealistic paintings is to use rational thinking to the nature of carding and structure its content in the heart of the unconscious, and his way of thinking form the unique art, therefore Dali's works is the unity of the thought and practice.

Dali's paintings inherit the realism of tradition and history, so his art also contains realism. Excellent paintings can be traced back to the painter at that time, many artists are from predecessors for inspiration and experience among the works of the masters, and then to draw inspiration from the later painters.

The part of weaned kitchen furniture, Dali apply vermeer is quiet and peaceful atmosphere to the extreme, the maid to grandma this object, Dali found common needs and comfort objects, only from indoor to outdoor scene. Dali seems to have added a touch of irony to "the milkman" by dragging vermeer's subject to the beach and supporting him with a cane. In the far mountains, Dali painted the top of the mountain in the shape of a milk nipple, making it more clear about the characteristics of reproduction, women and sex. The five boats arranged in sequence in the picture seem to be waiting for the arrival of life in the distance together with the characters, or frozen in silence, which is a kind of suffocating silence. Dali's second processing of the real world looks real and natural in the picture, as if this is the real world, and we are convinced by him. In vermeer paintings, enjoyable, blue and yellow in the pour milk maids, primary colors using simple and full of rhythm, and other also showed the tendency of grey system, the tablecloth is blue, bread baskets and pale yellow, painters to make color lively and not stiff. Dali integrates the contradictory and harmonious relationship between the yellow and blue in vermeer's paintings into his own picture, which will give people a strong sense of comedy. In Dali's dialogues, we learn that these two colors are his favorite. Warm colors contrast with cool colors in the dream of a tiger. This is also due to his personal painting experience. The background of the painting is still the blue of the sky and the deep blue of the sponge, which is his familiar scenery. Back to before the discussion topic of Dali use color, red from the fire and blood, sexual high attention, so he works are an important part of the red, but also the most bright eye, color of the powerful.

Dali's love of red is also the color he often USES to express strong emotional works. Blue is also important for Dali, whose works range from the deep blue of sleep to the use of the pin-blue in still life. Blue is intellectual and calm, symbolizing Venus, the goddess of beauty, in ancient Greece. Blue energy is introverted and gives people a sense of calm and calm. Dali USES blue to express the connotation of nobility and elegance. Dali's works, such as "impressions of Africa" and "the slave market and the portrait of voltaire", use twilight like light. "Africa impression" enveloped in the warm light of dusk appears unusually warm and mysterious, the most dark picture brightness from close range to the vision of bright yellow, make the person feel the light is far from us, use warm color yellow to perfection. Dali's inheritance of vermeer is actually Dali's summary of the inheritance of previous masters.

In Dali's day, he painted time and space. In the bullfighter of fantasy, Venus of milos island appears in the picture, which is called the symbol of female human beauty. Dali explains her again, to express their love for the ancient Greek art, also using classical catch people's attention, at the same time eight sketch Venus also stretch space, in the form of superposition of the matador at the time of the performance of both the ancient and contemporary time. Dali placed tradition and classicism in the contemporary background in this painting, giving the viewer a deeper understanding.

For the re-use of schema, Dali has his own unique way of teasing, either positive or negative; What we see is that Dali's constant review and reference to master works are absorbed and utilized by himself.

Surrealist aesthetics believes that art is not only a realistic imitation of life in society, but also a re-embodiment of the artist's real feelings of thought, desire, illusion and dream. For surrealist artists, any work can be transformed into a work of art.

Dali's art form, method and theory support make his creation and life experience close to each other, among which his growth is the inspiration source of realistic feeling. And so I was connected to myself, my paintings and Dali. Dali was fond of his works because of his Bohemia. In many paintings, his works have long shadows hanging behind them, which can be regarded as a primitive love of painting forms. When I was a child, I grew up in a very original environment, and the long shadow behind my back under the sun became a deep part of my memory. When I was a child, I chose books based on my own preference. Looking up at the sky at night, I often imagined that the golden dragon in the east was flying. These may be long shadows deep within me. In one stage of my painting, a large area of red appears, which is very prominent and incongruous. Does this have any connection with my childhood fantasy? The pain of growing up is also accompanied by the repeated appearance of red. The memory of red is also the memory of pain. Red is also the color of life and the color of the end of life. The toxicity of cinnabar can be deadly and stunning. Ocean, starry sky, seem to be the name of blue, blue seems to be the place of life, the impact of their own color is very strong. The blue sky of my childhood makes me want to explore the secret of the end but not the place.

After carefully watching the related works of Dali, I was inspired by the form he created, and I also tried to absorb his thoughts to think twice. Maybe someday, I will try to express the concept of space and time and sex, or maybe I will reverse the idea of space. This kind of thinking has been familiar to me for a long time, but there is no breakthrough to try it. I am now deepening my understanding of Dali's works, which will one day be used by me. Find a balance point between classical painting and surrealism for me to convey the idea of painting. Thanks for meeting Dali and for the inspiration of Dali's works.

Through the analysis of Dali and the general analysis of his works, we can see the influence of the whole art field, and clearly see the style characteristics and shock power. The influence of surrealism on contemporary art and my views. He does not merely imitate external forms, but pays more attention to inner expressions and inner feelings. Surrealism is spreading and growing in the progress of society.


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