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留学生作业代写:Burger King Tactical Plan

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本文是一篇优秀的essay代写范文- Burger King Tactical Plan,供大家赏析学习,这篇论文讨论了汉堡王战术计划。在国外,麦当劳、汉堡王和温蒂汉堡这三大连锁餐饮巨头随处可见,而其中汉堡王和温蒂汉堡之间的竞争非常激烈。由于汉堡的顾客主要是年轻人,所以汉堡王的营销方式逐渐转变为网络营销和移动营销等。

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Competitor profile

In the fast food industry, McDonald has established himself as a primer of fast-food restaurants all over the world. In fact, the real competition is between burger king and Wendy's. Burger king has a biggerpresence than Wendy, but in 2014, more than the United States lost the competition with Wendy for the first time in 40 years(Bigmacvswhooper.wordpress.com, 2011). Burger King ‘s American sales accounted for about half of the burger king on the third drop in sales, not only hurt the burger king's the bottom line, but also lose their market share(Statista, 2014).SWOT Analysis of Burger King as follow


Strong brand recognition.

•Large amount of franchised restaurants.

•Strong advertising reach

•One of the largest fast food brands in the world Weaknesses

•Concentrated to geographic areas (US and Canada).

•Low foreign income (58% of income form US).

•Reliance on super customers.

•Lack of promotion of healthy food.


•Target health conscious consumers.

•More focus on increasing global incomes.

•New breakfast range.

•Different marketing campaigns for different consumer segments.  Threats


•Government regulations.

•Slow recovering economy.

•     Increased health concerns among general public.

Targeted Market

The main participants of the fast food industry focus on the consumer segment played a fierce battle for the client, but have different primary customer target segment(Qsrmagazine.com, 2014).Burger King choose on adolescents and young adults especially BKC adoption behavior subdivision scheme. Burger King targets customer types because adolescents and young adults like video games, especially hosts connected to TV and play games in the home, which are a bomb exploded in the United States. In 2015 study, more than half of respondents ranging in age from 18 to 44, families with children, 58% have anXbox and Wii; 83% of teens say they use video game machine connected to their TV(Ukessays.com, 2015).. In addition, about a third of the Xbox and Wii user spent 10 or more, host games every week. Burger king target Xbox and Wii users and give this concept to connect with the next level of product.

Product development

BKCshould launch new products targeted specifically at super video game who loving video games. These new products were intended to be indulgent based on their large size which is the premium Whopper. The premium Whopper was differentiated based on higher quality beef to meet the need of video game players.


This plan called for the development of games to be played on RIOT which are LOL.

The campaign will be provided to the customer to buy a Burger King Meal value for the price of $4.95 each to get free limited hero skin. The price of 4.95 is slightly higher than the variable cost. The marginal contribution caused by small will sell a game, the aim of the activity is not profitable, but the establishment of the company's brand and generate incremental food sales.

Communication Forms

Online marketing:The explosion of social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitters. Young people always visit Facebook, because it provides a sense of community, the site to express as an individual, a place with their friends and meet new friends. Burger King has the best pages have gotten their social media marketing strategy down to a science. Burger King cost 20,000 dollars to let the follower post their interesting, engaging andBurger King useful content in Facebook and Twitter. They also invite followers to interact with them that are using Facebook the right way to effectively market the business:

Public relations and publicity:Burger King should sponsored hip-hop entertainer Kendrick Lamar to sponsor both a new YouTube site called Kendrick Lamar and his tour to support new album, launched in 2016. Lamar come to Burger King restaurant he ordered a new burger product premium whopper which costBurger King 50,000 dollars campaign expense.

Mobile marketing:Burger Kingshould launched a mobile marketing campaign that using in-store signs, tent pop-ups, and an online opt-in form to advertise their new mobile marketingcampaign, the restaurant was able to spend 16,000 dollars’vouchers to generatecustomer databaseand is estimated to have more than 10,000 mobile subscribers.

Direct marketing:Direct marketing approaches like information and emails carry the burger king message straight to the LOL game users wherever she may be. Though the 24,000 dollars expense,it helps the LOL users to draw their in and create a level of interest that deliversimple texts to target audience. Direct marketing of Burger King provide a prime opportunity to reach their target audience and turn them into new customers.


In order to make the burger king can distinguish themselves with leading competitors; it needs to include the advertising activities in their advertising campaigns. Burger King is beginning to fall behind in relation to sponsorship, advertising in general and overall brand awareness.

Consumer segments often obsessed with the services provided by the fast food brand, and the brand's main interest is in the production of food(Keller, 2014). Marketing activities for young video game user is very effective. Burger king's activities should focus on the surroundings of the actual product, and connect to the video games, in their advertising If Burger King use LOL hero skins to promote their new product, it will spend 50,000 dollars to illustrate this plan.


Although the analysis in the profit and loss balances at the same time, Burger King‘s kiosks will cost 70, 000 dollars per location and will be depreciated over 5 years. Because of the labor requirement is 2 people for 12 hours per day at 12 dollars per hour. The local advertising campaign will be initiated at $150,000 over 6 weeks. Assume the contribution margins are 65% on food cost which Calculate break even sales are $414,030.77.

Cost per location  $14,000.00

Labor cost     $105,120.00

Advertising    $150,000.00

Margin   65%

Total fixed cost     $269,120.00

Breakeven point   $414,030.77

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