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私人订制你的未来职场 世界名企,高端行业岗位等 在新的起点上实现更高水平的发展



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1.Introduction 简介

 Along with China's accession to the WTO, China's cultural diversity better integrated into the world culture, and at the same time, which is mainly composed of strong western culture is further the impact of other cultures around the world. In addition, Great development of the Internet and use, plus the flow of a large number of immigrants, let the world into a 'global village', in the process of Internet use and migrant flows, the global formed diversified cultural world. But, like many countries in the world, as a multinational country with 56 nationalities, China also faces the diversity of culture process. Now the economic life of the Chinese nation in the cultural diversity under the framework of the integration, formed mutually promote the common development of the pattern of common prosperity. Therefore, this article would like to explore whether China considered being multinational.

2.Define the “problems” of sociology 界定社会学的“问题”

2.1 National holidays are in cold but western festivals are hot enough

In recent years, many western festivals are like valentine's day ', 'April fool', 'Christmas' and so on. Valentine's day 'and' mother's day 'in China, on the surface, is a kind of human nature of the resonance (the pursuit of love, affection is our common humanity), but in essence, it is especially popular with the younger generation about western culture and identity. In the current pattern of Chinese and western cultural exchange, western culture, especially American culture is strong, McDonald's, Hollywood, Microsoft, green card, American English is a powerful temptation to young Chinese. Westerners are not keen to have our' Spring Festival ', 'Mid-Autumn festival', 'Dragon Boat Festival', because these festivals for them is a madrassa reflected, no root of wood, no cultural significance of handing down, but the more important reason, is originated from the cultural pattern of this asymmetry. 'the double ninth festival' is the day for the old in China, 'respect' should also be above classes, super race, why the west is not interested in the foreigner?

Festival has a certain cultural connotation, is a national cultural symbol, it accumulated national beliefs, ethics, emotions, and much other content. It is like language, ethnic cultural inheritance, the most important way to communicate feelings, solidarity. Accept a season means the identification of different levels of the culture; The stronger the independent consciousness of the feast, the stronger the corresponding cultural identity. If a majority of Americans are keen on the day and cold traditional festivals, people have felt the atmosphere of the traditional festival is becoming more and more light), to carry forward national traditional culture, rouse national spirit, enhance national cohesion and identity and no benefit. Further, if one day, most of the Chinese people to speak a foreign language, we eat western food, western festival, watching western film pride for pleasure, afraid of the Chinese nation, it will be dangerous (Harington, 2016).

3.The definition of multicultural 多元文化的定义

Culture first is multiple level, it includes three levels: first level is the most basic cultural level, the way of life, habits, customs, etc., and its applicable field is a People's Daily lives, this level is everyone's right to choose the diversity of culture is free and diverse, it's the bottom line is not in violation of the provisions of laws and not damage the interests of others and right; The second level of culture is a system of culture, and its applicable space is the social public life field, it's the bottom line is that 'democracy', namely the system stipulated by the management of social power and make the system power is derived from the agreed to most citizens (EGAN & BENDICK, 2008). The diversity of its performance to reflect the diversity of the basic principles of the democratic system, rather than the diversity of democracy and the democratic system, it is a social or the system guarantee of the national cultural diversity; The third level of culture is the spiritual culture, including the values, ethical, moral, knowledge system, scientific research, ideological theory and belief and so on, its scope of application is social and individual value judgment, conduct, knowledge, culture, way of thinking and spiritual life, it is the basic principle of freedom of expression and freedom of choice, the bottom line is don't damage the social public interests and others' right to freedom of expression and freedom of choice. It is the highest level of human culture. Its various performances are various values, knowledge system, thought and theory and belief of 'flowers' and 'schools of thought contend', or 'multiple resonance'. Former French President Giscard said: before China can output values, will not become a real superpower. Actually what he said here 'values output' refers to the third level all original cultural achievements were the rest of the world and people's choice. The vast majority of 'historical resources', 'wealth' from the second and third level of original culture.

The diversity of the Chinese nation culture by religious beliefs, thoughts and values, customs and habits and patterns of behavior (Begaliyevaet.,al, 2016).

4.Present major theories or ways of looking at society and distinguish between scientific and non-scientific ideas. 提出了审视社会、区分科学与非科学思想的主要理论或方法。

Darren has stated in LUCAS (2015) that:

1. The degree of social conflict intensity: refers to the conflict in terms of energy consumption, and the degree of involvement in the conflict, whether people safety into certain conflict is big or small, and so on. 

Intensity: refers to fight both sides to pursue their interests.  

2. The factors influencing the intensity of conflict: corporate overlapping degree, the authority relationship with other remuneration distribution related degree, the degree of social mobility. 

3. The factors influencing the intensity of the conflict: the deprivation of social economy condition, the adjustment of the conflict.

4. The types of social conflict:

(1) reality conflict: refers to those due to the relationship of some demands were not met and did to other participants income due to valuation and occurring in the course of conflict, or purpose lies in the pursuit of have no goal conflict. 

(2) The fabulist conflict: conflict is refers to the at least one party for the 'need to release tension' launched by the conflict.

5. In-group conflict: conflict that takes place within the group. Characteristics:

(1) The intensity of in-group conflict personality into some of its members. 

Group conflict,

(2), the positive enthusiasm to participate in community life member of the group of 'traitor' will take more violent reaction. 

(3) Group for internal heresy molecular reaction sometimes more hostile than change.  

6. The relief valve system: is a kind of social security mechanism, and most powerful example of evidence of the conflict has the positive function.

5.Analyze and evaluate these approaches to the explanation of the way in which society is organized 分析和评估这些方法来解释社会组织的方式

Government should clearly know that when western products and services to the Chinese consumption have inevitably exerts a subtle accepted western culture idea and way of life. The Chinese government has been committed to build a prosperous country and harmonious social environment, why don't conform to the trend of The Times and adapt to public opinion demands for cultural diversity? From our overseas Chinese to maintain the purity of Chinese traditional culture and continuity can be easily judge, 'cultural diversity threats the cohesion and centripetal force' of Chinese traditional culture idea is completely unnecessary.

6.Question the way one looks at one’s own society and what we consider is ‘normal’.质疑一个人看待自己社会的方式,我们所认为的是“正常”。

From the perspective of culture, can the folk customs, lifestyle, life habit, network media and pop songs, all things are related to People's Daily life into the category of culture, so Chinese folk culture in fact already diversified. Since China's mainstream ideology admitted that China is a multi-ethnic and customs of different countries, know that now culture keep pace with people's increasingly diversified cultural needs, but why not advocate make multiculturalism? The government's main concern is the 'erosion' of western culture. McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, nestle, Coca Cola, Nike, western consumer brands such as the United States Hollywood blockbusters don't the cultural carrier, too? Without these, the Chinese young consumers would not have valentine's day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7.Conclusion 结论

In summary, Chinese cultural diversity is a reality, it displays in two aspects: one is the diversity of national culture, 56 ethnic groups have their own unique tradition, has its own cultural characteristics; Second, the diversity of regional culture, China's vast territory, different wind in different customs, and various areas all have their own cultural characteristics. Even the same nationality, in different parts of the customs and language also has bigger difference. More typical is the nationality culture, north and south, east and west culture difference is very big, the eight dialect differences than many national language differences.



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