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风险管理理论在实践中的作用--Management Essay代写范文

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The primary thing to be aware of in risk management is that it's a fragmentary activity. It’s not about identifying risks straight and then forging in advance despite the consequences. It's too trouble-free to forget the risks once the development is taking place and fail to distinguish and elevate new risks when the mission is in progress. In That séance there are a few ladder have to fetch in to the picture of risk management for indentify the concrete risk as well as the way out or preventative action in order to curtail the risk.



A key in element to scheme management is a common language. Its means communication and consultation. Without a proper communication there is no any solution to treat the risk. As a risk manager have to communicate and consult with the relevant department in order to identify the risk and way to analyse the risk for better outcome of solution. For an example in the health care industry the client is not satisfy with the services in an rest home, as a risk manager he cannot depend on the workforce feedback for draw a action plan to solve the issue but he also have to correspond with the clients those who not gratify with the services, by this way he able to recommend to the top management the precise inputs for treat the risk. Also able to monitor the feed back after the risk solution execution and persist with review.

The following diagram is elaborate a clear view how the risk management function by communicating and what are the step will be as an outcome for handling a risk.

Risk Management

Risk examination Risk administer

Risk measurement Risk Monitoring

Risk Evaluation Risk treatment

Risk lessening

Risk Measurement:

The purpose of risk measurement is to classify the risk factor that is a part of the movement being undertaken. Principally, it's about functioning out what could go incorrect. For example, the task could be presence a client congregation.

Risk Evaluation:

Once you have recognized the risk factors, then you encompass to work out what force they can comprise on the task. If the risk impact is less than there is no any special attention will require looking after the risk.

Risk Lessening:

Risk reduction can also be considering risk containment or minimisation. What term you use doesn't matter as long as you are consistent. They are two parts to risk reduction first plan and action which can reduce the risk and another is the strategies which can minimize the risk.

Risk Monitoring:

Risk monitoring has two magnitudes to it. First of all it's about observance an eye on the risks that you've previously recognized to see if whatever thing has transformed, if the force has greater than before or reduce, which could necessitate action. And secondly, to see if there are any new risk that have arise throughout the project.

ut in progress alertness and the efficiency of any actions or strategy taken to include or decrease risk. The goal of risk reporting is to keep an eye on the active risks to assist any new ones arising.

Determine the objectives of the organisation 确定组织的目标

Several businesses conduct an examination where they recognize their innerstrength and weakness as well as outsideopportunity andintimidation. This information allows developing strategy that is significant and sensible to their business. Inspect what the opportunity trend may be in the organization. Constantly in the vision of expansion the group have to expand objectives which will give the aggressive improvement. On establish the goal for the organization as well as the scheme; initial of all contain to ask our self where we wish for to be in 3 months, 1 year and 5 years. The dream which we have for our business should be replicate in our company’s objectives. Organizational objectives can be a combination of together short term and long term goal. A huge tip is to start by the 5 year goal. Where do we wish for to see the business in 5 years? What do we would like to have achieved by then? After that think about the strategy which we want to follow in order to get those goals. What you have to do spot on now to hold up the business strategy for quarterly or monthly targets.

For instance, presume the 5 year goal is to have 50 thousand clients for getting the service via the health care facilities. To get to that objective, we may want to enlarge the amenities. Then break it down additional to set the quarterly goal “manner a needs examination on that and discover out what are the applicable assets which can give supply by short period as well as the long period.

Identifying exposures is a essential action to risk management; until we know the possibility of all potential losses, we won't be able to expand a sensible, cost-effective approach for dealing with them.

It is not simple to identify the hundreds of risk or danger that can guide to an shock loss. For instance, unless you've experienced a fire, you may not realize how wide fire losses can be. In order to recognize the exposures keep a very close up look on the issue and keep ask yourself what is reason a loss, how serious the loss and by this way we can get a very clear picture about the scenario and it will help us to build a action steps for minimize the risk. In many businesses organization use a risk analysis is to massive the insurance but the insurance persons also will furnish hand in this subject for investigation the circumstances with their familiarity and skill.

In the business if around is something cannot be determine, it cannot be manage. First of all dose not evaluate the risk, but moderately exposure, which is the anticipation of loss more time. Usually articulated on a yearly basis. For instance if there is about $ 1 million looses in the industry due to business interruption, they have an outer limit for investment to stop their effects. Is not spending $ 5 million in order to prevent or decrease the $1 million exposure.

Select alternatives 决策方案择优

I the matter of selecting the alternatives, as a risk manger must have alternative action plan for managing a risk in the business. Because while plan and keep practise a solution which suppose to give a good feed back or minimize the risk, but due to unhelpful feedback from internal as well as the exterior stakeholders, without wasting the time the risk manager should implement the alternative action plan to tackle the risk . This will facilitate to minimize the time as well as the cost. For example the risk on client have to wait too long in the booking for reaching health service, but due to some new functioning the client get fast health services but the prise is 10% additional compare to previous prise, so the result less client for the business, as an alternative action immediate publication the first 100 clients 5% discount. So the number of clients is keep increasing and at the main time in a longer run the business also will make good profit.

Implement a solution/Monitor and review the outcomes 实施解决方案/监督和审查结果

In the performance a solution the entire task which is already done thru the exploration must be compiling and come out with the action plan for the implementation. After the implementation the following step is to monitor and control all the implementation. Continues follow up and control while make everything perfect. By this proper monitoring and control the management able to understand what are circumstances as well as the improvement as a result for them to improve the solution for the betterment of the organization.


Risk in the business is a one going subject which couldn’t find entire solution for that, but with a proper strategic scheduling and communication we able to minimize the risk from giving a very deep impact on the investment as well as in the policies.


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