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Changes of American Family--论文代写范文精选

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51due论文代写网精选代写范文:“Changes of American Family”这篇文章主要讲了美国家庭的变迁,国人对美国家庭的一般看法主要来自于书或电视剧的描述。

As a Chinese, my general views about American families mostly come from the descriptions of books or TV series. When talking about a standard family, most thoughts flood in my mind is a collection of a father, a mother and their child or children, no matter it’s a Chinese one or an American one. Though a traditional view are still like father shoulders the responsibility of raising the whole family while mother does most of the housework as well as serves the whole family, things change a lot during the last several decades. Relationships between family members are getting more rational. In addition, live and let live, as the saying goes, people are becoming more and more inclusive about different family format. From many TV series, there are clues of changes to track.

In the past, husband seems to have superior status to his wife and kids even though the wife takes the main responsibility in family, which is not exactly nowadays. Take The Donna Reed Show for example (Tony Owen, 1963). Donna is a middle class housewife in America. She has a husband who is a doctor and two children. Donna is always swamped with community activities while her husband works outside. Their conversations are mostly concentrated on family chores and their kids. Behind their happy life, Donna seems to be more of an assistant and a subordinate of her husband, who devotes herself to make her husband happy. Her husband doesn’t need to worry about everything at home. He doesn’t need to cook or wash his clothes. Even though this picture may be despised by feminist nowadays, that’s a standard family lifestyle. Donna doesn’t need to have a job because her husband can provide her good life. In addition, in Father Knows Best, father is like the backbone of the family (Ed James, 1954). Whenever his wife and his children are in trouble, they turn to father to find advice. It’s easy to infer that if they have different opinions they would take father’s advice at last. Father means authority in the whole family. What’s more, in another classic show Leave It to Beaver, the Cleavers is the kind of family that everyone wants to have with a happy couple and their lively kids (Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher, 1957-1963). In some lines we can find some detail about people’s value. Mrs. Margaret Mondello said “Things would be all right if my daughter could just find a husband”, just like Mrs. Bukater said on Titanic, “Girls go to university to find a husband”. Marrying a good husband is the biggest success for most women in those days. They never thought about what they could do to make themselves a better life.

In those years the traditional view of division of labor in society indicates that men are stronger than women and should do more works while women are not able to perform as well as men, which is the main reason that many women had to remain a housewife and serve her husband and her children. This being the case, a woman tends to devote all her life to the family while her husband works outside and meets other people. They are inferior in this kind of relationship and she has to serve the family heart and soul. Because once she gets divorced, she doesn’t have any sources of income.

In the 1980s things began to change. The wife started to find jobs and the husband began to do housework. Take Growing Pains for example (John Tracy, 1985). The Seavers is a family live on Long Island. Jason and Maggie is a couple who has been married for 15 years and has three children including a daughter and two sons. Maggie has always been a housewife after marriage. When she finally decided to back to her career, she still can’t put family chores down and worried about every little thing. But other family members all support her and encourage her. Her husband even dropped his work for a day to practice taking care of their children. Maybe she unconsciously accepted the idea that a woman should be responsible for everything at home before, but then she realized her life shouldn’t be stuck by her family. So she tried and found a job as a journalist.

As time passes family formats in TV series are diverse. Single parent is also accepted by the society. Take single mothers for example. In Friends, for instance, Rachel and Ross had a baby without getting married (David Crane & Marta Kauffman, 1994). I was quite shocked about this plot because I always thought a couple should be married first and then have babies. I couldn’t accept this until I saw a comment, that people should get married on condition that they are in love with each other. It may be a better idea for their baby to have single parent than to live in a family filled with quarrel and fight. When Rachel decided to get back to work, Ross didn’t say anything opposite, and Rachel didn’t think that’s improper at all, which is different from Maggie.

This case shows that women are getting more and more dependent, which leads to the increasing number of single mothers. From the perspective of the society, single mother like Rachel can also work in an office in Ralph Lauren’s and earn a living for her and her baby. They have higher status in not only society but also family. Women and men share housework, which indicates that they also get respect from other family members. Relationship between wife and husband are more like coalition rather than managers and subordinates (446-447).

Nowadays people are more cautious about getting married. Many would like to date for a long time and try cohabitation first,especially for those with children (431). One of my friends Kirtland is a single mother with a lovely daughter. She got married for two years and got divorced because she couldn’t stand the man’s cheating. When I ask her if she feels hard to raise a child only by herself, she laughed and said yes, sometimes, but that’s something she has to bear. She also told me that she doesn’t want to live a life as her mother does. They have quarrels all the time but they can’t accept the idea of getting divorced which they think it would be a shame. Now she has a boyfriend and they have a stable relationship. Once I asked her if she worries that the man may not be able to regard her daughter as his own child, she said that’s where the significance of dating and cohabitation before marriage lies. She needs to make sure during this period that this man is suitable for her and her daughter. The word “suitable” stroke my heart. I suddenly realize the most important thing about a family is that it contains several people that are suitable for each other. Therefore, no matter what you have been through outside in school or at work, you can always get relaxed at home, where you belong to. In the past, a woman chooses her husband based on if this man can provide me comfortable life rather than if this man has the personality and characteristics that I like. The woman may be suitable for what the man can provide, but not suitable for the man himself.

As the dictionary goes, family is a group who are related to each other, especially parents and their children. As time goes by, wives are getting higher status, single parents, reconstituted families and gay couples are being more and more accepted. Although the divorcing rate is getting higher there years, there is no statistics indicate that people are getting less happy. As the statistics of Bureau of the Census indicates, the age of people get married are becoming higher. Even if they get married, there are still about 33% chances they will get divorced (433). More couples are choosing not having children. As far as I concern, family is a personal thing that shouldn’t be bothered by other people. Everyone has the right to chase after happiness. With the law permitting, people can do choices that are better for their lives.

With a developing standpoint, family members are becoming more independent and not as much bound by family as before. Family seems to have less importance in people’s mind than before. They prefer to devote themselves more in other areas such as career and hobbies. But till now, family is still the main driving force for shaping personality, shaping value and prompting people to seize opportunities.[-Z]

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