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The embarrassment of cultural differences

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The embarrassment of cultural differences

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的essay代写范文 -- The embarrassment of cultural differences,文章讲述享受“恋人世界”之后,这是让婴儿进入家庭的新尝试。然而,作为对夫妻爱情的美好回忆,新生儿将给父母带来一些不同的东西。这是对来自中国的一对父母的采访,他们刚刚生了一个男婴。在这次采访中,中美之间可能存在一些尴尬的文化差异。


The embarrassment of cultural differences

After enjoying Lovers’ World, it is a new attempt to have a baby enter the household. However, as a wonderful reminder of the couple`s love, a newborn will bring something different to his parents.

This is an interview with a couple of parents from China who have just had a baby boy born. There may be some awkward cultural differences between China and the US in this interview.

In the first place, I have to introduce the couple briefly. The husband named Tang is a sales manager in a local company, and the wife is an accountant. We call their baby Tommy. I will plan to ask them some questions to know what little Tommy brought to his daddy and mommy, meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Tang will answer me separately.

Q1: How did you prepare for having Tommy?

Mommy: You know we married four years ago, we enjoyed the life of us two. But our parents were all nervous, they wanted a grandson very much. Last year we decided to have a baby. Then we cleaned up a room because we would decorate it as a baby room.  At the same time we kept balanced diets, did some physical exercises, especial me. As an accountant, I would be so busy that I had to work overtime even until deep into the night sometimes. I had never stayed up since we made the decision. Thanks to my boss, she is a kind woman, she employed an assistant to reduce my stress at work. Of course, without overtime pay I had less payment. After I was pregnant, I became the queen in our home, he took care of me much better. And our parents were all very happy as well.

Daddy: I have to say our parents took all credit for decorating, maybe it looks like a little rustic. In order to have a healthy baby, I drunk less and stopped smoking, even though these two are absolutely necessary for my job. My wife earned less, so our purse strings tightened, thanks to our parents, they help us a lot. When Tommy was born, I just felt exciting. One day I suddenly realized I was a father and I had more responsibilities for my family and my son.

Q2: How was the behavior of Tommy different from what you had expected?

Mommy: Oh my god. Before we had Tommy, I admired at others’ quiet and cute babies. While our Tommy is always crying day and night, and I cannot understand what he wants. When he cries, I will check his diaper, feed him or kiss him. Sometimes these all had no effect. Maybe I am really not good at taking care of baby. When I was pregnant, I had a vision of my baby that he must be a neat, handsome and cute boy, anyone who saw him wanted to kiss him. But the reality is that after I dress him, he will make himself dirty, or after I clean up the room, he will make the room messy. He is always making me crazy.

Daddy: I couldn’t image how lovely a baby was until I had Tommy. Looking at his fleshy face I can through away all the troubles that bothers me. He smiles to me sweetly. While he is sleeping, I always think what is in his beautiful dreams. Tommy gave me the beginning of a new stage in my life. My life is so wonderful because I don’t have to take care of him, perhaps.

Q3: In what ways did having Tommy alter your lifestyle?

Mommy: When I was on maternity leave, I could take care of Tommy by myself, even though I couldn’t have a rest all day except he fell asleep, and at night I had to get up several times to feed him. Now I have been back to work, I have to save milk for my baby. Pumping, saving the milk and even leaking while I am at work helps me feel connected to my baby when we must be apart. It is very lucky that my boss is a woman. She gives us who have baby an intimate room to pump.

Daddy: In order to take care of Tommy, our parents are living with us. It may be inconvenient, such as I have to be dressed neatly in front of her parents instead of comfortably, as well as her. On the other hand, living with parents can make your life easier. When you get up in the morning, breakfast is ready, but only if you get up on time.

Q4: What coping mechanism did you use to make a positive adjustment to the addition of the new baby?

Mommy: I have learned that children are what mothers are. What I am doing is learning to control my bad temper. My husband always complains about my temper. He said that there was nobody who could bear your temper except my parents and him. Not only the temper, but some habits are we trying to give up as well.

Daddy: After Tommy’s coming, we have little time to stay with each other. We both care about Tommy if we leave him. Even so we try our best to have a date each week. However, there is always something disturbing our plans. Sometimes I bring her a surprise after work what makes her be happy for a few days. My wife also brought me a surprise as well. One day I came back a bit late, I opened the door, it was dark inside. No Tommy’s crying, nobody else, and suddenly my lovely darling appeared with a birthday cake. It was my birthday which I forgot. She also prepared a candle-lit dinner, she is not good at cooking, but that dinner was cool, I know she had made a lot of efforts.

Q5: What was the hardest aspect of having a new child?

Mommy & Daddy: Education. That is consensus among most parents. When a child begins to talk, parents will think about whether send the child to learn a foreign language; some parents are considering that their four-year-old daughter should learn dancing. Before your child start primary school, you have to own a house nearby an elite school where your child can get a good education. However the house may cost all the saving of you and your parents. That isn’t the end. Next is the high school, even the university. Every parent wants his child to receive good education as much as possible. Long long way to go, right?

Q6: What advice would you give to an individual or couple expecting their first child?

Mommy & Daddy: Seriously consider whether you want a baby who gives you annoyance and happiness.

Mommy: Yes. You will own more responsibilities and worries about your child. But don’t be afraid. Having a child makes you reach a full life. Trust me.

Q7: If you have a girl, will Tang’s parents be happy as they are now?

Mommy: Of course not. Before I was pregnant, Tang’s mom always talked about others’ boys, never referred to girls. She told me that she had had a boy, I had to have a boy as well. After I was pregnant, to be honest, I worried about the baby in my body. You know that generally you can’t be informed what your baby’s gender is in China. I love him. I was afraid that his grandma didn’t love him if he was a girl. Fortunately, when the doctor told me it was a boy, I was really feeling relieved while I was in childbed.

Daddy: Well, maybe not. I know they want a grandson. If we had a girl, they would love her as well. However, we can choose to have a second child, as we are both ‘the only child’.

Mommy’s addition: If Tommy was a girl, I would not have a second baby. His grandma must love the boy more than the girl. It’s not fair, and unfortunate, absolutely.

My mum told me “you will never know how much parents give you until you have a child.” We once played house and acted daddy or mommy, holding a doll as our baby in my childhood. It was very funny to be a little daddy or a little mommy. The reality is the reality. To be a real daddy or mommy is not as easy as I have ever thought. A baby’s coming brings you more courage, more confidence and more hope. As well he makes you feel the press of life, and always bothers you by making troubles. You may grumble to your friend with a happy smile that you never notice, or you may take your champion son’s picture everywhere to show off. It’s not the only thing that you teach your child, he is teaching you how to love children, how to love parents and old people. Child is not a tremendous burden, but a significant part of your life.

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